Indonesia Travel Guide

Formation of more than 17000 islands and Islands spreading across the Equator, The mysterious archipelago of Indonesia is the series of pearls of jewel dispersed across the tropical ocean and sea. Indonesia is one of the great adventures in the world hiding behind the dense tropical jungles waiting to impress the visitors. The mystery of the land is introduced by its unique floras and faunas and the land formation like a fantasy world.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country. The population of Indonesia living in the incredible geography shares beautiful cultures and unique traditions, and the legacy of the peoples and the marvelous architecture and heritages are so incredible.

The tiny islets in the size of the palm trees to the huge formation of Borneo, Indonesia known for the mysterious natural perspectives and sublime culture the peoples share among.

The visitors of Indonesia will find their island paradise; the white sand beaches, sunny tropical weather, swaying array of Palm trees, turquoise water with a shine of Emerald-like, long coral ridges, and colorful underwater and continuous floor washing tides.

Moreover, the attractions of Indonesia not only stand on beaches and coastlines. The beautiful and dense tropical forests, terrains, and geographic variance framing stunning landscapes, incredible terrace fields and stunning rice fields, hills and ridges with stunning greeneries, and volcanic mountains as the center to all those, the land of Indonesia present an outstanding mixture of natural perspectives

furthermore, the sublime culture and traditions, great historical heritage and archaeological sites, mysterious temples and ruins hiding inside the dense forest, a stunning art showcase and architectural wonders of Marvelous Balinese Hindu Temples, the wood crafting, metal crafting, textile designing, authentic foods, and many other handmade things are so amazing to explore and a precious experience. 

The best thing about Indonesia is to grab all the Indonesian attractions in a single holiday. Enjoy a majestic sunrise from the stunning hills and visit the villages and heritages to find the beauty of Indonesian arts, afterward reach the Indonesian Hindu temples and enjoy the magnificent sunset with beautiful pieces of the culture. Again wake up with early sunrise and enjoy beautiful beach time, later visit the marvelous architectural and popular heritages and historical places and palaces, adventure the thrilling aqua venture and rest for a while. If you want more the stunning volcanic craters and Blue Ijen Fire is still best to explore things in Indonesia.

In a slight thought, it looks like visiting Indonesia means a memorable and eliciting holiday and also very simple to experience the all attraction. However, there are lots of things to acknowledge before traveling to Indonesia. Anyone who else already visited Indonesia did not find it that complex but there are still lots of things to understand if you are traveling to the archipelago of Indonesia. It is always better to know the places that you are visiting. To understand about climate and weather of Indonesia, the cultures and traditions, history,s rules and regulations, and most important visa policy, go through the appropriate features in this category listed below:

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