One of the oldest countries having a great history from the very first human civilization to the modern-day high tech world, China is one of the major and globally important countries. It is among the few large countries and the world's most populated country. With geographical variance and diverse climatic zones and terrain variation, China is one of the most visited countries either for family tours, solo travel, or any couple/ honeymoon trip. China is the world’s most electric product producing country as well as for the highly advanced industrial plants and types of machinery, China is equally famous for industrial tours and business travel as it is the top revolutionary industrial nation focused on everything to produce.
Most people and travelers from all over the world think of China as a crowded country everywhere factories and huge crowds. Moreover, with the large population, the larger scale of factories and industries, China has also numerous peaceful places that are like heaven and supernatural beauty beyond imagination. There are several fantasy-like places that are mysterious and magical as well. China is equally popular for its great adventure and thrilling activities.
Several mountainous areas with the perfection of sun hills, landscapes, and views. Beautiful views and mesmerizing valleys are common in China. Several mysterious places offering an experience beyond imagination, nature boosted offers so precious as well as exciting moments.
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    Tibet Heritage tour

    based on 12 reviewsBeyond the Himalaya, Tour to Rooftop of the world:- Tibet
    • Duration 8 Days
    • Price: US$ 1199 2000