A historical Giant, a country better known for its discipline and quality, Japan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northeast Asia for the astounding beauty of the vibrant cities and the charming nature of the diverse landscapes and terrains. Japan is best known for the beautiful clean cities, hygienic lifestyle, pleasant weather, a high-tech life, and an ever charming country.
The most iconic moment in Japan is the time spring when plum, cherry, and peaches begin to bloom with its wonderful colors. The whole atmosphere is so fragrant with the beautiful aroma of the SAKURA. Most Japanese go outside and vacation during the time of those blushes and bloom.
Japan is a diverse country that offers a beautiful alpine and mountainous experience and a beautiful oceanic tropical climate as well. Hike ups the beautiful hills and get the stunning landscapes and beautiful terrace views of the lower terrains. Go for a marine drive and enjoy a great time in the ocean. If you want more, do some adventure like rafting, boating, excursions, and visit the national parks and reservation areas to be mesmerized with diverse and vibrant floras and faunas.
Japan is one world's oldest country and a very prosperous country in terms of cultures and traditions. Lots of festivals are celebrated every year with great joy and entertainment. Japan is also rich in terms of heritage sites and some religious and cultural places. Visit the ancient century-old temples and monasteries and find out your inner soul peace. Explore the rich arts and architecture which are so magnificent and mind-blowing with uniqueness and unusualness. 
Visit the old palaces and fortresses which give a lot of facts about Japanese history. While there are many more heritages, historical attractions, temples and monasteries and other monuments giving an outstanding tour experience.
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