Things to do in Sri Lanka for 2023

  • Apr 25, 2023
  • Prathana

Sri Lanka is truly a remarkable destination with its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The island nation boasts a diverse range of landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush rainforests, scenic waterfalls, and ancient ruins. The country's unique cuisine, influenced by its Indian, Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial past, is also a major draw for visitors.

There is no shortage of things to see and do in Sri Lanka. For those interested in history and culture, the country is home to numerous ancient temples, fortresses, and ruins, including the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the sacred city of Anuradhapura. Wildlife enthusiasts can explore the many national parks and reserves, which are home to elephants, leopards, and various species of birds and primates.

Sri Lanka is also a great destination for adventure seekers, with opportunities for trekking, surfing, and diving, as well as wildlife safaris and hot air balloon rides. And, of course, no trip to Sri Lanka would be complete without experiencing the country's world-renowned tea culture.

With so much to see and do, planning a trip to Sri Lanka can be overwhelming, so it's important to prioritize your interests and make the most of your time. But whether you're a history buff, an adrenaline junkie, or simply looking to relax on the beach, Sri Lanka is a destination that won't disappoint.

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Shopping in Pettah Floating Market

Shopping in Pettah Floating market is possibly the most unique thing to do in Sri Lanka. Here, one can purchase any kind of assortment from garments, footwear, bags, pendants to fruits and vegetables. Spread out on a bridge situated over the clamoring Beira Lake, this entrancing business sector is an absolute visit for everybody on their excursion to Sri Lanka.

Pettah Market in a real sense has everything that means everything. From artificial flowers to potatoes to gems, Pettah has everything except you might need to purchase a guide first before entering the business sectors as you'll presumably get lost.

Ayurvedic Spa

Sri Lanka is home to the Ayurvedic natural medication practice. It is initially brought over from India. Like other South Asian nations, Sri Lanka also puts a ton of significance on Ayurvedic treatment. The various sorts of Ayurvedic Spa here are formulated to help one find some kind of harmony between their psychological and physical wellbeing, giving voyagers the most extreme peace.

With choices going from rich Swedish back rubs to conventional Shiatsu treatment, getting a spa is among the best activities in Sri Lanka. Most spas and health centers depend on this Ayurvedic practice, some additionally incorporate yoga and a few spots offer yoga courses for local people, guests, and long-lasting occupants.

Enjoy the nightlife in Colombo

At the point when you are in Sri Lanka, there is a lot to explore. Enjoy amusing music, tasty food, flourishing nightclubs is what's going on with nightlife in Colombo. Nonetheless, nothing rivals the Sri Lankan nightlife that you can insight with the many bars, discos, and gambling clubs in the country.

Also, gambling is a lawful activity, attempting a hand at a table game or rolling the roulette are the most loved activities in Colombo for local people as well as the explorers. From the busiest casinos in the world to the modest casinos where you can take a drink in peace, you will get any kind of clubs, casinos in Sri Lanka.

Enjoy the Cruise Trip

The Cruise voyage excursion gives you a chance to gather some lifetime recollections in this island country. One can go on a dawning outing and partake in the delicious grill. The journey allows an opportunity to observe the peaceful seashores while paying attention to heartfelt music

. If you are going on this journey, don't overlook to remember cap and shades.

Wildlife Safari in Kaudulla National Park

Sri Lanka is renowned for being one of the most desired safari destinations in the world. This is perhaps the best thing you can explore during your excursion to Sri Lanka. It is famous for its overflow of public parks, different natural life - including elephants and panthers - and a supportable way to deal with preservation.

Going for a safari is undoubtedly viewed as probably the best thing to do in Sri Lanka. Exploring the dense forest through an open-rooftop jeep will be an encounter worth having.


Sri Lanka is considered a delightful destination for snorkeling. It is not just known only for its seashores but also for its wonderful wildlife, intriguing areas, and marine life. Given this Sri Lanka is otherwise called an island nation having fascinating swimming spots which are awesome for exploring. If you have arrived, swimming in Sri Lanka is an obliged experience.

On the off chance that you are not pro then, at that point, you can relax, because PADI is preparing focuses here too, which will make you a professional in swimming in the blink of an eye! The most recommended time for snorkeling in Sri Lanka is between November to April.

Ramayan Tour

The Ramayan Tour in Sri Lanka is one of the major attractions for pilgrims and religious visitors. There are more than 50 places that are mentioned in Ramayan. Ramayan is the primary scripture of the Hindu religion. Along with the religious essence, Sri Lanka carries a prominent touring landmark.

The Ramayan Tour in Sri Lanka is a definitive otherwordly travel insight in Asia. This excursion offers a chance to follow the Ramayan trails and visit the major Ramayan sights in Sri Lanka. This excursion is a lifetime venture for Hindus, in addition, it offers knowledge on the Ramayan legacy in Sri Lanka for the non-Hindus.

Climb Sigiriya

Sigiriya is one of Sri Lanka's seven UNESCO world heritage sites. It can be seen from miles away. One can capture the 360- degree view from the top of the rock. Sigiriya is a spiritual rock it is believed to be one of the most valuable ancient monuments. One of the fascinating elements of the Sigiriya is its Mirror wall. In ancient days, the mirror used to be polished so that king could see his face in it. The mirror wall can be seen printed with the verses and notations by the visitors. But now, writing on the wall is strictly forbidden.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered a year-round destination with a steady warmth and loads of sunlight, with temperatures averaging between 31°C at its mos elevated and 22°C at its least. The central hills stay cooler lasting through the year. Generally, the duration between December and April is considered the best time to visit the west and south coast. Whereas, the duration between May to October is deemed to be the perfect time to visit the east coast.

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