Should I cancel my Plan for travel in light of the Corona virus outbreak?

  • Oct 4, 2023
  • Saurav

The coronavirus outbreak has left people around the world questioning whether they should cancel or postpone pending travel plans. If you are one of the abundant people feeling anxious about an upcoming trip then, remember that while your decision to stay or go should always prioritize safety and you should remain up to date on the latest developments of COVID- 19.

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What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus disease is a respiratory illness that spreads from person to person. Around 80% of people recover without requiring special treatment. Firstly, the virus has appeared in Wuhan, China and this virus spread to 53 countries. Of the approximately 84,000 reported cases and over 78,800 for china accounts. The older people and those with preexisting conditions of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are the most likely to develop a serve illness as a result of COVID-19.

Where I should avoid traveling?

The cases of viruses have spread across 6 continents. Those with the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19 are people in china who have recently traveled there. The health care workers and close contacts of the sick have the highest risk of infection. People who have returned from china more than 15 days ago and are asymptomatic are not infected and can’t spread the virus.

To avoid infection, the centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) presently recommends forgoing all non-essential travel to China which was the epicenter of the outbreak and the affected areas offer limited access to proper medical care in South Korea.
The CDC also recommends a high level of caution for travel to Italy, Iran, and Japan, where the outbreak has recently escalated. For the travelers to these Locations, checking advisories issued by each country is obligatory. In Italy, for instance, 11 towns in the Lombardy region and Venice’s cancellation of carnival has turned the bustling city into a ghost town. However, nearby cities like Florence are still safe to visit and many countries have been unaffected by the outbreak.

Who should avoid traveling?

Those with a compromised immune system or elderly travelers should consider travel at this time. According to a study of 72000 COVID-19 patients in china. The sick people and the elderly were most susceptible to contracting to serve cases of the coronavirus. The CDC says that medical condition with high blood pressure, Heart disease or diabetes are at a higher risk of serious illness. CDC doesn’t have data on the susceptibility of pregnant women to complications caused by COVID-19.

Can I find up to date travel information about COVID-19 and Where?

IT is always wise for travelers to consult the websites of their intended location or destination for advisories and cancellation. The CDC continuously updates their sites with health-related travel recommendation. The New York Times has an interactive map tracking the global spread of the outbreak. WHO is a treasure trove of information that offers regular updates on the status of COVID-19 cases around the world and Q&A for people concerned to travel during the outbreak?

Should I avoid my travel plans?

The flight of the outbreak is ever-changing. For many travelers that may make the uncertainty of future travel difficult to plan. For those who have been already booked trips to an affected area, check the cancellation policies for upcoming reservations. If there are cancellation windows to avoid payment penalties, mark them in your calendar and reassess the situation once its time.
Around the world, many airlines are discontinuing flights to China, with US-based companies like United, Delta and American suspending travel to the region through the end of April. Be sure to check your airlines policy concerning travel waivers and rebooking flights. The US carriers Jet Blue and Alaska Airlines have declared plans to waive cancellation fees for new flight booking for travelers who changes trip plan due to the coronavirus.
The CDC recommends travelers reconsider cruise ship voyages to or from Asian countries. If you are planning a trip with Norwegian Cruise Lines then don’t worry, the company is canceling all cruises to Asia through the summer season. For others, the Cruise Lines International Association which accounts for 90% of all ocean-based boats and it has enhanced screening measures for passengers and canceled or rerouted Asia-based excursions.

By October 2023, Corona Virus outbreak is fully in control and day to day life is normal like before outbreak of Corona.




Saurav Sim