• Duration7 Days
  • DestinationDubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Group Size01-20
  • Age range08-75


Experience luxury and adventure with the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai. This exclusive tour includes airport transfers in a private vehicle, comfortable stays in a 4-star hotel, and an enriching American breakfast meal plan. Highlights include a thrilling Desert Safari in a 4x4 Luxury Jeep, a visit to the iconic Burj Khalifa, and a culturally rich Dhow-Cruise Dinner. While key services are covered, note that international airfare, certain fees, and personal expenses are excluded. This tour is perfect for those seeking an opulent, yet culturally immersive experience in Dubai.

Relax Getaways is renowned for offering the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, expertly blending luxury and cultural experiences. We ensure seamless airport transfers, luxurious 4-star hotel stays, and an enriching American breakfast. Key experiences like the Desert Safari, Burj Khalifa visit, and Dhow-Cruise Dinner highlight our commitment to exceptional service. Our detailed planning and customer focus make us a top choice for an unforgettable Dubai adventure.

Luxurious Accommodations

Embark on the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai and experience unparalleled luxury in some of the city’s most prestigious accommodations. Dubai, known for its opulent lifestyle and architectural grandeur, offers a range of luxury hotels that combine modern amenities with traditional Arabian hospitality.

  • 4-Star and 5-Star Hotels: Stay in Dubai's finest 4-star and 5-star hotels known for luxury and excellence.

  • Prime Locations: Hotels situated in prime locations offer easy access to Dubai's key attractions and stunning city views.

  • Elegant Rooms and Suites: spacious, elegantly furnished rooms and suites equipped with modern amenities for supreme comfort.

  • Gourmet Dining: There are a variety of dining options within the hotels, serving local and international gourmet cuisines.

  • Spa and Wellness Facilities: world-class spa and wellness centres for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Personalised Service: Exceptional Arabian hospitality with personalised services, including concierge and butler services.

  • Exclusive Amenities: Rooftop pools, private beaches, and lush gardens enhance the luxury experience.

  • Unique Experiences: Access to unique experiences like yacht charters, helicopter tours, and luxury shopping services.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Availability of sustainable and eco-friendly accommodation options.

  • Tailored Experiences: Accommodations and services tailored to suit different types of travellers, be it for romance, family, or business.

Each of these points contributes to making the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai a remarkable and luxurious experience, ensuring guests enjoy the utmost comfort and opulence throughout their stay.

Cultural and Modern Attractions

Embark on the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai and immerse yourself in a blend of modern marvels and rich cultural heritage. This tour presents a perfect balance between Dubai's futuristic skyline and its traditional roots, offering an experience like no other.

  • Burj Khalifa: Marvel at the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Visit its observation deck for panoramic views of the city, sea, and desert.

  • The Dubai Mall: Explore The Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centers globally, offering luxury brands, entertainment, and the spectacular Dubai Aquarium.

  • Dubai Fountain Show: Witness the enchanting Dubai Fountain Show, a captivating display of water, music, and light.

  • Traditional Souks: Stroll through the traditional Gold and Spice Souks. Experience the authentic Arabian market atmosphere and shop for unique souvenirs.

  • Dubai Miracle Garden: (Seasonal) Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden, a stunning floral wonderland featuring over 50 million flowers in intricate designs.

  • Dubai Frame: Explore the Dubai Frame, an architectural landmark that frames views of old and new Dubai, offering a unique perspective on the city’s development.

  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: Wander through the charming alleys of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Discover Dubai's past with its traditional wind-tower architecture and cultural museums.

  • Dhow Dinner Cruise: Enjoy a traditional Dhow Dinner Cruise along Dubai Creek or Marina. Experience a mix of culture and modernity with stunning night views of the city.

  • Palm Jumeirah: Drive by or visit the iconic Palm Jumeirah, an engineering marvel and a hub for luxury hotels and residences.

  • Jumeirah Mosque: Learn about Islamic architecture and traditions at the Jumeirah Mosque, one of the few mosques open to non-Muslim visitors for cultural understanding.

Conclusion The Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai offers a journey through time, where ancient traditions meet futuristic innovation. Each attraction, from the soaring heights of the Burj Khalifa to the cultural depths of the Al Fahidi neighborhood, contributes to a rich tapestry of experiences, making this tour a must for anyone seeking to explore the multifaceted beauty of Dubai.

Desert Safari Adventure

The Desert Safari Adventure is a highlight of the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, offering an exhilarating experience in the vast Arabian desert. This adventure combines thrill, cultural immersion, and luxury, creating an unforgettable part of your Dubai holiday.

  • 4WD Dune Bashing: Experience the excitement of dune bashing in a 4WD vehicle, a thrilling ride over the rolling sand dunes led by expert drivers.

  • Bedouin-Style Camps: Visit authentic Bedouin-style camps. Immerse yourself in traditional Arabian culture with tents, cushions, and lanterns.

  • Sunset Views: Witness the breathtaking desert sunset, a perfect backdrop for memorable photos.

  • Camel Rides: Enjoy a quintessential desert experience with camel rides, offering a unique perspective of the desert landscape.

  • Sandboarding: Try sandboarding, an exciting activity sliding down the dunes on a board, much like snowboarding.

  • BBQ Dinner Under the Stars: Relish a sumptuous BBQ dinner under the starlit sky, featuring a variety of local and international dishes.

  • Cultural Entertainment: Be entertained by traditional performances like belly dancing, Tanoura dancing, and fire shows.

  • Henna Painting: Get adorned with intricate henna designs, a traditional form of body art.

  • Falconry Demonstration: Witness the art of falconry, a significant aspect of Arabian wildlife and culture.

  • Stargazing in the Desert: Conclude your adventure with a serene session of stargazing, enjoying the clear night skies of the desert.

The Desert Safari Adventure in the Best of Dubai Tour offers a rich and thrilling experience, showcasing the natural beauty and cultural essence of the Arabian desert. From adrenaline-pumping activities to tranquil moments under the stars, this adventure is a must-do for anyone seeking to experience the diverse facets of Dubai’s landscape and heritage.

Professional Guide and Assistance

On the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, the presence of a Professional Guide and Assistance elevates the experience, offering expert insights and personalized attention throughout your journey. Here's how professional guidance enhances your luxury holiday in Dubai:

  • Expert Local Knowledge: Your guide provides in-depth local knowledge, sharing fascinating stories and facts about Dubai's landmarks, culture, and history, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the city.

  • Personalized Attention: Receive personalized attention from your guide, ensuring that your experience is tailored to your interests and preferences, making each moment of the tour unique and memorable.

  • Language Proficiency: Guides are often multilingual, facilitating smooth communication and overcoming any language barriers for a diverse group of international travelers.

  • Navigation and Logistics: With expert navigation through the city's attractions and efficient handling of logistics, your guide ensures a seamless and stress-free travel experience.

  • Cultural Insights: Gain valuable cultural insights and advice on local customs and etiquette, helping you navigate various cultural settings respectfully and confidently.

  • Priority Access: Often, your guide can provide priority access to attractions, bypassing long queues and offering a more exclusive touring experience.

  • Safety and Security: Ensuring your safety and security, the guide is equipped to handle any unforeseen situations and offer assistance in emergencies.

  • Insider Recommendations: Receive insider recommendations for dining, shopping, and off-the-beaten-path experiences, enhancing your exploration of the city beyond the standard itinerary.

  • Interactive and Engaging: Tours are more interactive and engaging with a guide, offering opportunities for questions and discussions, making your experience more dynamic and informative.

  • Problem Solving: Your guide is adept at problem-solving, ready to tackle any challenges or special requests that may arise during the tour.

The role of a Professional Guide and Assistance in the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai is indispensable. Not only do they provide valuable information and context to the sights you'll see, but they also ensure that your journey is smooth, enjoyable, and tailored to your personal interests, making your luxury holiday in Dubai truly exceptional.

Convenient Airport Transfers

The Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai ensures a seamless travel experience right from the moment you land, with Convenient Airport Transfers. This key feature of the tour adds an extra layer of comfort and luxury to your trip. Here's what you can expect:

  • Luxury Vehicles: Enjoy transfers in high-end, comfortable luxury vehicles, ensuring a smooth and stylish ride to and from Dubai International Airport.

  • Personal Meet and Greet: Experience a personal welcome upon arrival at the airport. A representative will greet you, assist with luggage, and escort you to your awaiting vehicle.

  • Effortless Journey to Your Hotel: Be whisked away from the hustle of the airport directly to your hotel in comfort and style, allowing you to relax after your flight.

  • Professional Drivers: Skilled and experienced drivers navigate the best routes, ensuring your journey is safe and efficient.

  • No Waiting Time: The service is precisely timed with your flight schedule, minimizing any waiting times and streamlining your transfer experience.

  • Return Transfers: On your departure day, enjoy the same level of convenience and luxury with a transfer back to the airport, ensuring a hassle-free conclusion to your tour.

  • Assistance with Luggage: Both on arrival and departure, assistance with your luggage is provided, making your travel experience effortless and comfortable.

  • Flexibility: The service caters to your schedule, accommodating early morning arrivals or late-night departures, ensuring transfer availability round the clock.

  • Peace of Mind: With all transport logistics expertly handled, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on the exciting experiences ahead in Dubai.

  • Welcome Pack: Often, the transfer service includes a welcome pack containing essential information about Dubai, helpful tips, and details about your tour itinerary.

The Convenient Airport Transfers in the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai set the tone for a luxurious and well-organized holiday. These transfers not only offer comfort and ease but also epitomize the high standards of hospitality and service that Dubai is renowned for.

All-Inclusive Paperwork and Taxes

The Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai ensures a hassle-free experience by including all essential Paperwork and Taxes in its package. This comprehensive approach streamlines your travel process, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the luxury and experiences Dubai offers without worrying about the administrative details.

  • Hassle-Free Experience: The tour package covers all necessary paperwork, such as booking confirmations and entry tickets to attractions, ensuring a smooth and organized experience.

  • No Hidden Costs: All governmental taxes and official charges related to accommodations and activities included in the itinerary are covered. This transparency eliminates unexpected expenses and simplifies budgeting.

  • Seamless Attraction Entries: Pre-arranged paperwork facilitates seamless entries to attractions like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Aquarium, avoiding the hassle of on-spot ticket purchases.

  • Accommodation Taxes Included: The package includes all relevant hotel taxes and service charges, ensuring your stay is worry-free regarding additional payments.

  • Efficient Itinerary Management: With all paperwork and taxes handled, you can enjoy a well-organized itinerary that flows smoothly from one experience to the next.

  • Compliance with Local Regulations: The inclusion of all taxes and charges ensures that your travel is fully compliant with local laws and regulations, offering peace of mind.

  • Simplified Travel Arrangements: The all-inclusive approach to paperwork and taxes means you don’t have to concern yourself with the minutiae of travel arrangements, allowing you to focus on enjoying your holiday.

  • Detailed Itinerary and Receipts: Receive a detailed itinerary with all costs transparently listed, along with receipts and documentation for your records.

  • Expert Handling: Experienced professionals adept at handling travel paperwork ensure accuracy and attention to detail, enhancing your travel experience.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that all paperwork and taxes are taken care of in advance provides a sense of security and peace of mind, allowing you to indulge in the luxurious experiences of Dubai without any administrative worries.

The inclusion of All-Inclusive Paperwork and Taxes in the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai signifies a commitment to excellence and guest convenience. It ensures that your luxurious journey through Dubai is seamless, relaxing, and free from the typical complexities of travel logistics.

Best time for Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

The Best Time for Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai is a crucial aspect to consider for an optimal travel experience. Dubai's climate and various events throughout the year play a significant role in determining the ideal time for your visit:

Cooler Season (November to March)

  • Climate: This is the most pleasant time of the year in Dubai, with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 30°C. The weather is cool and comfortable, ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the city.

  • Activities: Perfect for sightseeing, desert safaris, outdoor dining, and beach activities. It's also the peak tourist season due to the favorable weather.

  • Events: This period hosts major events like the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Food Festival, and Global Village, attracting tourists worldwide.

  • Considerations: Being the peak tourist season, expect higher prices and more crowded attractions.

Hotter Season (April to October)

  • Climate: These months experience extremely hot and humid weather, with temperatures often exceeding 40°C during the daytime. The heat is intense, particularly from June to August.

  • Activities: Ideal for indoor activities like visiting malls, indoor theme parks, and museums. Evening times are slightly cooler, suitable for short outdoor excursions.

  • Events: Fewer cultural events due to the extreme heat, but some indoor events and exhibitions still take place.

  • Considerations: Lower tourist footfall means less crowded attractions and potentially lower prices for accommodation and tours. However, outdoor activities can be challenging due to the heat.

Choosing the right season for your visit depends on your preferences for weather, crowd levels, and the type of activities you plan to enjoy in Dubai. The Cooler Season is generally more favorable for a full range of activities and experiencing Dubai's outdoor attractions.

Important notes on Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

When planning the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, there are several important notes to keep in mind to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience:

  • Visa Requirements: Check the visa requirements for your country. Many nationalities can get a visa on arrival, but it’s crucial to confirm this beforehand.

  • Dress Code: Respect the local culture by adhering to a modest dress code, especially when visiting religious sites or traditional neighborhoods.

  • Best Travel Time: The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March when the weather is cooler and suitable for outdoor activities.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be aware of local customs and traditions. Public displays of affection are frowned upon, and during Ramadan, eating, drinking, or smoking in public during daylight hours is prohibited.

  • Currency and Payments: The local currency is the UAE Dirham. Credit cards are widely accepted, but it’s advisable to carry some cash for smaller purchases.

  • Language: Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken and understood in tourist areas and hotels.

  • Safety and Laws: Dubai is one of the safest cities for tourists, but it's essential to adhere to local laws and regulations to avoid any legal issues.

  • Healthcare: Dubai has excellent healthcare facilities. Travel insurance is recommended to cover any unexpected medical expenses.

  • Connectivity: Consider buying a local SIM card for easy connectivity and access to maps and information.

  • Cuisine: Dubai offers a diverse range of dining options. Be sure to try some local Emirati dishes.

  • Transportation: Taxis are plentiful and affordable. The city also has a clean and efficient metro system.

  • Tipping: Tipping is customary in Dubai. It’s not mandatory but appreciated for good service.

  • Shopping: Dubai is a shopping paradise, from luxury malls to traditional souks. Remember to negotiate prices in souks.

  • Water: Tap water is safe to drink, but bottled water is commonly used.

  • Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol is available in licensed venues like hotels, but public intoxication is a legal offense.

By keeping these important notes in mind, travellers can enjoy a rich and hassle-free experience on their Luxury Holidays in Dubai.

Luxury Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

The Luxury Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai epitomizes the essence of lavish travel, offering an experience that merges modern extravagance with cultural richness. Here's an overview of what this luxurious tour entails, both in explanation and point format:

In-Depth Explanation

Opulent Accommodations

  • The tour features stays in Dubai's premier 4-star hotels, each renowned for their exquisite service, elegant interiors, and top-tier amenities. These accommodations are chosen for their ability to provide guests with a luxurious and comfortable stay.

Cultural and Modern Attractions

  • This tour is a curated blend of Dubai’s most iconic sights, from the soaring heights of the Burj Khalifa to the historic depths of the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. It offers a comprehensive exploration of the city, showcasing both its modern achievements and rich heritage.

Desert Safari Adventure

  • A highlight of the tour is the luxury desert safari, an exhilarating experience featuring dune bashing, traditional Arabian entertainment, and a BBQ dinner under the stars. This adventure not only provides thrills but also a unique insight into the desert landscape and culture.

Culinary Delights

  • The tour promises a gastronomic journey, starting with an American breakfast and extending to various dining experiences that capture the essence of Dubai’s diverse culinary scene. Special meals like the Dhow Cruise Dinner elevate the dining experience with spectacular views.

Guided Experiences

  • Professional guides enhance the tour, offering expert knowledge and insights into Dubai's culture and history. They ensure a personalised and enriching experience, managing every detail for a seamless journey.

Point Format

  • Luxurious 4-Star Accommodations: Stay in some of Dubai’s finest hotels, known for luxury and comfort.

  • Blend of Cultural and Modern Attractions: Visit iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood.

  • Thrilling Desert Safari Adventure: Enjoy dune bashing, cultural entertainment, and a desert BBQ dinner.

  • Gourmet Dining Experiences: Savour diverse culinary delights, including a special Dhow Cruise Dinner.

  • Professional Guide and Assistance: Benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable guides for a personalised experience.

The Luxury Best of Dubai Tour offers a comprehensive and luxurious way to experience the wonders of Dubai, catering to those who seek an extraordinary and memorable holiday.

The Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai offers an unforgettable journey through the city's splendor, combining luxury, culture, and adventure. From the majestic Burj Khalifa to the serene desert safari, each moment has been a blend of exhilaration and elegance. Your stay in sumptuous accommodations and the expert guidance provided have ensured a seamless and indulgent experience. As you depart, you carry with you memories of a city that epitomizes opulence and innovation, leaving an enduring impression and an invitation to return. This tour isn't just a holiday; it's an immersion into a world of luxury, a testament to Dubai's status as a pinnacle of global tourism.

For more info, please Dubai Travel Information.


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Morning/Afternoon: Arrival at Dubai International Airport

Welcome to Dubai, the city of luxury and modern marvels. Your arrival at Dubai International Airport marks the beginning of your exquisite Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai.

Upon landing, you'll experience the efficiency and grandeur of one of the world's busiest airports.

Post-Arrival: Airport Reception

You'll be greeted by a representative from the tour company or a luxury hotel liaison, depending on your arrangements.

Look forward to a comfortable and swift transfer from the airport to your accommodation. The transfer is usually in a luxury vehicle, ensuring your first experience in Dubai is as opulent as the city itself.

Check-in: 4-Star Luxury Hotel

Upon arrival at your hotel, you'll be assisted with a smooth check-in process.

Take some time to relax and settle into your luxurious room, admiring the views and amenities that set Dubai's hospitality apart.

Evening: Pre-Trip Meeting and Welcome Session

A pre-trip meeting is scheduled, typically in a private conference room within the hotel. This session is a great opportunity to meet your guides, tour coordinators, and fellow travelers.

During this meeting, you’ll receive an overview of the tour itinerary, insights into the experiences ahead, and practical tips for your stay in Dubai.

It's also the perfect time to ask any questions you might have about the tour, dining options, transportation, and cultural norms in Dubai.

Leisure Time

Spend the rest of your evening at leisure. You might choose to explore the hotel’s amenities, such as a rooftop pool or a spa treatment, or simply rest in your room after your journey.


Enjoy a welcome dinner at the hotel or explore nearby dining options. Dubai offers an array of culinary experiences, from traditional Emirati cuisine to international gourmet dishes.

Rest and Anticipation

Retire to your room for a good night's rest, excited for the adventures that await you in the coming days of your luxury Dubai tour.

Day 1 of your Luxury Holidays in Dubai is designed to provide a warm welcome and a smooth start to an unforgettable journey through this dazzling city.

  • 4 Star Hotel
  • Dubai

Morning: Breakfast and City Exploration

Start your day with a delightful breakfast at your hotel, featuring a spread of international and local cuisine.

Post-breakfast, embark on a guided city tour. The tour typically includes luxury transportation and a knowledgeable guide to show you around.

Key Attractions to Visit

Burj Khalifa: Marvel at the world's tallest building. You may even visit the observation deck for panoramic city views.

Dubai Mall: Explore one of the world's largest shopping centers, home to an array of luxury brands and entertainment options.

Dubai Fountain: Witness the captivating water dance show, one of the most visually stunning attractions in the city.

Lunch Break

Enjoy lunch at one of Dubai’s renowned restaurants. Your guide can recommend places based on your culinary preferences.

Afternoon: Continue City Tour

Visit historical sites such as the Dubai Museum and the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood to understand Dubai's rich heritage.

Explore the vibrant Gold and Spice Souks, where you can shop for authentic local goods.

Evening: Dhow Dinner Cruise

In the evening, board a traditional Dhow for a dinner cruise along the Dubai Creek or Marina.

Experience a unique blend of cultural and modern Dubai as you sail, with stunning views of the city’s skyline.

Dinner on the Dhow

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner on the Dhow, featuring a variety of international and Arabian dishes.

Be entertained by traditional performances like Tanoura dancing, enhancing the cultural experience.

Night: Return to Hotel

After the cruise, return to your hotel. The rest of the night is yours to relax and reflect on the day’s adventures.

Conclusion of Day 2

Day 2 of your Luxury Holidays in Dubai provides a comprehensive experience of Dubai’s splendor, from its towering skyscrapers to its rich cultural roots, capped off with a serene and delightful Dhow cruise dinner.

Day 2 offers a balanced blend of exploration and relaxation, ensuring you experience the best of what Dubai has to offer in both its modern and traditional facets.

  • 4 Star Hotel
  • Breakfast Included
  • Dubai

Morning: Leisurely Start

Begin your day with a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. Enjoy a diverse selection of foods to energize you for the day ahead.

The morning is yours to relax. You might choose to explore the hotel’s amenities, enjoy a spa session, or take a short walk nearby.

Afternoon: Departure for Desert Safari

In the early afternoon, prepare for an exhilarating desert adventure. You’ll be picked up from your hotel in a 4WD vehicle, ready for a thrilling desert safari.

As you head towards the desert, observe the landscape transition from the bustling city to serene sand dunes.

Desert Safari Experience

The safari begins with a thrilling dune bashing session, where skilled drivers maneuver the 4WD over the steep dunes.

You’ll have opportunities to take stunning photos of the vast desert landscape, capturing the beauty of the Arabian desert.

Cultural Activities

Post dune-bashing, visit a traditional Bedouin camp. Here, you can partake in activities like camel riding, sandboarding, or henna painting.

Experience the warm hospitality of the desert with Arabic coffee and dates.

Evening: BBQ Dinner Under the Stars

As the sun sets, settle in for a delightful BBQ dinner in the desert. The dinner typically includes a variety of grilled meats, salads, and local delicacies.

Enjoy cultural performances such as belly dancing and Tanoura shows, adding to the magical desert atmosphere.


Post-dinner, take time to gaze at the stars in the clear desert sky, a peaceful end to an adventurous day.

Return to Hotel

After the desert safari experience, you'll be driven back to your hotel in Dubai.

The rest of the evening is at your leisure, offering time to relax and reminisce about the day’s adventures.

Conclusion of Day 3

Day 3 of the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai offers an unforgettable experience that combines adventure, culture, and relaxation. The desert safari, with its blend of thrilling activities and cultural immersion, followed by a serene BBQ dinner under the stars, provides a unique and memorable aspect of your luxury holiday in Dubai.

This day promises an authentic taste of the Arabian desert’s allure, making it a highlight of your luxury Dubai itinerary.

  • 4 Star Hotel
  • Breakfast Included
  • Dubai

Morning: Breakfast and Departure

Start your day with a delightful breakfast at your hotel, preparing for a day of awe-inspiring experiences.

After breakfast, set out for a visit to the iconic Burj Khalifa, the crown jewel of Dubai's architectural achievements.

Visit to Burj Khalifa

Arrive at the Burj Khalifa, standing tall at an impressive altitude of 828 meters, making it the world's tallest building.

Experience the high-speed elevator that takes you to the observation deck, where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline, desert, and ocean.

Take your time to soak in the vistas and capture memorable photos from this remarkable vantage point.

Lunch with a View

Enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants in or around Burj Khalifa, offering a range of gourmet dining options with spectacular views.

Afternoon: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Post-lunch, visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, located in the Dubai Mall, just a short walk from Burj Khalifa.

Explore one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world, home to thousands of aquatic animals, including over 140 species of sea life.

The Underwater Zoo takes you on a journey through various aquatic environments, showcasing a myriad of marine life from around the globe.

Leisure Time at Dubai Mall

After exploring the aquarium, spend some leisure time in the Dubai Mall, one of the world's largest shopping centers.

Indulge in retail therapy, enjoy the mall's entertainment options, or simply relax at one of its many cafes.

Evening: Return to Hotel

As the evening approaches, return to your hotel to refresh and relax.

The evening is free for you to enjoy at your leisure, whether it’s dining at one of Dubai’s exquisite restaurants or exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Conclusion of Day 4

Day 4 of your Luxury Holidays in Dubai is a blend of awe and excitement, featuring visits to two of Dubai’s most iconic attractions. The magnificence of Burj Khalifa and the aquatic wonders of the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo make this day a truly remarkable experience in your luxury tour.

This day promises not only the exploration of architectural marvels and natural wonders but also an immersion into the luxurious lifestyle that Dubai is famed for.

  • 4 Star Hotel
  • Breakfast Included
  • Dubai

Morning: Breakfast and Departure

Begin Day 5 of your Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai with a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel.

After breakfast, prepare for a day filled with unique architectural and natural beauty.

Visit to Dubai Miracle Garden

Your first destination is the Dubai Miracle Garden, open from October to April. This garden is a spectacular oasis in the desert city, featuring over 50 million flowers in stunning displays.

Wander through the heart-shaped pathways, themed gardens, and artistic flower installations, including replicas of famous landmarks.

The vibrant colors and artistic arrangement of flowers make this spot perfect for photography enthusiasts.

Lunch Break

Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a nearby café or restaurant, offering a chance to relax and reflect on the morning’s floral extravaganza.

Afternoon: The Dubai Frame

Post-lunch, head to the Dubai Frame, an architectural landmark that has become an icon in the city’s skyline.

The Frame offers an opportunity to view the city’s past, present, and future in a single frame. The structure provides panoramic views of Old Dubai on one side and the modern cityscape on the other.

Take time to visit the museum and galleries inside, which narrate the evolution of Dubai from a fishing village to a futuristic metropolis.

Evening: Return to Hotel

After your visit to the Dubai Frame, return to your hotel to unwind.

The evening is yours to enjoy as you please. You might choose to explore more of the city, dine at one of Dubai’s world-class restaurants, or relax at your hotel.

Conclusion of Day 5

Day 5 provides a contrasting experience of Dubai’s natural and architectural wonders. The Dubai Miracle Garden’s floral artistry and the symbolic Dubai Frame’s panoramic views offer a unique perspective on the city’s charm and evolution.

This day adds a touch of nature’s beauty and architectural ingenuity to your luxurious Dubai holiday, making it a memorable part of your journey.

  • 4 Star Hotel
  • Breakfast Included
  • Dubai

Morning: Relaxed Breakfast

Begin Day 6 of your Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai with a leisurely breakfast at your hotel, savoring the diverse culinary offerings at your own pace.

Today is a free day, designed for relaxation and personal exploration, allowing you to delve into the aspects of Dubai that interest you the most.

Personal Exploration and Activities

Shopping: Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. Visit the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, or explore the unique offerings of the traditional souks.

Beach Time: Spend some time at one of Dubai’s pristine beaches, such as Jumeirah Beach or Kite Beach.

Cultural Exploration: Visit additional cultural sites like the Jumeirah Mosque or take a historical tour through the Al Bastakiya Quarter.

Adventure Activities: For those seeking adventure, options like skydiving, indoor skiing at Ski Dubai, or a hot air balloon ride can be thrilling experiences.

Spa and Wellness: Consider a relaxing day at your hotel’s spa, indulging in luxurious treatments and wellness therapies.

Lunch and Dining Options

Choose from a multitude of dining options in Dubai. Whether you crave gourmet fine dining, local Emirati cuisine, or international flavors, Dubai’s culinary landscape has it all.

Afternoon Leisure

Continue exploring at your own pace, or simply relax at your hotel, enjoying the amenities and comfort.

This is an excellent time to capture any last moments or experiences in Dubai that you haven’t yet explored.

Evening: Enjoy Dubai's Nightlife

As the evening sets in, you might want to experience Dubai’s vibrant nightlife. Visit one of the rooftop bars, beach clubs, or enjoy a leisurely dinner cruise on a yacht.

Conclusion of Day 6

Day 6 provides you with the flexibility to create your own itinerary, offering a personal touch to your luxury holiday. This free day is a chance to unwind, explore, and engage with Dubai in a way that aligns with your interests and preferences, making your luxury tour truly your own.

Embrace the freedom of this day to discover more of what makes Dubai a unique and luxurious destination, creating lasting memories of your holiday.

  • 4 Star Hotel
  • Breakfast Included

Morning: Final Breakfast and Check-Out

Begin your final day of the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai with an early breakfast at your hotel.

Proceed with the check-out formalities. Ensure you have all your belongings and travel documents ready.

Reflect on Your Journey

Take a moment to reflect on the unforgettable experiences and memories you've gathered during your stay in Dubai. From the architectural marvels to the rich cultural experiences and luxurious amenities, your journey has been filled with unique and opulent moments.

Transfer to Dubai International Airport

Depending on your flight schedule, a luxury vehicle will be arranged for your transfer to Dubai International Airport.

Experience a comfortable and stress-free ride to the airport, allowing you to relax and reminisce about your time in Dubai.

At the Airport

Once at the airport, proceed with the airline check-in and security procedures. If you have some time before your flight, you can explore the airport’s duty-free shops, lounges, and dining options.

Flight duration details will vary as per individual bookings. Ensure to be aware of your flight timings and gate information.

Departure and Farewell

As you board your flight, bid farewell to Dubai, a city that has offered you a glimpse into a world of luxury, adventure, and cultural richness.

Carry with you the memories and experiences that have made your luxury holiday in Dubai truly exceptional.

Conclusion of the Best of Dubai Tour

As your flight takes off, reflect on the end of an extraordinary journey through Dubai. This luxury tour has not only provided a lavish escape but also enriched you with new perspectives and experiences.

Whether it's the towering heights of the Burj Khalifa, the serene sands of the desert, or the vibrant life of the city streets, Dubai leaves you with a collection of precious moments and a desire to return.

Your departure marks the conclusion of the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, but the memories and experiences will continue to inspire long after you’ve returned home.

  • Breakfast

Package Option

  • 4 Star
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • US$1099

What's included

  • Airport Pick-up and drop in a private luxury vehicle
  • Accommodation in a 4-Star hotel on a twin/ double sharing basis
  • American Meal plan included: Bed and Breakfast
  • All overland transportation as per the above itinerary
  • Adventure and Desert safari by 4*4 Luxury Jeep with BBQ dinner and arabian dance show
  • Trip to 124th floor of Burj Khalifa (World's Highest Skyscrapper)
  • Evening Dhow-Cruise Dinner with Cultural Show
  • Professional Guide and Assistant as per above itinerary
  • All necessary paperwork
  • Governmental Taxes and official charges
  • International flight cost and tickets
  • Tourism diehram Fee (AED 15 per night) 
  • Visa processing, cost, and applicable fees
  • Lunch and Dinner during the trip other than mentioned above in the itinerary
  • Travelers insurance and Medical insurance policy
  • Personal Expenses
  • 5 Star
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • US$1999

What's included

  • Airport Pick-up and drop facility in a private luxury vehicle
  • Luxury Accommodation in a luxury 5-Star hotel on a twin/ Double sharing Basis
  • American plan included: Bed and Breakfast
  • All overland transportation a luxury private vehicle
  • Adventure and Desert safari by 4*4 Luxury Jeep with BBQ dinner and dance show
  • Trip to 124th floor of Burj Khalifa (World's Highest Skyscrapper)
  • Evening Dhow-Cruise Dinner with cultural Show
  • Private professional Guide and assistant as per requirements and group size.
  • All necessary paperwork
  • Governmental Taxes and official charges
  • International flight cost and tickets
  • Tourism diehram Fee (AED 20 per night) 
  • Dubai Visa processing, cost, and applicable fees
  • Lunch and Dinner during the trip other than not mentioned above
  • Travel insurance and Medical Insurance policy
  • Personal expenses

Good to Know

Permits for the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

When embarking on the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, understanding the necessary permits and regulations is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here's an overview of the key permits and documentation required:

  • Tourist Visa: Depending on your nationality, a tourist visa might be required to enter the UAE. Many nationalities benefit from visa-on-arrival facilities, but it's always wise to check the latest visa requirements specific to your country.

  • Permits for Special Activities: Certain activities on the tour, like desert safaris or dhow cruises, may require specific permits. However, these are usually arranged by the tour operator as part of the package.

  • Photography Permits: While casual photography is generally acceptable, taking pictures of government buildings, military installations, and in some cases, local people without consent, is prohibited. It's advisable to be aware of photography regulations in public spaces.

  • Cultural Site Access: Visiting cultural and religious sites like mosques may require special permissions or adherence to specific visitation guidelines, which are typically managed by the tour guides.

  • Health and Safety Regulations: Adhering to the UAE's health and safety regulations, including any travel advisories or COVID-19 related guidelines, is essential for a safe trip.

  • Driving Permits: If opting for a self-drive experience within the tour, international visitors will need an international driving permit alongside their valid driving license.

  • Alcohol Licenses: For consuming alcohol in private spaces or purchasing it from stores, non-Muslim visitors might require a temporary alcohol license, though alcohol consumption in licensed venues like hotels and clubs usually doesn’t necessitate this.

  • Environmental Permits: For tours involving interactions with wildlife or visits to protected areas, such as the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the tour operators ensure that all environmental regulations and permits are in place.

The Best of Dubai Tour involves various permits and regulations, primarily handled by the tour operators to ensure a hassle-free luxury experience. As a traveler, staying informed and compliant with these requirements is key to enjoying the diverse and opulent offerings of Dubai.

Preparation for Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

Preparing for the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai requires attention to several key aspects to ensure a memorable and comfortable experience. Here’s a guide to help you get ready for this luxurious adventure:

  • Travel Documentation: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of travel. Check visa requirements based on your nationality and apply in advance if necessary.

  • Health and Travel Insurance: Obtain comprehensive health and travel insurance. Considering the luxury nature of the tour, it's wise to choose a policy that covers unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellations, and baggage loss.

  • Clothing and Attire: Pack light, comfortable clothing suitable for Dubai's climate. Include modest attire for visits to religious and cultural sites. Don’t forget sun protection gear like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

  • Cultural Research: Familiarize yourself with the local customs, traditions, and etiquette of Dubai. Understanding the local culture will enhance your experience and ensure respectful interactions.

  • Currency and Finances: The local currency is the UAE Dirham (AED). While credit cards are widely accepted, carrying some cash for small purchases is advisable. Inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid any transaction issues.

  • Safety and Legal Regulations: Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, but it’s important to adhere to local laws and regulations, particularly regarding dress codes and public behavior.

  • Health Precautions: Check if any vaccinations are recommended or required before traveling to Dubai. Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun, especially during outdoor activities.

  • Language Preparation: Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken. Learning a few basic Arabic phrases can enhance your interaction with locals.

  • Electronics and Connectivity: Carry the necessary adapters for UAE’s electrical sockets. Consider purchasing a local SIM card for easy communication and internet access.

  • Itinerary Review: Familiarize yourself with the tour itinerary. Knowing the schedule and details of each activity can help you plan and pack accordingly.

  • Leisure and Entertainment: Dubai offers endless shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Research and list any specific places or activities you want to explore during your free time.

  • Emergency Information: Keep a note of important contacts like your country’s embassy, local emergency numbers, and your hotel’s address.

By carefully preparing for the Best of Dubai Tour, you can look forward to a luxurious and hassle-free holiday, immersed in the splendor and richness of Dubai.

Travel insurance for Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

When planning for the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, securing comprehensive Travel Insurance is an essential step to ensure peace of mind throughout your journey. Here's what to consider when choosing the right travel insurance:

  • Medical Coverage: Ensure your policy includes substantial medical coverage. Medical expenses in Dubai can be costly, and having comprehensive coverage ensures you are protected against unforeseen medical emergencies.

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption: Opt for a policy that covers trip cancellations and interruptions. This is crucial for recovering costs if you need to cancel or cut your trip short due to unforeseen circumstances like illness or emergency.

  • Baggage and Personal Belongings: Choose a policy that covers loss, theft, or damage to your baggage and personal belongings. This is particularly important given the luxurious nature of the tour and the likelihood of traveling with valuable items.

  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation: Ensure your insurance includes emergency evacuation and repatriation. This covers the costs of returning home for medical reasons and is vital in the case of serious health issues.

  • COVID-19 Coverage: In the current scenario, check if the policy covers COVID-19 related issues, including trip cancellation due to illness, quarantine costs, or medical treatment for COVID-19.

  • 24/7 Assistance Services: A policy that offers 24/7 assistance can be invaluable. This service provides help and advice on medical care, lost passports, or legal troubles while you are abroad.

  • Activity Coverage: Since the tour might include adventurous activities like desert safaris, ensure your policy covers such activities.

  • Legal Expense Coverage: Although often overlooked, legal expense coverage can be beneficial if you find yourself in legal trouble while abroad.

  • Read the Fine Print: Carefully review the policy details, including coverage limits and exclusions. Ensure that the policy meets all your specific travel needs.

  • Provider Reputation and Reviews: Choose a reputable insurance provider with positive customer reviews and reliable customer service.

Having the right Travel Insurance for the Best of Dubai Tour not only safeguards your investment but also provides a safety net, allowing you to fully enjoy the luxury and experiences of Dubai with added confidence and security.

Packing List for Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

When packing for the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, it's essential to consider the city's climate, cultural norms, and the variety of experiences offered. Here's a comprehensive Packing List to ensure you're well-prepared for your luxurious journey:

  • Travel Documents: Passport, visas, travel insurance documents, flight tickets, and hotel booking confirmations.

  • Clothing: Lightweight, breathable clothing for the warm climate. Include a mix of casual and formal wear for different occasions. Remember to pack modest attire for visiting religious sites or traditional areas.

  • Sun Protection: High SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and a light scarf to protect against the sun, especially during desert excursions.

  • Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing, sandals for the beach, and formal shoes for upscale restaurants and events.

  • Swimwear: Swimwear for hotel pools and beaches. Consider a cover-up or a kaftan for modesty when not swimming.

  • Electronics: Smartphone, charger, power bank, international travel adapter, and a good quality camera to capture memories.

  • Toiletries and Medications: Personal toiletries, any prescribed medications, and a basic first-aid kit.

  • Evening Attire: Elegant outfits for fine dining experiences or nightlife venues, along with appropriate accessories.

  • Light Jacket or Shawl: For cooler evenings or air-conditioned indoor environments.

  • Daypack: A small backpack or shoulder bag for day trips and excursions.

  • Cultural Respect: Items like a long skirt or trousers and a shawl or scarf for women, and long trousers for men, to respect local cultural norms.

  • Water Bottle: A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated, as the climate can be quite warm.

  • Entertainment: Books, e-readers, or tablets for leisure moments or long flights.

  • Currency: UAE Dirhams (AED) for small purchases where credit cards might not be accepted.

  • Emergency Contacts: A list of emergency contacts, including your country’s embassy in Dubai, local emergency numbers, and your insurance provider.

This Packing List is designed to equip you for the luxurious and diverse experiences that await in Dubai, ensuring comfort, preparedness, and adherence to local customs.

Transportation and Flights on Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

When planning the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, understanding the nuances of Transportation and Flights is key to ensuring a smooth travel experience. Here's what you need to know:

Flights to Dubai

  • Major Airlines: Dubai is accessible via most major airlines, offering direct and connecting flights from numerous global destinations.

  • Dubai International Airport (DXB): The primary entry point, DXB is one of the world's busiest airports, well-connected, and equipped with premium facilities.

  • Flight Booking Tips: For the best rates and options, book flights well in advance. Consider business or first-class tickets for added comfort, especially on long-haul flights.

Airport Transfers

  • Luxury Transfers: The tour typically includes private luxury transfers from the airport to your hotel, offering a seamless and comfortable start to your holiday.

  • Meet and Greet Services: Many luxury transfers come with meet-and-greet services, ensuring a hassle-free experience through the airport.

Transportation in Dubai

  • Private Chauffeured Vehicles: For the utmost comfort and convenience, private vehicles with drivers can be arranged for city tours and excursions.

  • Taxis: Widely available and relatively affordable, taxis are a convenient option for shorter trips. Opt for official taxis to ensure safety and fair pricing.

  • Public Transport: Dubai’s public transport system, including the metro and buses, is modern and efficient. However, for a luxury tour, private transportation is generally preferred for its flexibility and comfort.

  • Water Taxis and Abras: For a unique experience, consider water taxis or traditional abras for crossing Dubai Creek or exploring the waterfront.

Inter-Emirate Travel

  • Day Trips: If your itinerary includes visits to other Emirates like Abu Dhabi, luxury coach or private car services can be arranged.

  • Scenic Routes: Enjoy the scenic routes between Emirates, offering glimpses of the UAE’s diverse landscapes.

Travel Tips

  1. Plan Ahead: Arrange transportation schedules in line with your itinerary to maximize your time exploring Dubai.

  2. Comfort and Luxury: Opt for transportation options that match the luxury theme of your tour, enhancing your overall experience.

  3. Cultural Tours: For cultural tours or specific attractions, transportation arrangements often include knowledgeable guides.

Transportation and Flights for the Best of Dubai Tour are geared towards luxury, comfort, and convenience, ensuring that every leg of your journey complements the opulent experience of your Dubai holiday.

Dubai Visa for the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

When planning the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai, obtaining the necessary Dubai Visa is a crucial step for international travelers. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the visa process:

Understanding Dubai's Visa Requirements

  • Visa-on-Arrival: Many nationalities are eligible for a visa-on-arrival in Dubai, typically valid for 30 to 90 days. Check if your country is on this list for hassle-free entry.

  • Pre-Arranged Visas: For nationalities not eligible for visa-on-arrival, it’s essential to apply for a visa in advance. This can be done through the UAE embassy in your country or online.

  • e-Visa for Tourists: Dubai offers an e-Visa facility for tourists, which can be conveniently applied for online. This is a streamlined process, requiring basic personal information and travel details.

Application Process and Requirements

  • Documentation: Standard requirements include a valid passport, confirmed return flight tickets, proof of hotel bookings, and travel insurance. Additional documents may be required based on your specific situation.

  • Validity of Passport: Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Dubai.

  • Application Timeframe: Apply for your visa well in advance of your travel dates to account for processing time and any unforeseen delays.

  • Visa Types: Depending on the duration and purpose of your stay, choose the correct type of visa – whether a tourist visa, transit visa, or multiple-entry visa.

  • Charges: Visa fees vary depending on the type and duration of the visa. Ensure to check the latest fee structure during the application process.

Special Considerations for Luxury Travellers

  • Fast-Track Services: Some luxury travel packages may offer fast-track visa services or assistance with the application process for added convenience.

  • Long-Term Visas: For those planning an extended luxury stay, Dubai offers long-term visas like the 5-year tourist visa, subject to certain conditions.

  • Travel Agent Assistance: Utilise the services of your travel agent or tour operator, who can guide you through the visa process and offer bespoke services to complement your luxury tour.

understanding and adhering to the Dubai Visa requirements is a fundamental step in planning your Luxury Holidays in Dubai. With the right preparation and guidance, obtaining a Dubai visa can be a smooth and straightforward process, paving the way for an unforgettable luxury experience in one of the world's most dynamic cities.

Currencies Accepted During the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

Navigating the realm of Currencies Accepted During the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai is crucial for ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Here's what you need to know about managing finances and currency during your luxury trip:

Primary Currency in Dubai

  • UAE Dirham (AED): The official currency of Dubai is the UAE Dirham. It's widely used for all transactions, from luxury shopping to dining and entertainment.

Using Foreign Currencies

  • Limited Acceptance: Major foreign currencies like USD, EUR, or GBP might be accepted in some high-end hotels and shopping centers, but it’s not the norm. Relying solely on foreign currencies is not advisable.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

  • Wide Acceptance: International credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) are widely accepted across Dubai, especially in hotels, large retail outlets, and upscale restaurants.

  • Convenience and Safety: Using cards is a safe and convenient way to manage expenses without carrying large amounts of cash.

Cash Transactions

  • Local Currency Preferred: For smaller purchases, local markets (souks), taxis, and smaller eateries, having cash in AED is essential.

  • Currency Exchange: Exchange foreign currency at airports, banks, and authorised exchange bureaus in Dubai. It's recommended to exchange a small amount upon arrival and more later if needed.


  • Easy Access: ATMs are readily available throughout Dubai, offering a convenient way to withdraw AED using international bank cards.

  • Bank Fees: Be aware of potential fees for international transactions or currency conversions charged by your bank.

Budgeting Tips

  • Plan for Luxury Spending: Given the luxurious nature of the tour, allocate your budget accordingly for high-end experiences, dining, and shopping.

  • Keep Small Change: Handy for tips and smaller transactions where cards might not be accepted.

Additional Tips

  • Check Exchange Rates: Stay updated with the current exchange rates for better financial planning.

  • Notify Your Bank: Inform your bank about your travel to Dubai to avoid any blocks on your cards for suspicious foreign transactions.

while the UAE Dirham is the primary currency for transactions during the Best of Dubai Tour, international credit and debit cards are a convenient and widely accepted alternative for most expenses. Ensuring you have a mix of AED cash and cards will equip you well for a hassle-free luxury experience in Dubai.

Safety on Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for its high safety standards, making it an ideal destination for luxury travelers. However, being informed and prepared is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience on the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai. Here are some important safety considerations:

General Safety

  • Low Crime Rates: Dubai boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the world, thanks to its strict laws and effective policing.

  • Public Safety: The city is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and a strong police presence, ensuring public safety and security.

Personal Safety

  • Respect Local Laws and Customs: Familiarise yourself with local laws and customs. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city but adheres to certain cultural norms, especially regarding dress code and public behaviour.

  • Avoid Public Displays of Affection: Public displays of affection are frowned upon and can lead to legal issues.

Health and Medical Safety

  • High-Quality Healthcare: Dubai offers excellent healthcare facilities. However, it's advisable to have comprehensive travel health insurance for unexpected medical needs.

  • Hydration: The city’s hot climate necessitates staying hydrated, especially during outdoor activities.

Road Safety

  • Pedestrian Caution: While crossing streets, be cautious as driving styles can be aggressive compared to what you might be used to.

  • Renting Vehicles: If renting a car, familiarize yourself with local driving laws. Dubai has stringent traffic regulations.

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Contact Numbers: Keep a note of emergency numbers – 999 for Police, 998 for Ambulance, and 997 for Fire Department.

  • Hotel Safety: Choose accommodations with good security measures. Most luxury hotels in Dubai provide excellent security for their guests.

Food and Drink Safety

  • Food Standards: Dubai has strict food safety laws, so dining out is generally safe. However, it’s always good to eat at reputable places.

  • Alcohol Consumption: Consume alcohol responsibly. It's available in licensed venues but public intoxication is a serious offense.


  • Secure Connections: Use secure networks for digital communications. Public Wi-Fi networks should be used cautiously.

Environment and Nature

  • Sun Protection: Use sunscreen and wear hats when out in the sun to avoid heatstroke and sunburn.

  • Desert Excursions: During desert excursions, stay with your group and follow the guide’s instructions for a safe experience.

Safety on the Best of Dubai Tour is generally not a major concern due to Dubai’s high safety standards. However, staying informed, respecting local customs, and taking standard travel safety precautions will ensure a smooth and secure luxury holiday in this spectacular city.

Health Issues During the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

Traveling to Dubai for a luxurious holiday can be an exciting experience, but it’s crucial to be mindful of potential health issues to ensure a comfortable and worry-free trip. Here's a guide on how to handle health concerns during the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai:

Heat and Sun Exposure

  • Dehydration and Heatstroke: Dubai's climate, especially during summer, can be extremely hot. Stay hydrated and avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent dehydration and heatstroke.

  • Sun Protection: Use high SPF sunscreen, wear hats, and light, long-sleeved clothing to protect against the harsh sun.

Dietary Concerns

  • Food and Water Safety: Although Dubai has high standards of food hygiene, it's advisable to eat at reputable establishments and drink bottled or filtered water.

  • Adapting to Local Cuisine: The rich and diverse cuisine might be different from what you're used to. Eat in moderation to avoid digestive issues.

Air Quality and Allergies

  • Air Conditioning: The extensive use of air conditioning in Dubai can sometimes trigger respiratory issues or allergies. Carrying antihistamines or inhalers (if prescribed) is a good idea.

  • Sand and Dust: For those sensitive to dust, be prepared for occasional sandstorms, which can exacerbate respiratory conditions.

Physical Activity

  • Adventure Activities: The tour may include physical activities like desert safaris. Ensure you’re physically fit to participate and be aware of your limits.

Medical Facilities

  • Access to Healthcare: Dubai has excellent healthcare facilities with English-speaking staff. However, they can be expensive, so comprehensive travel health insurance is strongly recommended.

  • Pharmacies: Pharmacies are widely available for over-the-counter medications.

Vaccinations and Medications

  • Routine Vaccinations: Ensure that your routine vaccinations are up-to-date before travelling.

  • Prescription Medication: Carry an adequate supply of any prescription medications, along with a copy of the prescription and a doctor’s note.

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Numbers: Familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers - 998 for Ambulance and 999 for Police.

While health issues are generally not a major concern in Dubai due to its high standards of healthcare and hygiene, being prepared and aware of potential health risks ensures a more enjoyable and safe experience during the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai. Taking these precautions will help you focus on enjoying the luxurious experiences that Dubai has to offer.

Trip Extensions on Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

The Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai offers a wealth of experiences within the city, but for those seeking to broaden their adventure, various trip extensions provide an opportunity to explore beyond Dubai’s glittering skyline. Here are some popular and luxurious extensions to consider:

Abu Dhabi Excursion

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Visit one of the world's largest mosques, known for its stunning architecture.

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi: Explore the renowned art and civilization museum, showcasing works from around the globe.

  • Ferrari World: For thrill-seekers, a day at this Ferrari-themed amusement park offers excitement.

Desert Retreats

  • Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa: For a serene desert experience, stay at this exclusive resort offering private villas, desert activities, and spa treatments.

  • Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa: Immerse in the Arabian culture with luxury accommodations, traditional dining, and desert adventures.

Northern Emirates Exploration

  • Sharjah Cultural Tour: Discover the rich history and cultural heritage of Sharjah, the cultural capital of the UAE.

  • Ajman Beaches: Relax on the tranquil beaches of Ajman, offering a serene getaway from the city bustle.

Oman Border Trip

  • Musandam Peninsula: Take a scenic drive to the Musandam Peninsula in Oman, known for its breathtaking fjords, dolphin watching, and traditional Dhow cruises.

East Coast Adventure

  • Fujairah: Explore the UAE’s East Coast with a visit to Fujairah, featuring historical sites and beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Oman.

Luxury Cruise Extensions

  • Arabian Gulf Cruises: Embark on a luxury cruise from Dubai, exploring various destinations in the Arabian Gulf.

Adventure and Wildlife

  • Sir Bani Yas Island: Experience wildlife drives in the Arabian Wildlife Park and enjoy luxurious stays in natural settings.

Bespoke Itinerary Add-Ons

  • Customized Extensions: Tailor your trip extension based on interests, whether it's cultural, adventurous, or relaxation-focused.

Planning Your Trip Extension

  • Consult with Tour Operators: Work with your tour operator to seamlessly integrate the extension into your main tour.

  • Consider Travel Time: Allocate sufficient time for each extension to fully enjoy the experience.

  • Accommodation and Transportation: Ensure that luxury accommodation and private transportation are arranged for the extended parts of your trip.

Extending your Luxury Holidays in Dubai with these trip extensions not only enhances your travel experience but also provides a deeper insight into the rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures that the UAE and its neighboring regions offer. Whether seeking cultural immersion, relaxation, or adventure, these extensions promise to enrich your luxury holiday with unforgettable experiences.

Tipping for Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai

Navigating the etiquette of tipping on the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai can enhance your experience, showing appreciation for the excellent service received. Here's a guide to tipping practices in Dubai:

  • Understanding Tipping Culture: In Dubai, tipping is customary but not obligatory. It's seen as a gesture of appreciation for good service.

  • Service Staff at Hotels: For bellboys and housekeeping in luxury hotels, a tip of AED 10-20 per service is appreciated.

  • Restaurants and Dining: In restaurants, check if service charge is included in the bill. If not, a tip of 10-15% of the total bill is customary for good service.

  • Taxis and Private Drivers: For taxi drivers, rounding up the fare is a common practice. For private drivers, a tip of around AED 20-50, depending on the length of the service, is appreciated.

  • Tour Guides and Drivers: For day tours, a tip of AED 50-100 per day for the tour guide and a slightly lesser amount for the driver is typical, reflecting their contribution to your experience.

  • Spa and Salon Services: For spa treatments or salon services, a tip of 10-15% is appreciated if you are satisfied with the service.

  • Concierge Services: For concierge services, especially if they have gone above and beyond in assisting you, a tip of AED 20-50 is a kind gesture.

  • Cash is King: Tips are preferably given in cash (UAE Dirhams), ensuring that the intended recipient directly receives the gratuity.

  • Discretion and Respect: Tipping should be done discreetly and respectfully, acknowledging the individual’s service.

  • Voluntary Basis: Remember, tipping is at your discretion and based on your satisfaction with the service provided.

While tipping on the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai is not mandatory, it is a widely accepted practice to show appreciation for exceptional service. It contributes to the overall positive experience of your luxury holiday, fostering a culture of gratitude and respect.

For more info, please Dubai Travel Information.


Q. What does the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai include?

A. The tour typically includes luxurious accommodations in 4-star hotels, airport transfers, guided tours of key attractions like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Miracle Garden, a desert safari with a BBQ dinner, and a Dhow dinner cruise. Details vary based on the specific package.

Q. What is the ideal duration for the Best of Dubai Tour?

A. The ideal duration is typically 7 days, which allows enough time to explore major attractions, enjoy leisure activities, and experience the luxury and culture of Dubai.

Q. Do I need a visa for Dubai?

A. Visa requirements for Dubai depend on your nationality. Many countries are eligible for visa-on-arrival, but it's best to check the latest visa requirements specific to your country.

Q. Is travel insurance necessary for this tour?

A. Yes, it's highly recommended to have comprehensive travel insurance for your trip, covering medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and baggage loss.

Q. What should I pack for the tour?

A. Pack light and comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather, modest attire for cultural sites, sun protection, formal wear for special dinners or events, and your personal medications.

Q. Can the tour itinerary be customized?

A. Many tour operators offer customizable itineraries. You can discuss your preferences and requirements to tailor the tour to your interests.

Q. What is the best time to take this tour?

A. The best time to visit Dubai is from November to March when the weather is cooler and pleasant, ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Q. Are meals included in the tour?

A. The tour generally includes daily breakfast. Some packages may include additional meals like the BBQ dinner during the desert safari and the Dhow dinner cruise. Details vary by package.

Q. What kind of transportation is provided during the tour?

A. Transportation typically includes airport transfers and city tours in luxury vehicles. Some tours also offer private chauffeurs.

Q. How can I manage currency and payments in Dubai?

A. The UAE Dirham (AED) is the local currency. Credit cards are widely accepted, but it's advisable to carry some cash for small purchases. Currency exchange services are readily available.

Q. What are the safety measures in Dubai?

A. Dubai is one of the safest cities for tourists. However, it's important to respect local laws and customs and follow standard travel safety precautions.

Q. Are there any health precautions to consider?

A. Stay hydrated, use sunscreen for protection against the sun, and carry any personal medications. It's also wise to be informed about any travel health advisories.

Q. What documents should I bring for the Best of Dubai Tour?

A. Ensure you have your passport (valid for at least six months), visa (if required), travel insurance documents, flight tickets, hotel booking confirmations, and any necessary health documents (like vaccination certificates or COVID-19 test results, if applicable).

Q. What type of clothing is recommended for the tour?

A. Pack lightweight and comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather. Include modest attire for visiting religious sites, swimwear for beach or pool days, and elegant outfits for upscale dinners or events. Don’t forget sun protection gear like hats and sunglasses.

Q. Is there any specific gear or items I should pack for the desert safari?

A. For the desert safari, bring comfortable, casual clothing (preferably layers as it can get cool in the evening), closed shoes, a hat, and sunglasses. A camera for capturing the scenic landscape is also a good idea.

Q. Should I exchange currency before arriving in Dubai?

A. It's advisable to have some UAE Dirhams (AED) on hand for smaller expenses. However, you can also exchange currency upon arrival at the airport or at currency exchange bureaus in the city. Credit cards are widely accepted in most places.

Q. What kind of power adapters do I need for Dubai?

A. Dubai uses the British-style Type G electrical plug. Bring a universal travel adapter if your devices use different plugs.

Q. How should I manage my health and safety during the tour?

A. Carry a basic first-aid kit, stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and follow all local health advisories. Always have your health insurance and emergency contact information accessible.

Q. What kind of transportation will be used on the tour?

A. The tour typically includes luxury vehicle transfers for airport pick-ups, drop-offs, and city tours. Some packages may offer options for private chauffeurs or luxury coaches for group tours.

Q. Are meals included throughout the tour?

A. The tour usually includes a daily breakfast. Check your specific tour package for details on included meals, such as special dinners or lunches during excursions.

Q. What activities and experiences are part of the tour?

A. Common activities include sightseeing tours of Dubai’s landmarks, a desert safari, a Dhow dinner cruise, and visits to places like Burj Khalifa

and the Dubai Aquarium. The itinerary may vary, so check your specific tour package for exact activities and experiences.

Q. Can I undertake additional activities outside of the planned itinerary?

A. Yes, you often have free time to explore additional activities or attractions. However, it's best to plan these or consult with your tour guide for recommendations and arrangements.

Q. What health precautions should I take for the Dubai tour?

A. Stay hydrated due to the hot climate, use sunscreen for protection against strong sunlight, and carry any personal medications. It's also wise to have comprehensive travel health insurance.

Q. Are there any recommended vaccinations for traveling to Dubai?

A. No specific vaccinations are required for Dubai, but it's advisable to be up-to-date with routine vaccinations like influenza, measles, and polio. Check with your healthcare provider for any personal recommendations.

Q. How accessible are medical facilities during the Best of Dubai Tour?

A. Dubai has world-class medical facilities easily accessible throughout the city. However, ensure you have health insurance as medical care can be expensive.

Q. Should I be concerned about heat-related illnesses in Dubai?

A. Yes, especially during the hotter months. Avoid heatstroke and dehydration by drinking plenty of water, wearing light clothing, and staying indoors during peak heat hours.

Q. Is it safe to eat out in Dubai?

A. Dubai maintains high standards of food hygiene. It's generally safe to eat out, but as with any travel, consume street food cautiously and dine at reputable restaurants.

Q. What should I do in case of a medical emergency?

A. In a medical emergency, dial 998 for an ambulance. Always carry your travel insurance details and a list of emergency contacts.

Q. Are there any specific health concerns for desert safari activities?

A. For desert safaris, protect yourself from sun exposure and stay hydrated. If you have motion sickness, pre-take medication as dune bashing can be quite bumpy.

Q. Is the water safe to drink in Dubai?

A. Tap water in Dubai is safe to drink, but most people prefer bottled water due to taste preferences. Always ensure water bottles are sealed when purchased.

Q. How do I manage my health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Dubai?

A. Adhere to local health guidelines, including wearing masks if required, practicing good hygiene, and maintaining social distancing. Stay informed about travel advisories and COVID-19 measures in Dubai.

Q. Are there any health considerations for the Dhow Dinner Cruise?

A. If you are prone to seasickness, it might be useful to take preventive medication before the cruise. Also, ensure safe food consumption on board.

Q. When is the best time to visit Dubai for the Luxury Holidays tour?

A. The ideal time to visit Dubai is from November to March. During these months, the weather is cooler and more comfortable for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Q. Is summer a good time for the Dubai Luxury Tour?

A. Summer in Dubai (June to August) is very hot, with temperatures often exceeding 40°C. If you prefer indoor activities and don't mind the heat, it can still be enjoyable, but outdoor activities may be less comfortable.

Q. Are there any specific events or festivals in Dubai that I can experience during the tour?

A. Yes, if you visit during December and January, you can experience the Dubai Shopping Festival. The Dubai Food Festival typically occurs in February and March, offering culinary delights.

Q. What is the tourist crowd like during the best visiting months?

A. November to March is the peak tourist season in Dubai, so expect popular attractions to be more crowded. However, the luxury nature of the tour often means experiencing these attractions more only.

Q. What is the typical weather like in Dubai during the tour?

A. Dubai has a desert climate with hot, sunny days and mild to warm nights. From November to March, the weather is cooler and pleasant, ideal for outdoor activities. Summer months (June to August) are very hot.

Q. How hot can it get during the summer months in Dubai?

A. During the summer months, temperatures in Dubai can soar above 40°C (104°F) during the day, with high humidity levels.

Q. Is there a best time weather-wise to take the Luxury Dubai Tour?

A.The best time to take the tour is between November and March when the weather is cooler, with average temperatures ranging from 17°C to 30°C (63°F to 86°F).

Q. What are the average daytime temperatures in Dubai during the tour?

A. During the cooler months (November to March), average daytime temperatures range from 24°C to 28°C (75°F to 82°F). In the summer months (June to August), temperatures can exceed 40°C (104°F).

Q. How cool does it get at night in Dubai?

A. Nighttime temperatures in the cooler months can drop to around 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F). In the summer, nights are warmer, typically staying above 30°C (86°F).

Q. Is there a significant temperature difference between the city and the desert?

A. The desert can be cooler in the evenings and at night compared to the city. It’s advisable to carry an extra layer of clothing for desert excursions, especially during the cooler months.

Q. Are the summer temperatures too hot for outdoor activities?

A. Summer temperatures in Dubai can be quite high, making some outdoor activities uncomfortable during peak daytime hours. Many tours and activities are adjusted to take place during cooler times of the day.

Q. Are international flights included in the Best of Dubai Tour package?

A. Typically, international flights are not included in the tour package. Guests are expected to arrange their flights to and from Dubai independently.

Q. Which airport will I be flying into for the tour?

A. You will fly into Dubai International Airport (DXB), which is the primary airport serving Dubai and a major global aviation hub.

Q. Can the tour operator assist with booking flights?

A. While tour operators primarily focus on the tour itself, they may offer assistance or advice on booking flights or partner with travel agencies that can handle flight arrangements.

Q. Are there direct flights to Dubai from major cities worldwide?

A. Yes, Dubai is well-connected with direct flights from many major cities around the world, operated by various international airlines.

Q. What are the recommended airlines for flying to Dubai?

A. Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai, is a popular choice for its extensive network and quality service. Other reputable airlines flying to Dubai include Etihad Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa, among others.

Q. Should I book my flight tickets well in advance?

A. Yes, it is advisable to book your flights well in advance to secure the best fares and availabilities, especially if you plan to travel during peak tourist seasons.

Q. What class of air travel is recommended for a luxury tour?

A. For a luxury experience, you might consider booking business or first-class tickets, which offer superior comfort, amenities, and service.

Q. Are airport transfers included in the tour package?

A. Most luxury tour packages include private airport transfers, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience from the airport to your hotel and back.

Q. How long is the flight to Dubai from major international locations?

A. Flight durations to Dubai vary. From London, it's about 7 hours; from New York, about 14 hours; and from Sydney, around 14-16 hours. These durations are approximate and can vary based on the airline and route.

Q. Are there any specific airports or routes recommended for a more luxurious travel experience?

A. Choosing major airlines with a reputation for luxury services and flying from major hubs can enhance your travel experience. Airlines like Emirates offer exclusive services and amenities that align well with a luxury tour.

Q. How long is the Best of Dubai Tour: Luxury Holidays in Dubai?

A. The standard duration of this luxury tour is typically 7 days, which allows for a comprehensive experience of Dubai's top attractions, cultural sites, leisure activities, and relaxation.

Q. Is the 7-day duration sufficient to experience all major attractions in Dubai?

A. Yes, the 7-day itinerary is thoughtfully designed to cover major attractions like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Miracle Garden, the desert safari, and more, while also allowing time for relaxation and personal exploration.

Q. Can I extend my stay in Dubai beyond the 7-day tour?

A. Absolutely. Many travelers choose to extend their stay either to relax further or to explore more of Dubai and the surrounding regions at their own pace.

Q. Are shorter versions of the tour available for those with limited time?

A. Tour operators often offer customizable itineraries, including shorter versions of the tour for those who cannot commit to a full 7 days. However, these may cover fewer attractions.

Q. Does the tour duration include travel days?

A. Yes, the first and the last days of the itinerary are typically considered travel days, including arrival and departure.

Q. If I have extra days, what additional activities can be included in the itinerary?

A. With extra days, you can explore more of Dubai’s cultural sites, enjoy leisure activities like spa days, visit nearby Emirates like Abu Dhabi, or even take day trips to the East Coast or Oman.

Q. Is there enough free time within the 7-day itinerary for independent exploration?

A. The itinerary usually includes free time or leisure days, allowing guests to explore Dubai at their own pace or relax.

Q. For a first-time visitor to Dubai, is the 7-day tour comprehensive enough?

A. Yes, for first-time visitors, the 7-day tour provides a well-rounded experience of Dubai’s culture, modern attractions, and luxury offerings.

Q. Are there any recommended pre- or post-tour activities?

A. Pre- or post-tour, guests often enjoy beach days, additional shopping experiences, or dining at some of Dubai’s world-renowned restaurants not covered in the tour.

Q. Can the tour duration be customized to fit personal schedules?

A. Yes, most luxury tour providers offer customizable options to adjust the itinerary according to personal schedules and preferences.

Q. What qualifications do the guides have on the Best of Dubai Tour?

A. The guides are typically licensed professionals with extensive knowledge of Dubai's history, culture, and attractions. They often have training in hospitality and customer service to provide a high-quality experience.

Q. Can the guide speak multiple languages?

A. Yes, most guides are multilingual, with proficiency in English and often additional languages to cater to a diverse group of travelers.

Q. Will the guide be available throughout the entire tour?

A. Guides are usually available for all organized tour activities. They provide insights and assistance during sightseeing tours, cultural visits, and other scheduled events.

Q. Can the guide assist with personal requests or recommendations during the tour?

A. Yes, guides can offer personal recommendations for dining, shopping, and additional activities during your free time. They can also assist with any special requests to the best of their ability.

Q. Is it customary to tip the guide in Dubai?

A. While tipping is not mandatory, it is appreciated for good service. If you are satisfied with your guide's assistance, a tip is a nice gesture of gratitude.

Q. Can the guide help in case of an emergency?

A. Absolutely. Guides are trained to handle emergencies and can assist with contacting local authorities, medical facilities, or your embassy if necessary.

Q. Are the guides familiar with local customs and etiquette?

A. Yes, guides are well-versed in local customs, traditions, and etiquette and can advise you on how to respectfully navigate different cultural settings in Dubai.

Q. Will the guide accommodate special interests during sightseeing tours?

A. Guides will do their best to accommodate special interests such as architecture, history, or shopping within the scope of the tour's itinerary.

Q. How does the guide enhance the experience of the desert safari?

A. During the desert safari, the guide provides insights into the desert ecosystem, Bedouin culture, and ensures a safe and enjoyable experience during activities like dune bashing.

Q. Can the guide handle dietary requirements for meals included in the tour?

A. Yes, inform your guide about any dietary requirements or allergies, and they will coordinate with restaurants and caterers to accommodate your needs.

Q. What are the available add-on options for the Best of Dubai Tour?

A. Common add-ons include extended stays, private luxury experiences, additional city tours in Dubai or nearby Emirates, adventure activities like skydiving or hot air ballooning, and personalised shopping excursions.

Q. Can I add a visit to Abu Dhabi or other Emirates to my Dubai tour?

A. Yes, visits to Abu Dhabi or other Emirates like Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah can often be added to your itinerary. These can include attractions like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi or the scenic beaches of Ras Al Khaimah.

Q. Is it possible to upgrade hotel accommodations as an add-on?

A. Definitely. You can request upgrades to more luxurious hotel accommodations or specific room types, such as suites with premium views.

Q. Can private transportation be arranged as an add-on?

A. Yes, you can opt for private luxury transportation, including limousines or luxury sedans, for airport transfers and throughout the tour.

Q. Are there any exclusive dining experiences available as add-ons?

A. Exclusive dining experiences, such as gourmet meals at high-end restaurants, private dining settings, or chef's table experiences, can be arranged as add-ons.

Q. Can I add cultural or historical tours specific to my interests?

A. Absolutely. Specialised cultural or historical tours focusing on aspects like Islamic art, local architecture, or historical districts can be added to your itinerary.

Q. Are adventure activities available as add-ons?

A. Yes, adventure activities like desert quad biking, scuba diving, or indoor skiing can be added to your tour for an additional thrill.

Q. Can wellness and spa experiences be included in the tour?

A. You can add luxury wellness and spa experiences, including full-day spa retreats or specific treatments like Arabian hammam experiences.

Q. Is it possible to include tickets to entertainment shows or events?

A. Tickets to entertainment shows, concerts, or sporting events happening in Dubai during your stay can often be included as add-ons, subject to availability.

Q. How can I request and confirm add-on options for my tour?

A. Discuss your desired add-ons with the tour operator at the time of booking or well in advance of your trip. They will provide information on availability and any additional costs.

Q. What are the must-see attractions included in the Best of Dubai Tour?

A. Key attractions include the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Miracle Garden (seasonal), the Dubai Mall, Dubai Frame, traditional souks, and the historic Al Fahidi Neighborhood. The tour also typically includes a desert safari and a Dhow Dinner Cruise.

Q. Is the Burj Khalifa observation deck visit included in the tour?

A. Yes, most luxury tours include a visit to the Burj Khalifa's observation deck, offering panoramic views of the city.

Q. Can we see the Dubai Fountain show during the tour?

A. The Dubai Fountain show, located near the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, is usually part of the itinerary and is known for its captivating water and light performance.

Q. Are there any cultural sites we will visit on this tour?

A. Yes, cultural sites like the Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, and heritage areas like Al Fahidi are often included, offering insights into Dubai's rich history and culture.

Q. Does the tour include a visit to the Dubai Aquarium?

A. The Dubai Aquarium, located within the Dubai Mall, is a common inclusion in the tour, known for its impressive collection of marine life.

Q. Will we explore traditional markets in Dubai during the tour?

A: Yes, visits to traditional markets like the Gold Souk and Spice Souk are typically included, providing a glimpse into Dubai’s traditional commerce.

Q. Is there an opportunity to see the Palm Jumeirah?

A. Tours often drive by or offer views of the Palm Jumeirah, the world-famous artificial island known for its luxury hotels and unique layout.

Q. What natural landscapes will we see during the desert safari?

A. The desert safari takes you into the Arabian desert, showcasing stunning dunes, desert flora, and potentially wildlife, along with a traditional Bedouin-style camp experience.

Q. Are there any modern architectural sites included in the tour?

A. Apart from the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Frame, the tour often includes views of modern architectural marvels like the Burj Al Arab and the various skyscrapers that define Dubai’s skyline.

Q. Will we have time to visit Dubai's beaches?

A. While not always a formal part of the tour itinerary, you may have free time during which you can choose to visit popular beaches like Jumeirah Beach or Kite Beach.

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