Best Time to Visit Nepal

  • Feb 22, 2021
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If anyone asks which country is the best country for Trekking and mountaineering, it is definitely Nepal and if anyone asks which is the best season to visit Nepal or the Best time to Visit Nepal, Autumn comes followed by Spring Season.

Autumn and Spring are often described as the best time to visit Nepal for the utmost experience while winter and monsoon are also better if you have no available time for Autumn or Spring. Tour Experts and trekking legends also suggest the visitors approach any holidays or vacation in Nepal during the sunny days with a warm and pleasant atmosphere and nature at its full bloom.

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For many travel purposes, Nepal is a perfect destination where the visitors can obtain an incredible experience of traveling, wilder exploration experience, and outstanding memories. Trekking in Nepal is the best way to escape your daily life boundary and hide inside heaven. The Mountainous country rising above the cloud equally sits at the beautiful tropical plain land that holds the diverse floras and faunas and gives the astounding experience of tours and many adventure activities.

Naturally diverse Nepal is equally diverse in culture and tradition. Rich traditions, unique cultures, typical lifestyle, unique and authentic traditional kitchen serving strange yum yum, daily rituals and periodic festivals and celebrations, and many other things make Nepal a perfect blended cultural country in the blooming nature.

Best Time to Visit Nepal

If anyone asks for the best holidays or any purposeful travel in Nepal, must suggest traveling either in Autumn or during Spring. Autumn and Spring are the best time to visit Nepal. Each of the seasons shows different colors of nature and a unique experience of natural exploration with cultural amazing.

Visiting Nepal in Autumn (September to November)

Autumn is the best time and best season of the year for traveling, trekking, touring, or any kind of purpose for holidays and vacations. Most of the trekkers and mountaineers also prefer this season as the best time to conduct such activities. It is because of the summary that you conclude after the whole journey. You have an experience of the beautiful landscapes and marvelous sceneries of the Himalayas, nature serves in full bloom, most wildflowers bloom and it is also the maturity of the new beginnings of Springs.

Another main reason to travel to Nepal during Autumn is that it is a festive season and many Popular Festivals of Nepal also fall in this season.

Trekking in Nepal in Autumn

For trekking, Autumn has no alternatives however Spring is still best after Autumn. The clear sky and usual sunny day, pleasant temperature, beautiful nature, clear mountain views, and long Himalayan panoramas, amazing hills and ridge with chameleonic colors, beautiful gorge and valleys showing diverse colors, beautiful pasture and grazing lands mostly amazing in morning with shining dews over the grasses and lawns. The routes are very clear dry and rather grippy than slippery and easy to walk, less snowy as well. It is the perfect time to gather the amazing Himalayan Experience and capture the unique glow of the mountains.

Alongside, Autumn is equally the best time for cultural and traditional exploration purposes. Autumn is the festive season and also celebrating time resting from the long hard work of monsoon and post-monsoon harvesting. Autumn is the time to chill out and enjoy the beautiful days of the year. Nepal’s biggest festivals like Dashain, Tihar/ Diwali, Chhad, and many other special festivals are celebrated.

Tours, adventure sports, and other activities in Nepal during Autumn

Autumn is the season of joy, entertainment, and relaxation. The beautiful nature gives awesome theater to entertain with amazing shows, playground to joy with the marvelous adventures and outdoor activities, an environment of awesome weather and climate to enjoy a beautiful holiday or vacation, Autumn is the Boon of Nature.

For activities in Nepal like Jungle safari, Hiking and excursion, rafting, canoeing and kayaking, mountain ride, nature exploration, park visit, and wildlife exploration, wilder experience, and many other holiday purposes autumn is the best time for so.

Visiting Nepal in Spring (March To May)

After Autumn, spring is another and the equally best time to visit Nepal. Each autumn and Spring is uniquely different since both showcase distinguished perspectives. Spring is another best season to visit Nepal and live your enthusiasm with the marvelous start of your journey. 

Spring is another festive season of major Nepalese Festivals. Spring is the new beginning and new morning after the frosty nightmare of heaving falling winter. Spring revives and relives nature. Calm and pleasant weather with sky clear sunny days, crystalline mountain views, and Himalayan panoramas wearing a thick snow coat, beautiful whity snowline and ranges, and many other things make spring the best time to travel in Nepal.

The best part of the Spring tour and trek in Nepal is the forest that blooms with the Rhododendron flowers. Yes, spring is the season of Rhododendrons, varieties of Rhododendron flowers bloom during spring which gives so marvelous landscapes views. The dense rhododendron forest and blooming flowers cover the white mountains behind. Passing the sight inside through the flowers of Rhododendron, the Himalayan panorama and mountain vistas surprise with picturesque glimpses.

Many festivals like Holi, Nepali New Year, Maha Shivaratri, and several Loshars(New Year) as per the native communities, are celebrated with lots of joy and fun. It is best to understand and recognize the cultural richness, diversity, and harmonized relationship among the peoples of Nepal.

Likewise, Winter and monsoon are also not bad to visit in Nepal. Most of the rains in Nepal occur during Monsoon and falls in mountainous regions in winter make some critical issues while trekking or doing other activities.

Tourists can Visit the hilly side of Nepal any time any season. The subtropical climatic geographic zones are always mesmerizing, however, mountain views are often covered by clouds and fog. 

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