Things to do in Vietnam for 2023

  • Apr 25, 2023
  • Prathana

Vietnam is a majestic destination filled with various incredible things to see and do. In this vibrant destination, you can enjoy different activities such as trying new dishes to visiting new places. There are ample attractions for every voyager from dazzling natural scenes, immaculate islets, and interesting towns to war galleries, and antiquated citadels. It has everything for everybody with regards to preferences and most loved spots to visit, foods to eat, and scenery. It is a tranquil vacationer location that is envied by even the frequent explorers.

Drawing in a large number of guests all year, its colonial legacy additionally implies that numerous lodgings include an interesting blend of French and Asian impacts while its cuisine is profoundly viewed as highly special on the planet. With such countless things to see and do in Vietnam, arranging your excursion as a first-time guest can be a challenge, so we've gathered an overall rundown of Vietnam's must-do activities.

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Cruising and Kayaking in Halong Bay

The emerald water of Halong with quiet water and many secret passages make an ideal setting for kayaking. Perhaps the best thing to do in Halong Bay is to find the place for yourself on your kayak. The most well-known method for exploring Halong Bay is a junk boat. Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Vietnam's top attractions. However, for a more bold method to explore the landscape, kayaking offers an alternate view of the karst cliffs, limestone islands, caverns, and drifting towns. This is what you may insight in a kayak.

Major highlights

Encounter caverns and seashores that can't be accessed by boat.

Enjoy the night of Ho Chi Minh city

One more incredible thing about Vietnam, there are a lot of opportunities to meet fellow voyagers and enjoy the nights. Liquor is somewhat reasonable all over the nation and there are a couple of spots that are especially great for showing live music.It's difficult to miss it on the off chance that you're staying in the core of Ho Chi Minh, as it's a long strip loaded up with indoor and outside bars. So however drinking here is perhaps the best thing to do in Vietnam, do be cautioned that it's anything but not an incredible spot to stay!

Major highlights:
Enjoy the live performance, Eat dinner on a rooftop, and many more.

Visit Ba Na Hills

Situated 20 km away west of Da Nang city. It carries various features such as breathtaking natural scenarios, luxuriant green peaks, dazzling buildings. Ba Na hills can be encountered at an altitude of 1,489m on the Nui Chua mountain. Bana Hills is a hill station with various motels, amusement parks, and many artificial attractions like architectural buildings, gardens, and on the top the Golden Bridge. The major thing about Ba Na Hills is its exquisite climate. Whenever you visit the Ba Na Hills you can always expect a fairy day with a chill atmosphere.

Major highlights:
Capture amazing pictures, Explore various amusement parks, gardens, resorts, and many more.

Explore Mua Cave

Mua Cave is situated 5km north of Tam village. You can reach the Cave either by bicycle or on foot. It roughly takes a 10-minute scooter ride from the town to reach the cave. After arriving at Mua Cave there is a ticket office next to the parking slot. The cave opens from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 7 pm. After reaching the entrance of the cave, you will have two options, either take a path to the cave itself or walk up the mountain viewpoint.

Major Highlights:
The 360-degree view from the Hang Mua viewpoint, Pagodas, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue on dragon mountain, and many more.

Visit Elephant falls

The Elephant Waterfalls is a cascade situated at Nam Ban town, 28 kilometers from Da Lat's downtown area. It is a great sight, particularly since you can stand very near the fall. It just requires 10 minutes to arrive at the lower part of the falls but, the way down is precarious. The foremost half is on bricked stairs with metal railings, then, at that point, it is on a jagged path that can be very dangerous and sloppy. You are required to have consistent feet and nice climbing shoes/sneakers. Getting a decent view/preview of the fall includes roosting on a tilted bolder with solid water surging past.

Major highlights:
Closely explore the cascade, amazing scenery, and many more.

Shopping at Cai Rang floating market

When visiting Cai Rang drifting market situated in the Can Tho region, you will be stunned by how swarmed and vibrant this market is. During the early morning market hours, bigger-sized boats anchor and make paths that more modest boats zigzag all around. The stream turns into a labyrinth of many boats loaded with mango, bananas, papaya, pineapple, and surprisingly smuggled products like cigarettes. Venders don't need to shout out with regards to their products on the grounds that their merchandise should be visible in a distance and their shouts would not be heard in the immensity of the stream and the commotion of boat motors. Little boats that sell brew, wine, and sodas go among different boats to serve market participants and guests. Venders attach their products to a tall pole so purchasers can see from a distance what they are selling. Each boat is stacked with a lot of occasional products. You can see the market somewhere out there, it doesn't look like a lot, simply a mass of boats. The boats all show their products on a pole so you can see what they have accessible.

Major Highlights:
Explore the drifting market with loads of varieties, shop natural and organic products, and many more.

Visit Paradise Cave

Paradise Cave is also known as the "underground palace." The 31 km-long paradise cave is a must-see destination in Vietnam. This cave is home to more than 36-million-years old rock formations. It is nestled deep in the World Natural Heritage Park. It is the considerably captivating cave in the Phong Nha Ke Bang region. Throughout the Paradise Cave exploration, you'll be able to troll in particulars some of the ancient rock formations. The temperature is comfy inside the cave. Even though the cave is dark, there is no necessity for lights to explore the cave. Comfortable footwear is recommended.

Major Highlights:
Explore the antique rock formations, travel through the 31km-long cave, and many more.

Best time to visit Vietnam

You can travel to Vietnam all over the year, there is no inaccurate time to visit the country. If you intend to visit Vietnam at its best climatic favorable time. The perfect time to visit Vietnam is during Spring and Autumn that is from March to April and September to November respectively. From December to February, the north of Vietnam experiences winters. May to August is generally hot.

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