Top Things To Do in Bali

  • Feb 21, 2024
  • Prathana

Bali, a picturesque island paradise in Indonesia, is a haven for travellers seeking a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural enrichment. Known for its vibrant landscapes, from lush green rice terraces and volcanic mountains to breathtaking beaches and coral reefs, Bali offers an array of activities that cater to every interest. Whether you're looking to catch some of the world's best surf waves, explore the rich heritage through its majestic Hindu temples, or unwind in luxurious infinity pool resorts, Bali has it all. Dive into the clear blue waters for snorkelling and scuba diving experiences that reveal diverse marine life, or embark on eco-tours that showcase the island's commitment to nature. Food enthusiasts can indulge in traditional Balinese cuisine, offering a unique taste of the island's culinary diversity. Bali's yoga retreats and spa experiences provide a perfect escape for those in pursuit of tranquilly. Moreover, shopping in local markets, hiking to the summit of Mount Batur at sunrise, and participating in family-friendly activities ensure that every visitor finds their slice of paradise. With Relax Getaways, discover the top things to do in Bali, making your trip an unforgettable journey of discovery and adventure.

At Relax Getaways, we pride ourselves on being the premier choice for travellers seeking the ultimate Bali experience. Our deep understanding of this enchanting island, combined with our commitment to providing exceptional service, sets us apart as the best company for exploring the top things to do in Bali. From the majestic waves of renowned surfing spots to the serene beauty of Bali's Hindu temples, our curated tours and activities are designed to offer an unparalleled exploration of Bali's rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant marine life. Whether you're drawn to the adventure of snorkelling and scuba diving, the relaxation of luxury stays and spa experiences, or the cultural immersion of traditional Balinese food and yoga retreats, Relax Getaways is your gateway to a memorable Bali adventure. Our expert team ensures every detail is catered to, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty and excitement of Bali with ease and comfort. Choose Relax Getaways for an unforgettable journey through Bali, where your dream vacation comes to life with the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural discovery.

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Surfing in Bali is a highlight for many travellers, drawing enthusiasts from across the globe to its legendary shores. The island's unique geographical position gifts it with a wide range of surf spots that cater to every level, from beginners to professional surfers. Here's a closer look at what makes Bali a premier surfing destination:

Beginner Spots

  • Kuta Beach: The soft, sandy bottom and gentle waves make Kuta Beach an ideal spot for those new to surfing. Surf schools dot the coastline, offering lessons and board rentals.

  • Canggu: Canggu offers a mix of waves suitable for beginners and intermediates, particularly around Batu Bolong Beach. The area is also known for its vibrant surf culture and après-surf scene.

Intermediate to Advanced Spots

  • Uluwatu: Famed for its consistent swell and challenging breaks, Uluwatu is suitable for more experienced surfers. The spot offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean but demands respect for its powerful waves and coral reef bottom.

  • Padang Padang: Known as the Balinese pipeline, Padang Padang is a spot for advanced surfers due to its fast, barreling waves. The beach itself is stunning, tucked away in a small cove.

  • Surf Culture: Bali's surf culture is one of its defining features, with a laid-back lifestyle around the waves. Surfers gather in beach cafes and bars, sharing stories of their day's adventures. Surf shops and rental stands make it easy to gear up and get advice on the best spots according to the day's conditions.

  • Eco-Conscious Surfing: As surfing's popularity grows, so does awareness around preserving Bali's beautiful beaches and marine life. Eco-conscious practices such as using reef-safe sunscreen, participating in beach clean-ups, and respecting local surf etiquette are emphasised within the surfing community.

Choosing Bali for your surfing adventure means not just chasing the perfect wave but also immersing yourself in an island lifestyle that celebrates the ocean, culture, and camaraderie. Whether you're standing on a board for the first time or looking to challenge yourself on advanced waves, Bali's surf spots promise an unforgettable experience. With Relax Getaways, you can tailor your Bali surf adventure to suit your skill level and preferences, ensuring you catch the best waves Bali has to offer while respecting and preserving the natural beauty of this surfing paradise.

Try Local Cuisine

Exploring the local cuisine is a pivotal aspect of any travel experience, and in Bali, it's a journey through a rich tapestry of flavors, spices, and culinary traditions that reflect the island's cultural diversity. With Relax Getaways, you're invited to savor the essence of Balinese cuisine, a delightful adventure for your taste buds that encompasses traditional dishes made with fresh, local ingredients and a harmonious blend of spices.

Traditional Balinese Dishes

  • Babi Guling (Suckling Pig): This is a must-try dish in Bali, where a whole pig is seasoned with turmeric and a complex spice mix called "basa gede," then slow-roasted to perfection. It's usually served with rice and a variety of side dishes.

  • Bebek Betutu (Slow-Cooked Duck): Another iconic dish, Bebek Betutu involves marinating a duck in a rich blend of spices and then slow-cooking it wrapped in banana leaves. The result is tender, flavorful meat that falls off the bone.

  • Lawar: A traditional mix that combines vegetables, coconut, and minced meat or fish, seasoned with rich herbs and spices. It's a common side dish that showcases the Balinese knack for blending textures and flavours.

  • Sate Lilit: A Balinese version of satay, Sate Lilit is made from minced meat (often fish, chicken, or pork) mixed with grated coconut, coconut milk, lime leaves, and a blend of spices, then wrapped around bamboo sticks and grilled.

Experience the Rich Flavours

  • Warungs and Local Markets: To truly immerse yourself in the local food culture, visit the warungs (small family-owned restaurants) and local markets where traditional dishes are served with warmth and hospitality. These are great places to try authentic Balinese cuisine at its best.

  • Cooking Classes: Participating in a cooking class is an enriching way to understand the intricacies of Balinese cuisine. Learn how to use local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to create delicious Balinese dishes.

  • Culinary Tours: Relax Getaways offers culinary tours that take you beyond the dining table into the heart of Balinese food culture. Visit local markets to learn about the ingredients that form the backbone of Balinese cuisine, meet local chefs and food artisans, and discover the secrets behind the island's most beloved dishes.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Options: Bali is also known for its incredible vegetarian and vegan cuisine, with many dishes easily adapted to meet dietary preferences without sacrificing flavour. Restaurants and warungs catering to plant-based diets are readily available, offering creative and delicious interpretations of traditional dishes.

  • The Role of Food in Balinese Culture: Food in Bali is not just about sustenance; it's deeply intertwined with the island's cultural and religious practices. Many dishes and ingredients are part of ceremonial offerings and celebrations, highlighting the spiritual significance of food in Balinese society.

With Relax Getaways, your exploration of Balinese cuisine becomes an integral part of your journey through Bali, offering not just meals, but memorable experiences that connect you to the heart and soul of the island. From the bustling streets of Ubud to the serene beaches of Nusa Dua, let us guide you through a culinary adventure that celebrates the flavours, traditions, and innovation of Balinese cooking.

Water Sports

Bali, with its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters, is a playground for water sports enthusiasts. From adrenaline-pumping activities like jet skiing and parasailing to more serene experiences such as stand-up paddleboarding, the island offers a wide array of water-based adventures suitable for all ages and skill levels. Relax Getaways invites you to dive into the exhilarating world of Bali water sports, ensuring every moment spent on the water is unforgettable.

  • Jet Skiing: Speed through the waves on a jet ski, an exhilarating way to explore Bali's beautiful coastline. Suitable for beginners and experienced riders alike, jet skiing offers a thrilling ride with breathtaking views.

  • Parasailing: Take to the skies with parasailing, where you're towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that resembles a parachute. It's a unique way to see the island from above, offering stunning aerial views of the beaches and the Indian Ocean.

  • Banana Boat Rides: Perfect for families and groups, banana boat rides involve being pulled by a speedboat while sitting on a large, inflatable banana-shaped tube. It's a fun and bouncy ride that guarantees laughter and excitement.

  • Snorkeling: Discover the vibrant underwater world of Bali by snorkeling in its clear, blue waters. Explore coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life in areas like Amed, Menjangan Island, and the Blue Lagoon near Padangbai.

  • Scuba Diving: For a more immersive underwater experience, scuba diving in Bali reveals the island's rich marine biodiversity, including shipwrecks, coral gardens, and encounters with diverse aquatic creatures. Notable dive sites include Tulamben for the USS Liberty Shipwreck, Manta Point in Nusa Penida for manta rays, and the vibrant coral walls of Menjangan Island.

  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP): For a more relaxed pace, stand-up paddleboarding offers a peaceful way to explore Bali's coastlines and rivers. It's also a great workout and offers the chance to spot marine life from a unique vantage point.

  • Flyboarding: For those looking for futuristic thrills, flyboarding propels you into the air with jet-powered boots attached to a board. It's an unforgettable experience that combines flying and swimming.

  • Safety and Conservation: Relax Getaways places a strong emphasis on safety and environmental conservation. All water sports activities are conducted under the guidance of certified instructors using well-maintained equipment. We also encourage participants to respect the marine environment by avoiding coral damage and not disturbing marine life.

  • Customized Water Sports Packages: Understanding that each traveler has unique interests, Relax Getaways offers customized water sports packages. Whether you're seeking an adrenaline rush or a peaceful day on the water, we tailor your experience to ensure it meets your expectations and leaves you with lasting memories.

  • The Relax Getaways Experience: Choosing Relax Getaways for your Bali water sports adventure means you're opting for quality, safety, and an unmatched experience. Our local knowledge and partnerships with the best service providers on the island ensure that your water sports activities are not only thrilling but also culturally enriching, allowing you to connect with Bali's natural beauty respectfully and sustainably.

Dive into the exciting world of Bali water sports with Relax Getaways, and make your island getaway truly remarkable. Whether soaring above the ocean, speeding through its waves, or exploring the wonders beneath, Bali's water sports adventures await to dazzle and delight you.


Bali, a treasure trove of marine biodiversity, offers some of the most spectacular diving and snorkelling experiences in the world. The island's surrounding waters are part of the Coral Triangle, known as the "Amazon of the Seas," hosting an astonishing array of marine life and coral species. With Relax Getaways, dive into the pristine waters of Bali to explore its underwater wonders, from vibrant coral reefs to historic shipwrecks, all teeming with life.

  • Snorkelling in Bali: Snorkelling in Bali is accessible to all ages and skill levels, making it a perfect family activity or a serene way to explore the aquatic environment. The clear, warm waters provide excellent visibility, allowing snorkelers to immerse themselves in a world of colourful coral gardens and exotic fish species.

Top Snorkelling Spots

  • Menjangan Island: Part of the West Bali National Park, Menjangan Island is famous for its calm waters and stunning coral walls, ideal for snorkelers.

  • Blue Lagoon: Near Padangbai, the Blue Lagoon is a snorkelling paradise with crystal-clear waters and a diverse marine ecosystem.

  • Tulamben: The USS Liberty Shipwreck creates an artificial reef that's easily accessible for snorkelers, offering a unique underwater experience.

  • Scuba Diving in Bali: For those looking to delve deeper, scuba diving in Bali reveals the island's underwater marvels in greater detail. Bali's dive sites cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced divers, with professional dive centres offering PADI courses and guided dives.

Premier Dive Sites

  • USS Liberty Shipwreck in Tulamben: This World War II shipwreck is Bali's most famous dive site, home to a diverse range of marine life.

  • Manta Point in Nusa Penida: Divers flock here to swim with the majestic manta rays, a truly awe-inspiring experience.

  • Crystal Bay: Also in Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay is known for its crystal-clear waters and the chance to see the elusive Mola-Mola (sunfish) during the season.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Relax Getaways is committed to preserving Bali's natural beauty for future generations. We encourage eco-friendly practices such as not touching or stepping on the coral, avoiding the use of harmful sunscreens, and participating in underwater clean-ups.

  • Customised Diving and Snorkelling Adventures: Understanding that each traveler's interests and experience levels are different, Relax Getaways offers customised diving and snorkelling packages. Whether you're a first-time snorkeler or an experienced diver seeking new challenges, we tailor your underwater adventure to ensure it's both safe and unforgettable.

  • The Relax Getaways Promise: With Relax Getaways, your diving and snorkelling adventures in Bali will be more than just activities; they'll be enriching experiences that connect you with the island's magical underwater world. Our expert guides and partnerships with reputable dive centres ensure that you're in safe hands, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Bali's seas.

Diving and snorkelling in Bali with Relax Getaways isn't just about exploring the depths; it's an opportunity to witness the vibrant heart of the Coral Triangle, making memories that will last a lifetime. Join us to discover the underwater jewels of Bali, where every dive and snorkel excursion reveals the island's profound, mesmerising beauty beneath the waves.

Bathe in an Infinity Pool

Bali, an island renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and luxurious accommodations, offers the quintessential experience of bathing in stunning infinity pools. These pools, designed to vanish into the horizon, blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of Bali, from lush jungle vistas to panoramic ocean views. With Relax Getaways, indulge in the ultimate relaxation and luxury as you bathe in some of Bali's most magnificent infinity pools, an experience that epitomizes the essence of a tropical getaway.

  • The Allure of Infinity Pools: Infinity pools in Bali are architectural marvels that offer not just a swimming experience but a moment of serene bliss, as you gaze over edges that seem to merge with the sea or sky. These pools are often perched atop cliffs, nestled in forest retreats, or overlooking the vast expanse of the ocean, providing a unique blend of nature and luxury.

Top Bali Infinity Pool Resorts

  • Uluwatu: Known for its cliffside temples and stunning beaches, Uluwatu is home to luxurious resorts where infinity pools offer dramatic views over the Indian Ocean.
  • Ubud: The cultural heart of Bali, Ubud, is surrounded by lush greenery and rice terraces, with infinity pools that give you the sensation of floating above the forest.
  • Seminyak: For those who prefer to be closer to Bali's chic restaurants, bars, and shops, Seminyak offers stylish resorts with infinity pools that are perfect for sunset views.
  • Exclusive Access with Relax Getaways: Choosing Relax Getaways for your Bali vacation means exclusive access to the best infinity pool experiences the island has to offer. We partner with premier resorts to ensure that our guests enjoy not only the luxury of bathing in stunning infinity pools but also the highest standards of hospitality and comfort.

  • Sustainable Luxury: Relax Getaways is committed to sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that our luxury experiences, including enjoying Bali's beautiful infinity pools, are in harmony with the island's environmental conservation efforts. We encourage our guests to be mindful of water usage and support resorts that implement eco-friendly practices.

  • Tailored Relaxation Packages: Understanding that relaxation is a personal experience, Relax Getaways offers tailored packages that include not just infinity pool access but also spa treatments, yoga sessions, and other wellness activities. Whether you're seeking a tranquil retreat or a lavish escape, we design your stay to match your definition of relaxation.

  • The Relax Getaways Experience: Bathing in an infinity pool in Bali with Relax Getaways transcends the ordinary. It's an immersive experience that connects you with the island's natural beauty while enveloping you in luxury. Our attention to detail, personalised itineraries, and commitment to excellence ensure that your Bali getaway is as perfect as the unending horizon you'll gaze upon from the edge of an infinity pool.

Let Relax Getaways guide you to the most serene and luxurious spots in Bali, where bathing in an infinity pool becomes a memory to cherish forever. Embrace the blend of natural beauty and opulent comfort that only Bali can offer, and make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Visit Hindu Temples

Bali, often referred to as the "Island of the Gods," is renowned for its deeply spiritual culture and stunning Hindu temples. These sacred sites are not just places of worship but are also architectural marvels set against the backdrop of Bali's breathtaking landscapes. With Relax Getaways, embark on a spiritual journey to visit some of Bali's most iconic Hindu temples, each offering a unique glimpse into the island's rich cultural heritage and spiritual traditions.

  • Tanah Lot Temple: Perched on a rocky outcrop amidst the crashing waves, Tanah Lot is one of Bali's most photographed temples. This sea temple is best visited at sunset when the sky's changing colors provide a dramatic backdrop. The temple is said to be protected by sea snakes and holds a significant place in Balinese mythology.

  • Uluwatu Temple: Uluwatu Temple sits majestically on a cliff edge, offering panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. It's renowned for its magnificent location and the Kecak fire dance performances that take place at dusk. The temple is also home to a troop of mischievous monkeys, believed to protect the temple from bad spirits.

  • Besakih Temple: Known as the "Mother Temple of Bali," Besakih Temple is the largest and holiest temple complex on the island. Located on the slopes of Mount Agung, Bali's highest volcano, it comprises 23 separate but related temples. The grandeur and serene setting of Besakih offer a profound sense of spirituality and awe.

  • Tirta Empul Temple: Tirta Empul is famous for its holy spring water, where Balinese Hindus go for ritual purification. The temple features two bathing pools with water spouts that visitors can use to partake in the cleansing ritual, offering a unique and immersive cultural experience.

  • Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave): Goa Gajah, or the Elephant Cave, dates back to the 9th century and serves as a sanctuary. Visitors can explore the cave, admire its rock-wall carvings, and visit the nearby pools and fountains that contribute to the site's serene atmosphere.

  • Sustainable Temple Visits: Relax Getaways is committed to promoting sustainable and respectful tourism practices. When visiting these sacred sites, we encourage our guests to dress modestly, adhere to the temples' rules, and approach each visit with the reverence these spiritual sites command.

  • Customised Cultural Tours: Understanding the personal nature of spiritual journeys, Relax Getaways offers customised tours to Bali's Hindu temples. Whether you're seeking a deep dive into Bali's spiritual practices or wish to explore the island's architectural marvels, our tours are tailored to match your interests and ensure a respectful and enriching experience.

  • The Relax Getaways Experience: Visiting Hindu temples with Relax Getaways offers more than just sightseeing; it's an opportunity to connect with Bali's spiritual essence. Our knowledgeable guides provide insights into the significance of each temple, the rituals performed, and the stories that have shaped Bali's cultural landscape. This journey with Relax Getaways not only enriches your understanding of Balinese Hinduism but also offers moments of reflection and peace amidst the island's natural beauty.

Let Relax Getaways be your guide to the spiritual heart of Bali, where ancient temples and timeless rituals offer a window into the soul of this enchanting island.

Hike to the top of Mount Batur at Dawn

Embarking on a hike to the top of Mount Batur at dawn is an experience that encapsulates the essence of adventure in Bali. This active volcano, standing at 1,717 metres above sea level, offers not just a physically rewarding trek but also a spiritually uplifting journey, culminating in one of the most breathtaking sunrises you will ever witness. With Relax Getaways, this adventure becomes an unforgettable highlight of your Bali experience, meticulously organized to ensure safety, comfort, and awe-inspiring moments.

  • The Trek Experience: The journey begins in the early hours of the morning, with a pickup from your accommodation, ensuring you reach the base of Mount Batur while the stars still twinkle in the predawn sky. Guided by experienced and knowledgeable local guides, the trek to the summit usually takes about two hours, depending on your pace and the chosen path. The hike is moderately challenging, suitable for most fitness levels, and offers the unique experience of trekking under a canopy of stars before the first light of day.

  • Witnessing the Sunrise: Reaching the summit before dawn, you'll find a tranquil spot to settle and await the day's first light. As the sun creeps above the horizon, it illuminates the sky in vibrant hues of orange, pink, and gold, revealing the stunning landscape of Bali spread out below. The view encompasses vast calderas, the shimmering Lake Batur, neighbouring Mount Agung, and, on clear days, the outline of Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island in the distance. It's a moment of pure magic, offering a profound sense of accomplishment and connection with nature.

  • Cultural and Geological Insights: During the trek, your guide will share insights into the geological history of Mount Batur and its significance in Balinese culture. The volcano is considered sacred, with local villages holding ceremonies to appease the gods and spirits believed to reside there. This blend of natural beauty and cultural depth adds layers to your adventure, making it a richly rewarding experience.

  • Breakfast at the Summit: Adding to the experience, Relax Getaways arranges for a light breakfast at the summit, which often includes boiling eggs in the volcanic steam vents, a unique way to utilise the natural heat of the earth. Enjoying your meal as you take in the panoramic views is a serene experience, enhancing the sense of tranquilly that comes with the early morning hours.

  • Safety and Sustainability: Safety is paramount on the Mount Batur trek. Relax Getaways ensures that all participants are briefed on safety protocols and equipped with necessary gear, such as headlamps and walking sticks. Additionally, we are committed to sustainable tourism practices, emphasising the importance of leaving no trace and respecting the natural environment.

  • Personalised Adventures: Understanding that every traveler's needs and interests are unique, Relax Getaways offers personalised options for the Mount Batur trek, including private tours, photography tours, and even yoga sessions at the summit for an added spiritual dimension.

  • The Relax Getaways Promise: Hiking to the top of Mount Batur at dawn with Relax Getaways is more than just a trek; it's an immersive experience that combines physical challenge, spiritual renewal, and a deep connection with Bali's natural and cultural landscapes. Our dedicated team ensures your adventure is not only memorable but also reflects the highest standards of service, safety, and respect for the environment.

Join Relax Getaways on this extraordinary journey to the summit of Mount Batur, where the beauty of Bali unfolds in an unforgettable sunrise spectacle, marking the start of a day like no other.

Beach Hopping

Bali's coastline is a mosaic of stunning beaches, each with its own unique charm and beauty. Beach hopping in Bali is not just an activity; it's an exploration of diverse landscapes, from serene white sandy shores to dramatic cliff-backed coves. With Relax Getaways, embark on a tailored beach-hopping adventure that unveils the best of Bali's coastal gems, ensuring you experience the island's most breathtaking beaches in comfort and style.

  • Seminyak Beach: Start your journey at Seminyak Beach, where the vibrant beach clubs and chic lounges offer a lively atmosphere. It's the perfect spot for those who love to blend relaxation with a bit of sophistication.

  • Kuta Beach: No beach-hopping tour in Bali would be complete without a visit to the iconic Kuta Beach. Famous for its golden sunsets, surf waves, and buzzing nightlife, Kuta remains a favourite among travellers.

  • Padang Padang Beach: Tucked away beneath a natural limestone arch, Padang Padang Beach is a hidden paradise ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Its crystal-clear waters and soft sands make it a picturesque retreat.

  • Bingin Beach: For a more laid-back vibe, head to Bingin Beach. Known for its surf breaks, this beach offers a rustic charm with local warungs (cafes) perched along the cliffside, offering stunning ocean views.

  • Nusa Dua Beach: Nusa Dua's pristine waters and manicured gardens cater to those seeking a more upscale beach experience. Its luxury resorts and calm waters are perfect for families and travellers looking for tranquilly.

  • Echo Beach (Canggu): Echo Beach, in the trendy area of Canggu, is renowned for its surf, stunning sunsets, and vibrant culinary scene. It's a great place to mingle with locals and expats alike.

  • Tailored Beach Hopping Tours: Relax Getaways understands that every traveller has their own vision of a perfect beach day. Whether you're seeking the thrill of surfing, the tranquilly of secluded shores, or the luxury of beach clubs, we tailor your beach-hopping tour to match your preferences. Our expert guides ensure you discover the beaches that best suit your mood and interests, from hidden coves to lively shores.

  • Comfort and Convenience: With Relax Getaways, every detail of your beach-hopping adventure is taken care of, from comfortable transportation to recommendations for the best spots to relax, dine, and enjoy the sun. We also provide insights into the best times to visit each beach, ensuring you experience each location in its best light.

  • Sustainable Beach Hopping: As part of our commitment to preserving Bali's natural beauty, Relax Getaways promotes eco-friendly beach practices. We encourage travellers to respect the local environment by avoiding single-use plastics, participating in beach clean-ups, and supporting local businesses that prioritise sustainability.

  • The Relax Getaways Experience: Beach hopping with Relax Getaways offers more than just a day out by the sea; it's an immersive journey through Bali's coastal beauty. Our personalised tours are designed to ensure you experience the island's diverse beaches in comfort and style, leaving you with memories of sun-kissed days and stunning sunsets.

Join Relax Getaways on a beach-hopping adventure in Bali, and let us show you the island's most enchanting coastal landscapes, from the bustling shores of Seminyak to the serene beauty of Nusa Dua. It's an exploration of Bali's beach culture that promises both relaxation and adventure.

Tips for Top Things to Do in Bali

Embarking on a Bali adventure with Relax Getaways offers an unparalleled experience, blending the thrill of adventure with the serenity of its lush landscapes and the richness of its culture. To ensure you make the most of your journey, here’s a comprehensive guide, combining essential tips for exploring the diverse attractions of Bali:

Adventure and Exploration

  • Surfing and Water Sports: Choose the right spot according to your skill level, with Kuta and Batu Bolong for beginners and Uluwatu for the more experienced. Always opt for reputable operators to ensure safety and quality.

  • Diving and Snorkelling: The underwater world of Bali is fragile. Use reef-safe sunscreen and admire marine life without touching it. Top spots include Menjangan Island for snorkelling and Tulamben for diving.

  • Mount Batur Sunrise Trek: Prepare for an early start and a moderate hike. Wear appropriate clothing in layers, as temperatures can vary, and bring a flashlight or headlamp for the pre-dawn segment of your trek.

Cultural Immersion

  • Temple Visits: Dress modestly and adhere to local customs out of respect for Bali's rich cultural heritage. Sarongs are often required and provided at temple entrances.

  • Local Cuisine: Embrace the flavours of Bali by dining at warungs and participating in cooking classes. This is a wonderful way to connect with the local culture and cuisine.

Leisure and Relaxation

  • Beach Hopping: Stay hydrated and protected from the sun. Explore beyond the main beaches to discover quieter, more secluded spots.

  • Infinity Pool Relaxation: For breathtaking views, visit infinity pools at sunrise or sunset. Check access policies for non-guests, as some resorts offer day passes.

Sustainable Tourism

  • Support Local Communities: Engage with and support local businesses to contribute to the local economy.

  • Environmental Respect: Practice Leave No Trace principles during your adventures to help preserve Bali's natural beauty for future generations.

Practical Tips

  • Stay flexible: Bali’s tropical climate can bring unexpected rain, and religious ceremonies might affect traffic and access to certain areas. Embrace the island's rhythm and remain adaptable.

  • Health and Safety: Stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and follow all safety guidelines during activities. Ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers all your planned activities.

By combining these tips, your Bali experience with Relax Getaways becomes not just a vacation, but a journey filled with discovery, adventure, and moments of tranquilly. Whether you're riding the waves, exploring ancient temples, or simply soaking in the breathtaking views from an infinity pool, Bali offers a rich tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored. With a commitment to sustainability, cultural respect, and personal well-being, your time in Bali will be as rewarding as it is unforgettable.

Best Time for Top Things to Do in Bali

Bali's allure is year-round, with each season offering unique experiences. Here’s a guide to the top things to do in Bali, organised by season, to help you plan your trip according to what each period has to offer.

Dry Season (April to October)

  • Surfing at Bali’s Best Spots: The dry season is the ideal time for surfing, especially on the west coast beaches like Kuta, Seminyak, and Uluwatu, where the waves are at their best.

  • Beach Hopping: Explore Bali’s stunning beaches, from the popular shores of Seminyak and Kuta to the hidden gems like Bingin and Padang Padang, under the bright, sunny skies of the dry season.

  • Diving and Snorkelling: Clear waters and calm seas make places like Menjangan Island and Tulamben perfect for underwater adventures.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Take advantage of the dry weather to hike Mount Batur, cycle through the lush landscapes of Ubud, or explore the rice terraces.

  • Cultural Festivals: Participate in cultural and religious celebrations such as Galungan, Kuningan, and Nyepi (the Balinese New Year), offering insights into Bali's rich cultural heritage.

Wet Season (November to March)

  • Spa and Wellness Retreats: Embrace the rejuvenating experiences of Bali’s many spas and wellness retreats, perfect for the cooler, more reflective wet season.

  • Indoor Cultural Tours: Explore Bali’s rich history and culture by visiting museums, art galleries, and attending traditional dance performances.

  • Waterfalls Exploration: Bali’s waterfalls are at their most spectacular during the wet season. Visit spots like Sekumpul and Tegenungan Waterfall for breathtaking views.

  • Eco Tours: The lush greenery of the wet season is perfect for eco-tours in the heart of Bali. Explore the island's forests, rivers, and wildlife.

  • Yoga and Meditation Retreats: The tranquil ambiance of the rainy season creates a perfect backdrop for yoga and meditation retreats in Ubud and other serene locations.

Shoulder Seasons (April, May, September, October)

  • Luxury Stays at Lower Prices: With fewer tourists, the shoulder months offer the chance to enjoy Bali’s luxury resorts at more affordable rates.

  • Cultural Immersion: Experience local life with fewer crowds. It's a great time to take Balinese cooking classes or participate in local workshops on crafts like woodcarving or batik making.

  • Snorkeling and Diving: The shoulder seasons still offer great conditions for underwater exploration with less crowded dive sites.

  • Sunset Watching: Enjoy Bali’s famous sunsets at iconic locations like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temples, with the added benefit of fewer tourists during these months.

Regardless of when you visit, Bali offers a diverse range of activities that cater to all interests and preferences. Whether it’s the dry season's vibrant beach life and cultural festivals or the wet season's lush landscapes and introspective retreats, every period has its charm. With thoughtful planning, each visit to Bali can be a unique and memorable adventure, showcasing the island's natural beauty and cultural richness in different lights.

Bali encapsulates an unparalleled blend of adventure, tranquility, and cultural immersion, making it a must-visit destination for travelers worldwide. From its iconic surf breaks and serene infinity pools to the spiritual depth of its temples and the natural beauty of its landscapes, Bali offers diverse experiences across all seasons. Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment, Bali delivers with its rich traditions and vibrant community life. Embracing sustainability and respect for local customs enhances the beauty of Bali for future visitors. In summary, Bali is not just a place to visit but an experience to be lived, offering a journey that touches the soul and leaves lasting memories. With Relax Getaways, every trip to Bali is an opportunity to explore, connect, and be transformed.

FAQs for Top Things to Do in Bali

Q. What is the best time to visit Bali for surfing?

A. The best time for surfing in Bali is during the dry season, from May to September, when the winds are offshore, creating ideal wave conditions on the island's western coast.

Q. Can beginners participate in water sports in Bali?

A. Yes, beginners can participate in many water sports in Bali, including snorkeling, banana boat rides, and even beginner surfing lessons at more gentle beaches like Kuta.

Q. Are there any cultural etiquette tips for visiting Bali's Hindu temples?

A. Visitors should dress modestly, covering shoulders and knees, and often a sarong is required to enter. It's also recommended to observe silence and respect the ongoing ceremonies.

Q. Is Bali suitable for family vacations?

A. Absolutely, Bali offers a wide range of family-friendly activities, from beach days and water parks to cultural tours and adventure activities like elephant safaris.

Q. What are some must-try local dishes in Bali?

A. Don't miss out on Babi Guling (suckling pig), Bebek Betutu (slow-cooked duck), and Sate Lilit (Balinese satay). Also, try local sweets like Dadar Gulung (green pancake rolls filled with coconut and palm sugar).

Q. Do I need to be certified to go diving in Bali?

A. While certification is required for solo diving, many operators offer discovery dives for beginners or PADI certification courses for those looking to get certified in Bali's vibrant waters.

Q. What are the best places for shopping in Bali?

A. Ubud is famous for its art markets and galleries, Seminyak for high-end boutiques, and Canggu for its trendy shops. Traditional markets like Sukawati and Ubud Market are great for souvenirs and crafts.

Q. How can I ensure my visit to Bali is eco-friendly?

A. Choose eco-conscious accommodations, respect wildlife and natural sites, avoid single-use plastics, and support local businesses that practice sustainability.

Q. Is it easy to get around Bali?

A. Transport options include renting scooters, hiring private drivers, or using app-based ride-hailing services. Be aware of local traffic laws and conditions if choosing to drive.

Q. What should I pack for a trip to Bali?

A. Bring lightweight and modest clothing for temple visits, swimwear for beaches and pools, a good pair of walking shoes, and eco-friendly sunscreen. Don't forget a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.

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