About Relax Getaways

We Craft a Gateway for your Dreams

Relax Getaways is the very first Nepalese tour and travel agency whose work has not been limited to any territory. Relax Getaways operates on international platforms allowing any nationals to travel and visit destinations of their dream.
The Relax Getaways is the startup of the energetic young who was annoyed and tired of the boring traditional tourism operation style. The young had innovative thinking to change the way of Nepalese tourism operates. To execute the innovative strategies they have, They set up their startup to change the way the tourism enterprises are following and bring the revolution in Nepalese tourism. 
Relax Getaways has not bounded its workplace within Nepal or in the Himalayan region, but it spread its workplace in the global tourism platforms. The vision behind the foundation of the company is to become the most trusted travel and tour agency for the boundless journey. To reach the target, Relax Getaways has been working on international platforms where any nationals can join a journey to their dreams to explore the world.
Relax Getaways is a team of energetic and motivated youngs who want to change the way Nepalese tourism is waving. The innovative ideas for operating any journey and a simple and easy way of dealing with the diverse workforce and workplaces drive the team to work more and more in a unique, and outstanding way.

At Relax Getaways we believe everyone deserves a great Getaway

Why choose Relax Getaways for your next holiday?

  1. We’ll give our best price guarantee. Your escape is negotiated exclusively.
  2. We’ll give you a 1-week ‘Change of Mind’ refund guarantee
  3. We’ll give you special inclusions. Get more with your escape.

Our Company

  • Relax Getaways has more than 50 thousand subscribers to our websites with customers across Asia, Australia, the US, and the UK.
  • Relax Getaway is a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association).
  • Our team is at work 365 days a year and is contactable by phone and email and loves to hear from our members before, during, and after their Relax Getaways.
  • Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., a privately-owned business based in Kathmandu was founded in 2017 by Resham Shrestha and Shishir banjara. Relax Getaways has more than 50 team members globally, with major offices in Kathmandu, Australia, Japan, Canada, The US, and The UK.

The Great Team

Our leaders inspire our team to live according to our company values, which include impressing our customers and clients with a truly exceptional experience, innovation, experimenting, and learning, being accountable, and being positive and fun.

Careers & Culture


Discounted Luxury Travel: 20% team member discount on Relax Getaways deals.

Birthday Leave: Celebrate your special day by having some time off.

Baby Bonus: Having a bub? Enjoy an awesome welcome back Baby Bonus of 8 weeks’ pay when you return to work.

Luxury Wellbeing Program: Onsite massage therapists, yoga classes and mediation sessions weekly.

Fitness: Corporate gym memberships are available at heavily discounted membership prices.

Breakfast: Daily breakfast, fresh fruit and coffee are supplied every morning.

Team Building: Loads of team building events – celebration & recognition prizes, ping pong onsite, wine tastings and much more!

Flexibility: Fun, dynamic and flexible work environment.

Learning & Development: Build your career with a Future Leaders Program sponsored by our CEO, eLearning courses and onsite workshops.

Refer a Friend: Know someone who has what it takes to join the Relax Getaways team? Enjoy the employee referral bonus when you refer a friend who secures a role with us!


We want to make people happy with incredible deals for the world's best holiday experiences.


Make People Love Us

  • We don't just want our customers to like us, we want them to love us
  • We will never settle - we will go above and beyond to exceed expectations - every time
  • We care - we pride ourselves on our relationships. With members, with our clients, with our team
  • Always be helping

Move Fast and Find the Solutions

  • Take responsibility. Be prepared to get it wrong some of the time (you won't be blamed for having a go.)
  • We reward speed and efficiency. We must never dwell on mistakes (but we MUST learn from them)
  • Back yourself in – give things a try and improve processes
  • Challenge the status quo.

Do What's Right

  • No Hierarchy. Everyone’s door should always be open
  • Pay it Forward. It won’t be forgotten
  • Feedback is a gift (but deliver it the right way)
  • Never, ever, ever, screw a customer

Execute Brilliantly

  • Our customers care about the details, so should we
  • Try to think about every possible problem. And solve them
  • Care about the process, not just about the outcome
  • Never ignore the details
  • Get shit done, properly