• Duration7 Days
  • DestinationBhutan
  • Group Size1-24
  • Age range9-70


Discover the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. through our Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. This meticulously crafted itinerary is designed for those who seek an exclusive and immersive experience in one of the world’s most secluded and culturally rich destinations. From the serene valleys of Paro to the historic wonders of Thimphu and Punakha, our tour encapsulates the essence of Bhutan Luxury Travel. Enjoy stays in top-tier hotels like Hotel Amodhara in Thimphu, Hotel Pema Karpo in Punakha, and Mandala Resort in Paro, ensuring comfort and elegance throughout your journey. Immerse yourself in a Bhutanese Heritage Tour with our licensed English-speaking guides and explore the majestic landscapes in Private Luxury Transportation. Indulge in comprehensive services including all meals, entrance fees to museums and monuments, and the Bhutan Tourist Visa Fee. However, please note that international airfare, travel insurance, personal expenses, drinks, and tips are not included in this Exclusive Bhutan Trip. Join us on this High-End Bhutan Adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

At Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., we take immense pride in being recognized as the best company for the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. Our commitment to excellence and unparalleled service is evident in every aspect of this meticulously crafted journey. We understand that travelers seeking an Exclusive Bhutan Trip desire not just a tour, but a transformative experience. That’s why our Luxury Bhutan Itinerary is carefully designed to provide a seamless blend of cultural immersion, scenic beauty, and unrivaled comfort. From the moment you set foot in Bhutan, you're enveloped in luxury, starting with comfortable airport transfers, and extending to exquisite accommodations at places like the Mandala Resort in Paro and Hotel Amodhara in Thimphu. Our Bhutanese Heritage Tour is enriched with knowledgeable, English-speaking guides who bring the stories of Bhutan to life. Furthermore, our Private Luxury Transportation ensures that your travel through the kingdom is as comfortable as it is memorable. As a Nepal-based company, we bring a unique regional insight that enhances the authenticity of your Bhutan Cultural Journey. Whether it’s the majestic hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery or the serene exploration of Punakha Valley, each element of the tour is infused with the promise of an unforgettable High-End Bhutan Adventure. At Relax Getaways, we not only promise a remarkable Seven Day Bhutan Experience; we deliver an enduring journey of discovery and luxury.

Paro – The Gateway to Bhutan

Embark on a journey to the enchanting Paro Valley, the first stop on Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.'s Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. Known as the Gateway to Bhutan, Paro is not just an entry point but a destination rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, setting the stage for an extraordinary Bhutan Luxury Travel experience.

  • Entrance to Bhutan: Paro serves as the primary international gateway to the kingdom, welcoming travelers with its unique charm and serene landscapes.

  • Historical and Cultural Richness: Home to many ancient temples and monasteries, Paro offers a deep dive into Bhutan's spiritual and cultural heritage.

  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery: The iconic Paro Taktsang, or Tiger's Nest Monastery, is a must-visit for its architectural grandeur, spiritual significance, and breathtaking views.

  • Luxury Accommodations: Stay in premium resorts like the Mandala Resort, which blend modern amenities with traditional Bhutanese design.

  • National Museum and Rinpung Dzong: Explore Bhutanese history, art, and culture at the National Museum and marvel at the architecture of Rinpung Dzong.

  • Natural Beauty: The Paro Valley is a haven of tranquility, with stunning landscapes including lush rice fields and the serene Paro River.

  • Culinary Experience: Savor traditional Bhutanese dishes made with fresh, local ingredients, enhancing the cultural journey.

  • Photography Opportunities: Paro's scenic beauty offers ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts to capture the essence of Bhutan's natural landscapes.

  • Shopping and Local Crafts: Explore local markets to shop for traditional Bhutanese crafts, textiles, and souvenirs.

  • Peaceful Ambiance: The calm and serene atmosphere of Paro provides a perfect setting to relax and immerse in the tranquility of Bhutan.

Each of these points captures the essence of Paro as the starting point of the Majestic Bhutan Tour, emphasizing its importance in setting the tone for an unforgettable luxury experience in Bhutan.

Thimphu – The Vibrant Capital

Embark on an exploration of Thimphu, the dynamic and vibrant capital of Bhutan, on Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.'s Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. Thimphu, a unique blend of the traditional and the modern, stands as a central highlight in your Bhutan Luxury Travel experience.

  • Cultural Hub: Thimphu is the cultural heart of Bhutan, home to significant historical and religious sites like the King's Memorial Chorten and Tashichho Dzong.

  • Blend of Modernity and Tradition: Experience the unique coexistence of modern development and traditional Bhutanese culture as you explore the streets of Thimphu.

  • Arts and Crafts: Visit the National Institute of Zorig Chusum to witness students perfecting traditional Bhutanese arts and crafts.

  • Buddha Dordenma: A must-visit is the imposing Buddha Dordenma statue, offering panoramic views of Thimphu Valley and spiritual enrichment.

  • Gastronomy and Shopping: Dive into Bhutanese culinary delights and shop for authentic handicrafts in local markets, adding a flavor of local life to your tour.

  • Green Spaces: Relax in Thimphu’s green spaces like the Centenary Farmers' Market and Coronation Park, providing a serene break from city life.

  • Luxury Accommodations: Enjoy your stay in luxurious hotels such as Hotel Amodhara, combining modern comforts with traditional elegance.

  • Vibrant Nightlife: Explore Thimphu’s nightlife with its array of bars and restaurants, showcasing the contemporary side of Bhutan's capital.

These points highlight Thimphu as a vibrant and essential part of the Majestic Bhutan Tour, offering a blend of cultural depth, scenic beauty, and modern sophistication

Punakha – The Ancient Capital

Here are the key highlights of Punakha – The Ancient Capital on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour, presented in bullet points for ease of understanding:

  • Former Capital City: Explore Punakha, the ancient capital of Bhutan, rich in history and cultural significance.

  • Punakha Dzong: Visit the majestic Punakha Dzong, an architectural masterpiece located at the confluence of the Pho and Mo Chhu rivers, known for its significant role in Bhutan's history.

  • Scenic Beauty: Experience the stunning natural landscapes of Punakha, characterized by lush valleys and serene rivers, offering a peaceful and picturesque backdrop.

  • Chimi Lhakhang: Discover Chimi Lhakhang, a unique temple known for its fertility blessings, set amidst beautiful rice fields and traditional Bhutanese villages.

  • Luxurious Accommodations: Stay in premium hotels such as Hotel Pema Karpo or Hotel Vara, offering exceptional comfort and views of the beautiful Punakha Valley.

  • Local Cuisine: Savor the authentic flavors of Bhutanese cuisine, with dishes prepared using fresh, local ingredients, reflecting the agricultural richness of Punakha.

  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and customs of Punakha, gaining insights into the local way of life and Bhutanese heritage.

  • River Adventures: For those seeking a bit of adventure, Punakha offers opportunities for river-based activities like rafting, providing a unique perspective of the valley.

  • Serene Hikes: Engage in tranquil hikes through the valley, exploring the natural beauty and tranquility of the area, a perfect activity for nature lovers.

  • Photography Opportunities: Punakha's breathtaking landscapes and historical structures offer numerous opportunities for photography enthusiasts.

These points encapsulate the essence of Punakha as a vital and enriching part of the Majestic Bhutan Tour, highlighting its historical importance, natural beauty, and cultural richness.

Cultural Immersion

Embark on a journey of Cultural Immersion with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. This unique aspect of the tour allows travelers to delve deep into the heart of Bhutanese culture, uncovering the traditions, rituals, and lifestyle that make this Himalayan kingdom so captivating.

  • Authentic Bhutanese Experiences: Experience the authenticity of Bhutanese life by engaging in local customs and traditions. Participate in traditional Bhutanese ceremonies and gain insights into the spiritual practices that shape the local way of life.

  • Interaction with Local Communities: Meet and interact with local Bhutanese people. These interactions provide a deeper understanding of their daily lives and a chance to exchange cultural perspectives.

  • Traditional Bhutanese Cuisine: Indulge in authentic Bhutanese cuisine, known for its unique flavors and ingredients. Enjoy meals prepared with organic, locally-sourced produce, offering a true taste of Bhutan.

  • Visits to Historical Monasteries and Dzongs: Explore ancient monasteries and dzongs, such as the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery and Punakha Dzong. These visits not only offer historical insights but also a chance to observe religious practices and architecture.

  • Arts and Crafts: Discover Bhutan's rich arts and crafts tradition. Witness the intricate processes of weaving, woodcarving, and painting, integral to Bhutanese cultural heritage.

  • Traditional Dress and Customs: Embrace Bhutanese traditions by trying on the national dress, the Gho for men and Kira for women. Learn about the customs and significance behind these elegant garments.

  • Festivals and Celebrations: If timing allows, participate in local festivals like Tshechu, where you can witness colorful mask dances and cultural performances, a vibrant expression of Bhutanese culture.

  • Nature Walks and Village Tours: Engage in nature walks and village tours that offer glimpses into rural Bhutanese life and the harmonious relationship between the people and their natural environment.

  • Learning Local Language and Folklore: Take the opportunity to learn basic Dzongkha phrases and listen to Bhutanese folklore and stories, adding a linguistic and narrative dimension to your tour.

  • Photography and Journaling Opportunities: Capture your cultural experiences through photography and journaling, creating lasting memories of your unique journey through Bhutan.

Cultural Immersion in Bhutan is not just about seeing; it’s about participating, understanding, and connecting with the heart and soul of this mystical land. The Majestic Bhutan Tour promises an enriching and authentic cultural journey, leaving travelers with a deeper appreciation of Bhutan's rich heritage and enduring traditions.

Tiger's Nest Monastery Hike

One of the most exhilarating and spiritually enriching aspects of the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour offered by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is the Tiger's Nest Monastery Hike. This hike is not just a physical journey but a journey into the spiritual heart of Bhutan.

  • Iconic Spiritual Site: The Tiger's Nest Monastery, or Paro Taktsang, is perched on a cliffside 900 meters above the Paro Valley. It is one of Bhutan's most revered and sacred sites, with a history that intertwines with the introduction of Buddhism in Bhutan.

  • Breathtaking Views: The hike to Tiger's Nest offers unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, providing a perfect backdrop for contemplation and photography.

  • Cultural Significance: Learn about the monastery's rich history and its significance in Bhutanese culture. The site is said to be where Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) flew on the back of a tigress to meditate, making it a key spiritual destination.

  • Guided Hike: Experienced guides from Relax Getaways will lead you on this journey, providing insights into the monastery's history, local flora and fauna, and Bhutanese spirituality.

  • Physical Challenge and Reward: The hike is moderately challenging and takes approximately 4-5 hours round trip. It is a journey of physical endurance but offers immense spiritual and emotional rewards.

  • Preparation and Support: Ensure you are well-prepared with appropriate hiking gear, water, and snacks. The team from Relax Getaways ensures all necessary support for a comfortable and safe hiking experience.

  • Meditative Experience: Many find the hike to Tiger's Nest a meditative and introspective experience, reflecting the intrinsic connection between Bhutanese culture and Buddhism.

  • Photography Opportunity: Capture the stunning architecture of the monastery and the breathtaking views of the Paro Valley, making for unforgettable memories and photographs.

  • Rest and Reflection: After the hike, take time to rest and reflect on the experience, surrounded by the serene beauty of Paro.

  • Culmination of the Bhutan Experience: The hike to Tiger's Nest is often seen as the pinnacle of the Bhutanese journey, encapsulating the physical beauty, cultural depth, and spiritual essence of the country.

The Tiger's Nest Monastery Hike is a must-do for anyone visiting Bhutan, offering a unique blend of adventure, spirituality, and cultural immersion. It's an integral part of the Majestic Bhutan Tour, promising an experience that resonates deeply and lasts a lifetime.

Scenic Drives

The Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour offered by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. isn't just about the destinations; it's also about the journey. The Scenic Drives through Bhutan's landscapes are an integral part of this luxurious adventure, showcasing the country's breathtaking natural beauty.

  • Journey through the Himalayas: Traverse the winding roads that cut through the majestic Himalayan landscape, offering stunning views of snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and pristine forests.

  • Paro to Thimphu: The drive from Paro to Thimphu is a delightful introduction to Bhutan's natural beauty. Witness the changing landscapes and get your first glimpse of Bhutanese architecture and daily life.

  • Thimphu to Punakha: This route takes you over the Dochula Pass, where you can witness the spectacular Himalayan range and visit the Dochula Pass memorial, consisting of 108 chortens.

  • Punakha to Paro: The return journey to Paro is equally mesmerizing, with opportunities to stop at traditional villages and capture panoramic views of the Bhutanese countryside.

  • Luxury Transportation: Travel in comfort with Relax Getaways' Private Luxury Transportation, ensuring a smooth and relaxing journey between destinations.

  • Photography Opportunities: Each drive offers numerous opportunities for photography, capturing the diverse and untouched beauty of Bhutan's landscapes.

  • Cultural Insights: The drives are not just scenic; they offer insights into the local way of life, as you pass through villages and towns, witnessing the daily routines of the Bhutanese people.

  • Expert Guides: Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, gain deeper understanding and context of the regions you drive through, enhancing the overall experience.

  • Refreshment Breaks: Enjoy well-timed stops at local cafés or scenic viewpoints, where you can relax and take in the surroundings.

  • Safe and Comfortable: Safety and comfort are paramount on these drives, with experienced drivers ensuring a pleasant journey throughout.

The Scenic Drives on the Majestic Bhutan Tour are not just transfers from one location to another; they are an essential part of the Bhutanese experience, offering a serene and contemplative journey through one of the world's most beautiful and unspoiled landscapes.

All-Inclusive Service

Experience the epitome of convenience and luxury with the All-Inclusive Service offered in Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.'s Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. Designed to provide a seamless and worry-free experience, this service ensures that every aspect of your journey is taken care of, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Bhutan.

  • Hassle-Free Airport Transfers: Begin and end your journey in comfort with private airport transfers, ensuring smooth travel to and from your accommodations.

  • Luxury Accommodations: Stay in some of Bhutan's finest hotels, such as the Mandala Resort in Paro and Hotel Amodhara in Thimphu, offering top-tier comfort and elegance.

  • Gourmet Dining: Enjoy all meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring a mix of international and authentic Bhutanese cuisine, prepared with the freshest local ingredients.

  • Licensed English-Speaking Guides: Explore Bhutan's rich heritage with knowledgeable, English-speaking guides who provide valuable insights into the history, culture, and traditions of Bhutan.

  • Private Transportation: Experience the beauty of Bhutan in private luxury vehicles, ensuring comfort and safety throughout your journey.

  • Entrance Fees Covered: Gain hassle-free access to all museums and monuments, with all entrance fees included in your package.

  • Bhutan Tourist Visa Fee: The package includes the Bhutan Tourist Visa Fee, simplifying the travel process for international guests.

  • Mineral Drinking Water: Stay hydrated throughout your journey with a daily supply of mineral drinking water.

  • Inclusive of Government Taxes and Official Expenses: All government taxes and official expenses are covered in the package, providing a comprehensive and transparent travel experience.

  • Cultural Experiences and Activities: Participate in a variety of cultural experiences and activities, carefully curated to give you an authentic and immersive insight into Bhutanese life.

The All-Inclusive Service on the Majestic Bhutan Tour is designed to cater to your every need, offering a blend of luxury, comfort, and cultural immersion. With Relax Getaways, you are not just visiting Bhutan; you are experiencing it in the most exclusive and enriching way possible.

Bhutanese Cuisine

Discover the flavors of the Himalayas with the Bhutanese Cuisine experience on Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.'s Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. Bhutanese cuisine is an integral part of the cultural immersion, offering a unique and tantalizing culinary journey through the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

  • Unique Flavors and Ingredients: Bhutanese cuisine is characterized by its bold flavors and use of unique ingredients like red rice, chili peppers, and yak cheese. These staples create a distinct culinary profile that is both hearty and flavorful.

  • Ema Datshi – The National Dish: Experience the fiery yet comforting taste of Ema Datshi, Bhutan’s national dish made with spicy chilies and delicious local cheese. It's a must-try for all visitors.

  • Organic and Locally-Sourced Produce: Many Bhutanese dishes are prepared using fresh, organic ingredients sourced from local farms, ensuring a farm-to-table experience that is both healthy and sustainable.

  • Variety of Meat and Vegetarian Options: Bhutanese cuisine offers a wide range of dishes catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians. From succulent meats to fresh vegetables, there is something for every palate.

  • Traditional Cooking Methods: Witness traditional Bhutanese cooking methods, which add a unique flavor and authenticity to the dishes. The use of earthenware pots and open flames enhances the taste and experience.

  • Culinary Workshops and Demos: Participate in culinary workshops or cooking demonstrations to learn about the preparation of Bhutanese dishes, offering a hands-on culinary adventure.

  • Regional Variations: Explore the regional variations in Bhutanese cuisine, with each region offering its own specialties and flavors, reflective of the local culture and ingredients.

  • Tea Culture: Indulge in the rich tea culture of Bhutan. Whether it's the buttery and invigorating Suja (Bhutanese butter tea) or the more subtle herbal teas, each sip offers a taste of Bhutanese hospitality.

  • Dining in Traditional Settings: Enjoy meals in traditional Bhutanese settings, whether in a local farmhouse or a high-end restaurant, providing an ambiance that complements the dining experience.

  • Festive Foods: During local festivals, sample special dishes and snacks that are an integral part of Bhutanese celebrations, adding a festive touch to your culinary journey.

Bhutanese Cuisine on the Majestic Bhutan Tour is not just about eating; it’s an exploration of Bhutan’s culture, traditions, and way of life. This gastronomic journey is a highlight for food enthusiasts and an enlightening experience for all travellers.

Best Time for Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

Choosing the Best Time to embark on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is crucial to fully enjoy the splendor of the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan's distinct seasonal variations offer unique experiences, making certain times of the year particularly favorable for this luxurious journey.

Spring (March to May)

  • Weather: Mild and pleasant with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C.

  • Scenery: Lush landscapes with vibrant blooms, particularly rhododendrons.

  • Activities: Ideal for trekking, cultural tours, and attending spring festivals.

  • Highlights: Clear skies perfect for photography; opportunity to witness Paro Tshechu, one of Bhutan's most famous festivals.

Summer (June to August)

  • Weather: Warm and humid due to the monsoon, with temperatures between 15°C to 30°C.

  • Scenery: Green and luxuriant valleys, rivers at full flow.

  • Activities: Best for indoor cultural visits, short hikes during clearer days.

  • Highlights: Lush landscapes; fewer tourists, offering a more exclusive experience.

Autumn (September to November)

  • Weather: Clear and stable with temperatures from 10°C to 20°C.

  • Scenery: Crisp air with autumnal hues; clear views of the Himalayas.

  • Activities: Perfect for trekking, cultural exploration, and attending autumn festivals.

  • Highlights: Ideal for Thimphu and Punakha Tshechu festivals; great for photography due to clear skies.

Winter (December to February):

  • Weather: Cold, especially in January, with temperatures ranging from -5°C to 15°C.

  • Scenery: Clear skies with spectacular views of snow-capped mountains.

  • Activities: Suited for cultural tours and exploring the valleys; bird watching.

  • Highlights: Peaceful atmosphere with fewer tourists; possibility of experiencing snowfall in higher regions.

Each season in Bhutan offers a unique perspective and experience on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. Whether it’s the vibrant festivals of spring and autumn, the lush summers, or the clear, crisp winters, Bhutan’s seasonal diversity is a part of its enchanting allure.

Important notes on Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

When planning for the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., it’s essential to keep in mind some key aspects to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here are some important notes to consider:

  • Travel Documentation: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates. Bhutan requires a visa for most travelers, which is included in the tour package, but it’s vital to check all documentation requirements in advance.

  • Health and Insurance: While health care in Bhutan is adequate for basic needs, it’s advisable to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers health emergencies and evacuation.

  • Currency and Payments: Bhutanese currency is the Ngultrum (BTN). Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and some shops, but carrying cash is recommended, especially in rural areas.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Bhutan has a deeply rooted cultural heritage. Showing respect to local customs, religious sites, and traditions is essential. Dress modestly and seek permission before photographing people or religious icons.

  • Altitude Awareness: Some areas, especially Tiger’s Nest Monastery, are at high altitudes. Be mindful of altitude sickness and acclimatize properly.

  • Packing Essentials: Due to varying climates and activities, pack layers including warm clothing, comfortable walking shoes, rain gear, and any necessary personal items.

  • Connectivity: While major towns have internet and mobile connectivity, remote areas might not. Prepare for intermittent connectivity in some parts of the tour.

  • Local Cuisine: Bhutanese cuisine is unique and can be quite spicy. If you have dietary restrictions or a sensitive palate, inform the tour operator in advance.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Bhutan is known for its pristine environment. Travelers are encouraged to respect local environmental policies and practices, including proper disposal of waste.

  • Festival Schedules: If your tour aligns with local festivals, schedules may change. Festivals are a great opportunity to experience Bhutanese culture, but they can also mean changes in itineraries.

  • Physical Fitness: Some activities, like the hike to Tiger’s Nest, require a reasonable level of fitness. Prepare accordingly and inform the tour operator of any health issues.

  • Local Laws and Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations. Bhutan has strict rules regarding the sale and use of tobacco products.

  • Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of emergency contacts including local authorities, your country’s embassy, and contacts provided by Relax Getaways.

  • Respect Wildlife: If your tour includes wildlife viewing, maintain a safe and respectful distance from animals.

Remember, the Majestic Bhutan Tour is more than a vacation; it’s an immersive experience in a unique culture and landscape. Being well-prepared and respectful can significantly enhance this incredible journey.

Luxury Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

Article Explanation: The Luxury Majestic Bhutan Tour, offered by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., is a seven-day journey that combines luxury with the rich cultural and natural heritage of Bhutan. This tour is meticulously designed to provide an exclusive experience, showcasing the best of what Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, has to offer. From staying in top-tier accommodations to exploring historic sites and enjoying gourmet cuisine, this tour is tailored for those who seek an immersive and luxurious exploration of Bhutan.

Key Points of the Tour

Destinations Covered

  • Paro Valley: Known for its serene beauty and historical sites, including the famous Tiger's Nest Monastery.

  • Thimphu: The vibrant capital city, offering a blend of Bhutanese culture and modernity.

  • Punakha: The ancient capital, home to the majestic Punakha Dzong.

Luxurious Accommodations

  • Stay in premier hotels like Mandala Resort in Paro and Hotel Amodhara in Thimphu.

  • Experience traditional Bhutanese architecture with modern comforts.

Cultural Immersion

  • Visit iconic sites like Tiger's Nest Monastery and Punakha Dzong.

  • Engage with local culture and traditions, guided by experienced professionals.

Gourmet Dining

  • Savor Bhutanese cuisine made from fresh, local ingredients.

  • Enjoy a mix of traditional and international dishes.

Private luxury Transportation

  • Travel comfortably between destinations in luxury vehicles.

  • Experience the scenic beauty of Bhutan in style and comfort.

All-Inclusive Experience

  • All meals, entrance fees, and cultural activities are included.

  • Enjoy a hassle-free journey with everything taken care of.

Customizable Itinerary

  • Opportunities for tailored experiences to suit individual interests.

  • Options for spiritual retreats, photography excursions, or nature hikes.

Sustainable and Responsible Travel

  • Tour designed to be environmentally friendly and culturally respectful.

  • Supports local communities and preserves Bhutan’s unique environment.

The Luxury Majestic Bhutan Tour is more than just a trip; it’s an opportunity to experience the magical allure of Bhutan in a luxurious and profound way. It’s an invitation to immerse in a culture that has been carefully preserved, amidst landscapes that are breathtakingly beautiful. This tour is perfect for those who desire an exceptional travel experience, combining adventure, luxury, and a deep connection with a rich cultural heritage.

Discover the Wonders of Bhutan with Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Himalayas with Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour. This exquisite journey, curated by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., is a perfect blend of luxury, culture, and adventure, set in the mystical land of Bhutan.

  • Unparalleled Luxury: Experience top-tier comfort with stays in Bhutan's finest resorts, like the Mandala Resort in Paro. Each location is carefully selected for its unique blend of traditional Bhutanese aesthetics and modern amenities.

  • Cultural Richness: Dive into Bhutan's deep cultural heritage. Visit iconic landmarks like the Tiger's Nest Monastery in Paro and the historic Punakha Dzong. These sites are not just visually stunning but also steeped in Bhutanese history and spirituality.

  • Scenic Beauty: Bhutan's natural landscape is an integral part of the tour. Enjoy the serene beauty of the Paro Valley, the vibrant life in Thimphu, and the historic elegance of Punakha. Each destination offers its own unique charm and character.

  • Gourmet Cuisine: Savor the flavors of Bhutan with meals that capture the essence of local culinary traditions. From spicy Ema Datshi to comforting Red Rice, indulge in a variety of dishes that are as rich in flavor as they are in culture.

  • Personalized Experiences: The tour offers a range of activities, from serene hikes to cultural tours, each tailored to provide an intimate glimpse into the heart of Bhutan.

  • Sustainable Travel: In line with Bhutan’s commitment to preserving its natural and cultural heritage, the tour is designed to be environmentally conscious and culturally respectful.

The Majestic Bhutan Tour is an invitation to explore the heart of the Himalayas in unparalleled luxury. It's an experience that promises not only relaxation and comfort but also a deep connection with the rich tapestry of Bhutanese culture and nature. Join this journey for an unforgettable exploration of one of the world's most extraordinary destinations.

The Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour, meticulously crafted by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., is more than just a travel itinerary; it's a gateway to a world of extraordinary experiences. This tour encapsulates the essence of Bhutan's rich heritage, stunning landscapes, and the warmth of its people. From the majestic heights of the Tiger’s Nest Monastery to the tranquil beauty of the Punakha Valley, each day unfolds a new chapter in this Himalayan kingdom’s story. The luxurious accommodations, authentic cuisine, and personalised services ensure that every moment is imbued with comfort and elegance. As you journey through Bhutan’s mystical valleys and vibrant towns, you not only witness the beauty of a country preserved in time but also experience a deeper connection with a culture that values spirituality, nature, and the well-being of its community. The Majestic Bhutan Tour is more than a holiday; it’s a journey into the soul of Bhutan, leaving you with memories that are as enduring as the timeless peaks of the Himalayas.

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On Day 1 of the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour, you will arrive in Paro, a charming town situated at an altitude of 2,280 meters. Paro is known for its scenic beauty, historical buildings, and the only international airport in Bhutan, making it the gateway to this mystical kingdom.

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by the serene landscapes of Paro Valley, adorned with traditional Bhutanese architecture and the tranquil Paro River. This picturesque setting is a wonderful introduction to the natural beauty and cultural richness of Bhutan.

Following your arrival in Paro, you will be transferred to Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. The journey from Paro to Thimphu is approximately 54 kilometers and takes about 1 hour by road. This drive offers an excellent opportunity to witness the beautiful landscapes of Bhutan, characterized by lush valleys, meandering rivers, and a backdrop of majestic mountains.

Thimphu, sitting at a slightly lower altitude than Paro, combines the charm of a quaint Bhutanese town with the unique characteristics of a capital city. It is a place where traditional Bhutanese culture coexists harmoniously with modern lifestyle elements.

This first day of your tour sets the tone for a journey filled with discovery and wonder, as you begin to explore the rich tapestry of Bhutanese life and landscapes

  • 4 Star Deluxe: Hotel Ramada /5 Star Luxury: Le-meridian Thimpu
  • Dinner
  • 2,280 m (7,656 ft)
  • Thimpu

Day 2 of the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour is dedicated to exploring Thimphu, the captivating capital of Bhutan. This day is filled with a full-day sightseeing tour, immersing you in the cultural and natural landmarks that make Thimphu a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Tashichho Dzong: Your tour might start with a visit to the impressive Tashichho Dzong, a fortress that houses the throne room and offices of the King of Bhutan. This dzong is a splendid example of Bhutanese architecture and also hosts several government offices and the central monastic body.

Buddha Dordenma Statue: Visit the iconic Buddha Dordenma, a massive, golden Buddha statue that sits atop a hill in Kuenselphodrang Nature Park. The site offers panoramic views of the Thimphu Valley and is a symbol of peace and serenity.

National Memorial Chorten: Pay a visit to the National Memorial Chorten, built in memory of the third Bhutanese king. This chorten is a focus of daily religious life in Thimphu and is adorned with intricate sculptures and paintings.

Folk Heritage Museum: Explore Bhutan’s rural past at the Folk Heritage Museum, where you can get insights into traditional Bhutanese lifestyle, farming practices, and historical artifacts.

Institute for Zorig Chusum: Known as the Painting School, the Institute for Zorig Chusum is where students learn the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan. Witness the skill and dedication involved in these ancient practices.

Motithang Takin Preserve: Visit the Motithang Takin Preserve, home to the Takin, Bhutan's national animal. This wildlife reserve offers a chance to see these unique creatures and learn about Bhutan’s conservation efforts.

Crafts Bazaar and Local Markets: Stroll through the Crafts Bazaar and local markets. These are great places to observe and purchase authentic Bhutanese crafts, textiles, and souvenirs.

Thimphu’s Cafes and Restaurants: For lunch and refreshments, indulge in local Bhutanese cuisine at one of Thimphu’s charming cafes or restaurants, offering a blend of traditional and international dishes.

This full-day tour in Thimphu will provide a profound understanding of Bhutan’s culture, history, and contemporary life. Each stop offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Bhutanese society, making Day 2 an enriching and memorable part of your Bhutanese adventure.

  • 4 Star Deluxe: Hotel Ramada /5 Star Luxury: Le-meridian Thimpu
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • 2,320 m (7,656 ft)
  • Thimpu

Day 3 of the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour marks a scenic journey from Thimphu to Punakha. This drive is a highlight in itself, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Bhutan’s landscapes.

Journey Through the Himalayas: The drive covers 76 kilometers and takes approximately 2-3 hours. You will be traversing through some of the most scenic mountain roads in Bhutan, offering stunning views of the Himalayan landscape.

Dochula Pass: One of the key attractions along the route is the Dochula Pass, located at an altitude of 3,100 meters. On a clear day, Dochula offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the Himalayan mountain range. The pass is also famous for its 108 chortens (stupas) and the Druk Wangyal Lhakhang (temple), which add to the spiritual and aesthetic ambiance of the location.

Descending to Punakha: As you continue your drive, you will descend from the higher altitudes of the pass to the lower valleys of Punakha, which sits at an altitude of about 1,200 meters. The change in elevation brings a noticeable difference in climate and vegetation, with the area being warmer and lush with subtropical plants.

Punakha's Natural Beauty: Punakha, the ancient capital of Bhutan, is renowned for its fertile valleys and temperate climate. The region is cradled by the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers, making it one of Bhutan's most picturesque areas.

Opportunities for Photography: This journey offers numerous opportunities for photography. The changing landscapes, from alpine to subtropical, provide a diverse backdrop for stunning photographs.

Rest and Refreshments: The drive includes stops for rest and refreshments. These breaks allow you to stretch, take in the fresh mountain air, and enjoy some local snacks or tea.

Cultural Insights: The drive is also an excellent opportunity to gain further insights into Bhutanese rural life. You will pass through small villages and towns, observing the daily lives of the locals.

This drive from Thimphu to Punakha is not just a transfer between two destinations but an integral part of the Bhutanese experience on the Majestic Bhutan Tour. It combines natural beauty, cultural exposure, and the thrill of a Himalayan road journey, making Day 3 a memorable and picturesque part of your Bhutan adventure.

  • 4 Star Deluxe: Hotel Zhingkham/5 Star Luxury: Dhensa Boutique Resort
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • ‎1,200m (4,075 ft)
  • Punakha

Day 4 of the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour is an enchanting exploration of Punakha Valley, a region known for its rich heritage and serene environment. This day is dedicated to discovering the historical and natural wonders of this former capital of Bhutan.

Punakha Dzong: Often the first stop, Punakha Dzong, also known as Pungtang Dewa chhenbi Phodrang (the palace of great happiness), is a stunning example of Bhutanese architecture. Strategically located at the confluence of the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers, it’s one of the most photogenic fortresses in Bhutan. This dzong serves as a religious and administrative center and is a repository of Bhutanese cultural and religious history.

Suspension Bridge: Visit the nearby Punakha Suspension Bridge, one of the longest in Bhutan. Crossing the bridge offers spectacular views of the river and valley, and it's a popular spot for photography enthusiasts.

Chimi Lhakhang: A visit to Chimi Lhakhang, the Temple of Fertility, is a unique experience. Founded by the "Divine Madman," it is famous for its fertility blessings. The walk through the fields to reach the temple is equally enchanting.

Nature Walks and Hikes: Explore the lush Punakha Valley through nature walks and hikes. The valley, with its terraced rice fields and blooming flowers, provides a peaceful and picturesque landscape.

Local Village Tours: Engage in a local village tour to experience the rural lifestyle of Bhutan. Interact with the locals and learn about their daily life, agriculture practices, and crafts.

River Rafting (Optional): For adventure enthusiasts, river rafting on the Pho Chu or Mo Chu river can be an exhilarating experience, offering a different perspective of the valley.

Traditional Lunch: Enjoy a traditional Bhutanese lunch, possibly in a local farmhouse, giving you a taste of authentic Bhutanese cuisine in a rustic setting.

Leisure Time: Spend some leisure time in the valley, allowing you to soak in the tranquil atmosphere, reflect on the day's experiences, or explore at your own pace.

Photography: The scenic beauty of Punakha Valley, with its historic structures, rivers, and landscapes, presents numerous opportunities for capturing memorable photos.

Cultural Insights: Throughout the day, your guide will provide insights into the history, culture, and traditions of Punakha, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of this beautiful region.

This full-day sightseeing tour of Punakha Valley on Day 4 is a journey through Bhutan's heritage, natural beauty, and spiritual depth, making it a highlight of the Majestic Bhutan Tour.

  • 4 Star Deluxe: Hotel Zhingkham/5 Star Luxury: Dhensa Boutique Resort
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • ‎1,242 m (4,075 ft)
  • Punakha

Day 5 of the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour brings you back from the historic and serene Punakha to the picturesque Paro Valley. This day is marked by a scenic drive, retracing the lush landscapes of Bhutan and offering a different perspective on the journey.

Scenic Drive Back to Paro:

The drive from Punakha to Paro covers approximately 130 kilometers and takes about 4 hours.

As you travel, enjoy the changing scenery, from the subtropical vegetation of Punakha to the cooler, more temperate climate of Paro.

Dochula Pass:

The route takes you back over the Dochula Pass, offering another opportunity to admire the 108 chortens and the panoramic views of the Himalayan range.

If the weather permits, you might get a clearer view of the snow-capped peaks, making for a splendid photo opportunity.

Leisurely Stops:

The journey includes stops at local points of interest, cafes, or viewpoints, allowing you to stretch, relax, and enjoy the beauty of Bhutan’s natural landscape.

Lunch En Route:

Enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the local restaurants or cafes along the way, experiencing more of Bhutan’s delicious cuisine.

Arrival in Paro:

Upon arrival in Paro, check into your hotel and settle in. Paro’s tranquil atmosphere is a welcome change after a day of travel.

Exploring Paro Town:

Depending on your arrival time, you may have the opportunity to explore Paro town. Stroll through the main street lined with traditional Bhutanese buildings, shops, and local markets.

Rest and Relaxation:

Spend the evening at leisure, resting, and rejuvenating for the upcoming adventures in Paro.

Cultural Immersion:

Paro is rich in Bhutanese culture and tradition. Take time to interact with locals or simply observe the daily life in this charming town.

Preparation for the Next Day:

Prepare for the next day's activities, which might include a hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

Day 5 of the tour is a journey that combines relaxation, cultural immersion, and the natural beauty of Bhutan, making your return to Paro a part of the adventure itself. This drive back is an integral part of the overall experience, offering a moment to reflect on the journey thus far and anticipate the wonders still to come in Paro.

  • 4 Star Deluxe: Hotel Tashi Namgay/5 Star Luxury: Le-meridian Paro
  • Breakfast lunch and Dinner
  • ‎2,200 m (7,200 ft)
  • Paro, Bhutan

Day 6 of the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour is a highlight for many travelers, featuring the iconic hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, locally known as Paro Taktsang. This day is set aside for an adventurous and spiritual journey to one of Bhutan's most revered religious sites.

Early Start:

The day typically starts early, allowing you to begin the hike in the cooler morning hours and avoid the midday sun.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery - A Spiritual Landmark:

Perched on the edge of a cliff at 3,120 meters above sea level, the Tiger's Nest Monastery is a marvel of Bhutanese architecture and spirituality. It is said that Guru Rinpoche, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, flew here on the back of a tigress and meditated in a cave, where the monastery now stands.

The Hike:

The hike to Tiger’s Nest is both challenging and rewarding, taking about 4-5 hours for a round trip. The trail winds through beautiful pine forests adorned with prayer flags, offering serene and spiritual surroundings.

Halfway through the hike, you'll reach a cafeteria that provides a magnificent view of the monastery. It’s a perfect spot for a short break and refreshments.

Final Ascent:

The final part of the hike involves a series of stairs. As you ascend, the views become increasingly impressive, culminating in the spectacular sight of the monastery itself.

Exploring the Monastery:

Once at the monastery, explore the various shrines and temples within the complex. The peace and spirituality of the location are palpable.

Safety and Pace:

It’s important to hike at your own pace, stay hydrated, and take breaks as needed. The altitude can be challenging, so listening to your body is key.


While photography inside the monastery is not allowed, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the stunning views and the exterior of the monastery.

Return to Paro:

After the hike, return to Paro, where you can relax and reflect on the day’s spiritual and physical journey.

Leisure Time:

Spend the evening at leisure in Paro, enjoying the amenities of your hotel or exploring the town further.

The hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is not just a physical endeavor but a journey into the heart of Bhutanese spirituality and history. It’s a day of awe-inspiring views, cultural immersion, and personal accomplishment, making it a truly memorable part of the Majestic Bhutan Tour.

  • 4 Star Deluxe: Hotel Tashi Namgay/5 Star Luxury: Le-meridian Paro
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • ‎2,200 m (7,200 ft)
  • Paro, Bhutan

Day 7 of the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour marks the conclusion of your extraordinary journey through Bhutan. This day is dedicated to your departure, with a transfer arranged to Paro International Airport.

Morning in Paro:

Depending on your flight schedule, you might have some time in the morning to relax at your hotel, take a final stroll through Paro, or simply enjoy the serene environment of the valley one last time.

Check-Out and Farewell:

After checking out from your hotel, you'll be met by your guide and driver from Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. This is an opportunity to bid farewell to the team who have accompanied you throughout your Bhutanese adventure.

Transfer to Paro International Airport:

A comfortable and timely transfer will be arranged to Paro International Airport. The drive from your hotel to the airport is usually short, allowing for a stress-free conclusion to your trip.

Flight Departure:

Paro International Airport, nestled in the Himalayas, is known for its beautiful setting and traditional architecture. As you prepare for your departure, take a moment to reflect on your journey through Bhutan.

Flight durations from Paro vary based on your destination. Ensure you have all travel documents, including passport and flight tickets, handy for check-in and security procedures.

Reflecting on Your Journey:

As you await your flight, reminisce about the past week’s experiences. From the spiritual hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery to the cultural insights of Thimphu and the natural beauty of Punakha, your journey through Bhutan has been filled with memorable moments.

Connecting Flights:

If you have connecting flights, ensure you are aware of the layover durations and the respective gates for your onward journey.

Arrival at Your Destination:

Upon arrival at your final destination, you may feel a mix of joy from the wonderful experiences and a longing for the peacefulness of Bhutan. Bhutan not only offers a journey through its lands but also an inward journey of tranquility and reflection.

Your departure from Bhutan on Day 7 might signify the end of your Majestic Bhutan Tour, but the memories and experiences of this unique Himalayan kingdom will continue to resonate with you long after. As you head home, you carry with you a piece of Bhutan’s tranquility, culture, and natural beauty.

  • Breakfast

Package Option

  • 3 star
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • US$2399

What's included

  • Airport Transfers by a private vehicle 
  • Accommodation in Thimpu (Hotel Amodhara or Namseling Boutique Hotel), in Punakha (Hotel Pema Karpo or Hotel Vara) and in Paro (Mandala Resort or Tenzinling Resort) in a twin/double sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, tea & snacks.
  • Licensed english speaking local Bhutanese tour guides.
  • Private Luxury transportation throughout the tour.
  • All entrance fees to museums and monuments
  • Bhutan Tourist Visa Fee
  • Mineral drinking water 1 bottle each day
  • All government taxes and official expenses.
  • International Airfares to and from Bhutan
  • Travel insurance
  • Your personal expenses for  laundary, phones bills etc
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic Drinks
  • Tips for the guide & driver
  • 5 Star
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • US$4600

What's included

  • Airport Transfers by a private vehicle 
  • Accommodation in Thimpu (Le-meridian), in Punakha (Hotel Dhensa) and in Paro (Le- Meridian) in a twin/double sharing basis.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, tea & snacks.
  • Licensed english speaking local Bhutanese tour guides.
  • Private Luxury transportation throughout the tour.
  • All entrance fees to museums and monuments
  • Bhutan Tourist Visa fee
  • Mineral drinking water 1 bottle each day
  • All government taxes and official expenses.
  • International Airfares to and from Bhutan
  • Travel insurance
  • Your personal expenses for  laundary, phones bills etc
  • All the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Tips for the guide & driver

Age limit

For Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour, there is no age limit. However, for the minor, at least one guardian is required and in the case of senior citizens over 75 years must have at least one care person.


Anyone with general health conditions can do this tour. If you have any long disease or health problems, inform Relax Getaways. Any health expenses incurred during this tour are the traveler’s sole responsibility.

Application for the Tour

Anyone desiring to do this tour can apply for booking. However, Relax Getaways reserves the right to accept or reject your application on the ground of justifiable cause.

Relax Getaways also holds the rights to remove you at any time if you seem to hazard for yourself or the group members, impacting the enjoyment of others, or involving in any illegal activity.


Relax Getaways accepts payments through Credit Cards and an invoice will be sent to you. You can also pay through direct bank transfer/ Deposit at the bank details provided by Relax Getaways.

Deposit /Advance

To reserve this tour, you have to make full payment at the time of booking. The booking procedure is complete only after the full payment.

Price Changes

Dates, schedules and itinerary, costs, and trip details are given in good faith, based on the information available and in the effect at the time. They are subject to changes and Relax Getaways can revise the events of the changes of circumstances. As per the effect of the changes, Relax Getaways reserves the right to revise the fees and prices of the trip without any notice. No retrospective effects are made in the price for the booked trip.

Travelers Insurance

Insurance is subject to the responsibility of the trekkers. For any medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, and/ or repatriation, incurred costs are subject to the trekker's expenses, and Relax Getaways don’t bear any. Relax Getaways don’t compulsory the Insurance but suggest to get for the trekker's safety.

Visa and Legal Entrance

Obtaining visa(s), and legal entrance to Bhutan is the service provider’s responsibility. Relax Getaway is a merchant selling the product on behalf of the service providers and doesn’t do any visa work for you. Check with the respective consulate or embassy for the latest visa requirements. Refunds are not made if you are unable to join the trip because of visa issues.

Flights and Transportations

This tour doesn’t include international flights and airfares.

Transportation in Bhutan is made in a private luxury car. However, the means of transportation will be subject to change as the size of the group. Transportation is arranged as comfortably as to make an easy transfer.

Single Traveler Surcharge

The cost published in the package is calculated as a twin sharing basis. For the single booking not agreeing to share the accommodations and other facilities have to pay additional charges in the form of single supplementary cost or surcharge. The surcharge is not applicable if the trekkers agree to share the accommodations and other facilities with another trekker.

Cancellation/ Postpone and Refund

       Cancellation or postpone by Relax Getaways

Relax Getaways reserves the right to cancel or postpone the trip with justifiable cause(s). If Relax Getaways is forced to cancel or modify/postpone your trip due to the factors beyond it or any other cases, Deposit(s) is subject to fully refundable.

       Cancellation or postpone by the Trekker

To cancel the trip, the trekker must have to cancel at least 2 weeks before the trip starts to get the refund( applicable charges are applied). If the cancellation is done by the trekkers after the deadline, the deposit shall be subject to non-refundable. Some conditions like Novel Corona, Ebola, etc. are as per prescribed.

If the trekker wants to postpone the booked date and schedules, the trekker must have to inform at least 25 days before the trip starting date otherwise the trip will not postpone and deposits are not subject to refund. Additional charges are subject to applied for postponing.

Claiming for Refund

Anyone eligible to get a refund can apply for the refund within 30 days after the cancellation or postpone (postpone by Relax Getaways) through the Email. Any claims after the deadline are not actionable and claims are invalid for the refund.

Note: In Case of a trip postponed by Relax Getaways, if the postponement is for less than 35 days, the deadline for claims is as prescribed by Relax Getaways which will be sent to you through the email.

Optional Activities/ Add-on Things to Do

If you like to add other activities during the trip or after the trip, Relax Getaway can arrange for you. If the schedule is tight and making additional activities is not possible, no add-ons are done. The cost of the trip doesn’t include the cost of those optional activities and add-ons. If the optional activities are done by yourself, any damages incurred or issues are your sole responsibilities, no Relax Getaways participate in this.

Risks and Hazards

  • Risks and hazards are not limited and we can’t ignore it at all. Due to any risks, hazards, or factors beyond the control of Relax Getaways, if the ongoing trip is postponed or modified, no refund is done. 
  • If an ongoing trip is canceled due to the negligence of service providers, the service provider is responsible for refund. 
  • A refund of ongoing trip cancellation due to the factors beyond the control is subject to the condition.
  • Ongoing trip cancellation by the tourist is subject to non-refundable.

Local Laws

Everyone is assumed to have a general knowledge of the laws and rules of the country they are visiting and destination(s) they are approaching. If anything unethical and/ or illegal acts are done by the tourist(s), Relax Getaways doesn’t take any responsibilities.


Relax Getaways hold the right to take photos, images, and videos at any time during the trip for promotional purposes( no vulgar or any uncomfortable images/ videos are taken). By agreeing “Terms and Conditions”, you are automatically agreeing to this term as well.

Without the permission of the persons, their images are not used other than the Relax Getaways and its platforms.

Good to Know

Permits for Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

When planning your journey on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., it’s essential to be informed about the necessary permits required to travel in Bhutan. Bhutan’s unique approach to tourism, focusing on sustainability and cultural preservation, means that obtaining permits is a crucial part of the travel process.

Tourist Visa Requirement

  • Necessary for all international tourists, except nationals of India, Bangladesh, and Maldives.

  • Arranged by the tour operator (Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.) and included in the tour package.

  • Processing takes about 7 days post full payment of the tour.

Route Permits

  • Required for travel within Bhutan, particularly for areas outside Paro and Thimphu, like Punakha.

  • Managed and arranged by Relax Getaways.

Special Area Permits

  • Necessary for regions close to Bhutan's borders.

  • Arranged by the tour operator to ensure controlled tourism.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery Permit

  • Separate permit needed for this iconic site.

  • Includes a nominal maintenance fee, arranged by the tour operator.

Photography Permits

  • Personal photography usually allowed, but restrictions in monasteries and dzongs.

  • Professional photography may require additional permits.

Environmental Fee

  • Included in the tour package.

  • Contributes to Bhutan’s environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Document Validity

  • Ensure passport validity of at least six months beyond travel dates.

Permit Carrying

  • Carry permits at all times during the tour for checkpoint verifications.

Ease of Process

  • Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. handles all permit arrangements, ensuring a smooth process.

These points outline the essential permit requirements and procedures for the Majestic Bhutan Tour, emphasizing the role of Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. in facilitating these processes for a hassle-free Bhutanese travel experience.

Preparation for Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

Embarking on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is an exciting adventure, but proper preparation is key to enjoying the experience fully. Here's how you can prepare for your journey to ensure a smooth and memorable trip:

  • Travel Documentation: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates. Keep digital and physical copies of your travel documents, including your visa, which is arranged by Relax Getaways.

  • Health and Vaccinations: Consult with your healthcare provider for recommended vaccinations and health checks. Consider altitude sickness precautions if you're not accustomed to high altitudes, especially for the Tiger’s Nest Monastery hike.

  • Travel Insurance: Obtain comprehensive travel insurance covering health, travel delays, and baggage loss. This is crucial for handling any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Packing Essentials: Pack layers to accommodate Bhutan's varying climate, including warm clothing for cooler evenings. Include comfortable walking shoes, rain gear, a hat, and sunglasses. Don’t forget your camera, chargers, and universal adapters.

  • Currency and Finances: The Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN) is the local currency. While major credit cards are accepted in urban areas, carrying some cash is advisable for small purchases and rural areas.

  • Cultural Respect: Bhutan has a strong cultural heritage. Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites. Learn a few basic phrases in Dzongkha, the local language, to show respect and enhance your interaction with locals.

  • Physical Fitness: Some activities, like the hike to Tiger’s Nest, require a good fitness level. Engage in regular walks or hikes before your trip to build stamina.

  • Dietary Preferences: Inform Relax Getaways of any dietary restrictions or allergies in advance, as Bhutanese cuisine can be spicy and is often based on dairy and meat.

  • Environmental Consciousness: Bhutan is committed to environmental preservation. Practice responsible tourism by minimizing waste and respecting wildlife and natural habitats.

  • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of any travel advisories or local customs that might affect your trip. Your tour operator can provide valuable updates and advice.

  • Mental Preparedness: Be open to new experiences and flexible with changes due to weather or local conditions.

By following these preparatory steps, you can ensure that your Luxury Bhutan Tour is not just a travel experience but a journey filled with rich memories and enlightening experiences. Bhutan’s mystical charm awaits, and with adequate preparation, you are set to explore it in all its glory.

Travel insurance for Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

When planning your adventure with Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., securing comprehensive Travel Insurance is a crucial step. Here’s a guide to help you understand the importance and scope of travel insurance for your Bhutanese journey.

Why Travel Insurance is Vital

  • Unexpected Medical Emergencies: Bhutan's remote locations may require medical evacuation in emergencies, which can be expensive.

  • Trip Cancellations or Delays: Covers costs associated with trip cancellations or delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Lost or Stolen Baggage: Protects against the loss or theft of luggage and personal belongings.

What to Look for in Travel Insurance

  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage: Ensure it includes high coverage limits for medical expenses and emergency evacuation.

  • Trip Interruption and Cancellation Policy: Check for coverage that reimburses non-refundable travel expenses if the trip is interrupted or cancelled.

  • Baggage and Personal Items Coverage: Confirm the policy covers loss, damage, or theft of luggage and personal items.

Activities Coverage

  • As the tour includes activities like hiking to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, ensure your policy covers adventure sports or specific activities included in the tour.

Read the Fine Print

  • Understand the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. Pay special attention to the coverage for altitude sickness, a relevant concern in Bhutan.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

  • Choose a policy that offers round-the-clock emergency assistance for prompt support in case of emergencies.

Duration of Coverage

  • Ensure the insurance covers the entire duration of your trip, from departure to return.

Policy Customization

  • Consider customizing your insurance based on your specific needs, health, and the nature of activities planned.

Contact Your Tour Operator

  • Consult with Relax Getaways for recommendations on insurance providers familiar with Bhutan's travel landscape.

Local Regulations

  • Stay informed about Bhutan’s health and travel regulations, as they can influence the insurance requirements.

Keep Documents Handy

  • Carry a copy of your insurance policy and emergency contact numbers during your trip.

Securing robust Travel Insurance is an indispensable part of your preparation for the Majestic Bhutan Tour. It ensures peace of mind, allowing you to immerse fully in the breathtaking beauty and rich culture of Bhutan, knowing you’re well-covered for any contingencies.

Meals during Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

When you embark on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., you're not just signing up for a visual and cultural feast, but also a culinary adventure. Here's what to expect in terms of meals during this exquisite journey.

  • Diverse Culinary Experiences: The tour offers a palette of flavors, featuring traditional Bhutanese dishes alongside international cuisine to cater to diverse tastes.

  • Traditional Bhutanese Cuisine: Immerse yourself in the local flavors with dishes like Ema Datshi (chili and cheese stew) and Red Rice. Bhutanese food is known for its generous use of chilies and cheese.

  • Gourmet Dining in Luxury Settings: Enjoy meals in some of the finest dining settings in Bhutan. The tour includes dining at high-end restaurants as well as in the luxury hotels where you'll be staying.

  • Fresh and Organic Ingredients: Bhutan's commitment to organic farming means that most ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, and of high quality, ensuring a healthy and delightful dining experience.

  • Special Dietary Requirements: Relax Getaways caters to special dietary needs. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or have specific dietary restrictions, your needs will be accommodated.

  • All-Inclusive Meals: The tour package includes all main meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This ensures convenience and allows you to savor a range of dishes without worrying about additional costs.

  • Local Tea and Snacks: Experience Bhutan's rich tea culture with local teas offered throughout the journey. Enjoy light snacks and refreshments, perfect for energizing during sightseeing.

  • Interactive Culinary Experiences: Some itineraries may offer interactive experiences such as cooking classes or farm visits, giving you a chance to learn about Bhutanese cooking techniques and ingredients.

  • Hydration and Health: Staying hydrated is vital, especially at high altitudes. The tour ensures the availability of mineral water along with meals.

  • Culinary Balance: Meals are balanced to provide a mix of local and familiar flavors, ensuring a comfortable yet authentic culinary experience.

Dining during the Majestic Bhutan Tour is an integral part of the experience, reflecting the country's rich culinary heritage and commitment to natural, wholesome eating. Each meal is an opportunity to explore and enjoy a new aspect of Bhutanese culture, making your journey not just a treat for the eyes but also for the taste buds.

Transportation and Flights on Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

When you embark on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., understanding the logistics of transportation and flights is key to a smooth travel experience. Here's a guide to help you navigate these crucial aspects of your journey.

Arriving in Bhutan

  • International Flights: Bhutan's main international gateway is Paro International Airport. Flights to Bhutan are available from select cities in Asia, such as Bangkok, Delhi, and Kathmandu.

  • Airlines: Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the two airlines operating international flights to Bhutan. Booking well in advance is recommended due to limited flight options.

Domestic Transportation

  • Luxury Private Vehicles: Throughout the tour, you'll travel in comfort in private luxury vehicles provided by Relax Getaways. These vehicles are well-maintained and driven by experienced drivers, ensuring safe and comfortable travel between destinations.

  • Scenic Drives: Bhutan's mountainous terrain offers stunning scenic drives. Relax and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes as you move from one location to another.

In-City Transportation

  • In major towns like Thimphu and Paro, transportation will be arranged as part of the tour. This includes visits to local attractions, restaurants, and cultural sites.

Flight Booking Assistance

  • While international airfare is not included in the tour package, Relax Getaways can assist in advising on the best flight options and routes.

Travel Time Considerations

  • Due to Bhutan's terrain, travel times between cities can be longer than the distance might suggest. Itineraries are carefully planned to optimize travel time and enhance the overall experience.

Airport Transfers

  • Airport transfers to and from the hotel are included in the tour package, ensuring hassle-free arrival and departure.

Flight Delays and Weather Considerations

  • Given Bhutan's geographical location and weather patterns, flight delays, especially during the monsoon season, are possible. It's advisable to keep some buffer time in your travel schedule.

Helicopter Services

  • For an additional cost, helicopter transfers and sightseeing tours can be arranged, offering a unique perspective of Bhutan’s landscapes.

Eco-Friendly Travel

  • The transportation provided adheres to Bhutan’s environmental conservation policies, aligning with the country's sustainable tourism practices.

Flight Check-In and Procedures

  • Ensure a timely arrival at the airport for international departures. The check-in process and security checks can be time-consuming due to stringent regulations.

Understanding the dynamics of transportation and flights is essential for a seamless experience on the Majestic Bhutan Tour. With Relax Getaways’ meticulous planning and assistance, you can look forward to a journey that is as smooth as it is memorable, traversing through the enchanting landscape of Bhutan with ease and comfort.

Bhutan Visa for Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

For travelers embarking on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., understanding the Bhutan Visa process is a crucial step in your travel preparations. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate the visa requirements for Bhutan.

  • Visa Requirement: All international tourists (except for citizens of India, Bangladesh, and Maldives) require a visa to enter Bhutan.

  • Visa Arrangement by Tour Operator: The Bhutan Visa is arranged by your tour operator, Relax Getaways. This is a streamlined process where the tour operator submits an application on your behalf.

  • Tour Package Booking: The visa process is initiated once you book the Majestic Bhutan Tour. Bhutan’s unique policy requires that you book your trip through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator to be eligible for a visa.

  • Documentation Required: Provide your passport details to Relax Getaways. Ensure your passport has at least six months of validity from your planned date of entry into Bhutan.

  • Visa Approval Process: The visa approval is coordinated by Relax Getaways and is typically processed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. This process can take up to 7 days.

  • Visa Fee: The visa fee is generally included in the cost of your tour package. It covers the visa issuance fee mandated by the Bhutanese government.

  • Visa Confirmation: Once approved, you’ll receive a visa clearance letter. This letter must be presented upon arrival in Bhutan, where the actual visa will be stamped in your passport.

  • Arrival in Bhutan: Upon arrival at Paro International Airport or any land entry point, show your visa clearance letter. The visa will then be stamped into your passport by immigration authorities.

  • Validity and Duration: The visa is valid for the duration of your stay as per the itinerary submitted by Relax Getaways. It’s typically issued for the duration of your tour package.

  • Regulations and Compliance: Adhere to the visa regulations and stay duration as approved. Any extensions or changes in itinerary should be communicated and approved through the tour operator.

Understanding the Bhutan Visa process is essential for a hassle-free experience on your Luxury Bhutan Tour. With Relax Getaways managing the visa arrangements, you can focus on preparing for an unforgettable journey through the mystical and vibrant culture of Bhutan.

Currencies Accepted During Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

For travelers embarking on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., knowing about the currencies accepted in Bhutan is crucial for a smooth travel experience. Here's an overview of the currency scenario in Bhutan to help you prepare for your journey.

Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN)

  • The primary currency of Bhutan is the Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN).

  • It's linked to and equal in value to the Indian Rupee, which is also widely accepted in Bhutan.

Acceptance of Indian Rupee (INR)

  • Indian Rupee is readily accepted throughout Bhutan, especially the denominations of INR 100 and below.

  • Higher denominations like INR 500 and INR 2000 notes may be less accepted due to recent currency regulations in India.

Limited Use of Other Foreign Currencies

  • Major international currencies like US Dollars, Euros, and British Pounds might be accepted at high-end hotels and tour operators but are generally less convenient for everyday transactions.

Credit and Debit Cards Usage

  • In urban areas and major tourist spots, credit and debit cards (especially Visa and MasterCard) are accepted in most hotels, restaurants, and large shops.

  • It's advisable to carry some cash, as card transactions might not be available in smaller shops, rural areas, or for incidental expenses.

ATMs and Cash Withdrawals

  • ATMs are available in major towns. However, their reliability can vary, and there may be limits on withdrawal amounts.

Currency Exchange

  • Currency can be exchanged at banks in major cities or at the airport.

  • Ensure to keep some local currency (BTN) for small purchases and in places where cards are not accepted.

Traveler’s Checks

  • Traveler’s checks are not commonly used and can be difficult to exchange, so they are not recommended.

Budgeting and Expenses

  • Most major expenses like accommodation, transportation, and meals are covered in the tour package.

  • Keep local currency for personal expenses, souvenirs, tips, and other small purchases.

Receipts and Records

  • Keep receipts of currency exchange transactions for records and possible future exchanges.

Financial Preparedness

  • Plan your finances and budget ahead, considering both card and cash options for your expenses during the tour.

Being informed about the currencies accepted in Bhutan is key to managing your finances efficiently on the Majestic Bhutan Tour. With proper financial preparation, you can immerse yourself in the enriching cultural and natural beauty of Bhutan without any monetary concerns.

Safety on Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

Safety is a paramount consideration for travelers on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour offered by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.. Bhutan is known for its serene environment and hospitable culture, making it a safe destination for travelers. However, being aware of safety measures and practices can enhance your travel experience. Here’s a guide to ensure your safety during this exclusive tour.

Health and Medical Precautions

  • Altitude Sickness: Some destinations, like the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, are at high altitudes. Acclimatize properly and stay hydrated.

  • Vaccinations: Consult your doctor for recommended vaccinations before traveling.

  • Medical Facilities: While Bhutan has adequate medical facilities for basic health issues, carry necessary medications and a first-aid kit for minor health concerns.

Travel Insurance

  • Ensure comprehensive travel insurance covering health, accidents, and emergency evacuations, particularly important for remote areas and adventure activities.

Guided Tours

  • Relax Getaways provides experienced guides for all excursions, ensuring safe and informed navigation through various terrains and sites.

Road Safety:

  • The tour includes private transportation with skilled drivers familiar with Bhutan’s winding mountain roads, ensuring safe travel between destinations.

Safety in Urban and Rural Areas

  • Bhutan is generally very safe in both urban and rural areas. However, always be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings secure.

Respect Local Customs and Laws

  • Adhere to local customs and laws. Bhutanese people are respectful and friendly, and reciprocating this respect enhances mutual safety and understanding.

Emergency Contacts

  • Keep a list of emergency contacts, including local authorities and your country’s embassy. Relax Getaways will also provide contacts for immediate assistance during the tour.

Natural Environment and Wildlife

  • Respect the natural environment. Stay on designated paths during hikes and avoid disturbing wildlife.

Food and Water Safety

  • The tour provides hygienic and high-quality meals. However, if exploring on your own, consume bottled or purified water and eat at reputable establishments.

Cultural Sensitivity

  • When visiting religious sites, follow the guidelines provided by your guide to maintain a respectful and safe environment.

Bhutan’s emphasis on Gross National Happiness extends to its approach towards tourism, focusing on visitor satisfaction and well-being. While Relax Getaways ensures a high level of safety and comfort on the Majestic Bhutan Tour, being mindful of these safety tips will contribute to a memorable and worry-free experience in this beautiful Himalayan kingdom.

Health Issues During Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

Embarking on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. promises an enriching and exciting experience. However, being aware of potential health issues and how to manage them is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey through Bhutan.

Altitude Sickness

  • Destinations like the Tiger’s Nest Monastery are at high altitudes. Symptoms of altitude sickness can include headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

  • Acclimatize gradually and stay hydrated. It's advisable to spend a day or two in lower-altitude areas before ascending to higher elevations.

Traveler’s Diarrhea

  • Changes in diet and water sources can lead to traveler’s diarrhea. Eat at reputable restaurants and avoid raw or undercooked food.

  • Drink bottled or boiled water and avoid ice cubes in drinks.

Vaccinations and Health Precautions

  • Consult your healthcare provider for recommended vaccinations well in advance of your trip.

  • Common recommendations include vaccines for hepatitis A, typhoid, and routine vaccinations.

First-Aid Kit

  • Carry a basic first-aid kit with essentials like pain relievers, antidiarrheal medications, rehydration salts, and any personal medications.

Sun Protection

  • High altitudes increase the risk of sunburn. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, wear hats, and use sunglasses with UV protection.

Physical Fitness

  • Some activities like hiking require a reasonable level of fitness. Prepare with regular exercise weeks before your trip.

Medical Facilities

  • Bhutan has adequate medical facilities in major towns. However, for specific or serious health issues, medical facilities may be limited.

Insurance and Medical Assistance

  • Ensure that your travel insurance covers medical emergencies and evacuation. Relax Getaways can provide assistance in case of health emergencies.

Dietary Restrictions

  • Inform Relax Getaways of any dietary restrictions or allergies. Bhutanese cuisine can be spicy and is often based on dairy and meat.

Insect Protection

  • Use insect repellent and wear long-sleeved clothing, especially in rural or forested areas, to protect against insect bites.

Hygiene Practices

  • Practice good hygiene, such as frequent hand washing, to prevent the spread of germs.

Being prepared for and aware of potential health issues is crucial for a hassle-free experience on the Majestic Bhutan Tour. With careful planning and precautions, you can fully enjoy the cultural richness and natural beauty of Bhutan.

Trip Extensions on Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

While the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. offers a comprehensive experience of Bhutan, you might find yourself enchanted by this Himalayan kingdom and wishing to extend your stay. Here’s a guide on how to plan and enjoy trip extensions on your luxury Bhutan tour.

Contacting Your Tour Operator

  • Reach out to Relax Getaways in advance to discuss the possibility and options for extending your trip. They can provide insights on additional destinations, activities, and accommodation.

Additional Destinations in Bhutan

  • Consider exploring lesser-known regions like Bumthang, known for its spiritual significance, or the serene Phobjikha Valley, a haven for nature lovers.

  • Eastern Bhutan offers off-the-beaten-path experiences, showcasing the country’s deep cultural roots.

Cultural and Adventure Activities

  • Extend your stay to participate in local festivals, trekking opportunities, or explore more deeply the cultural heritage of Bhutan.

  • Engage in bird watching, photography tours, or spiritual retreats for a more personalized experience.

Accommodation and Logistics

  • Relax Getaways can assist in arranging additional nights in luxury accommodations, ensuring the same quality and comfort as the original tour.

Visa and Permit Extensions

  • Remember that extending your stay will require extending your visa and any travel permits. Relax Getaways can guide you through this process.

Revised Itineraries and Guides

  • A new itinerary will be crafted for the extended part of your journey. Expert guides will continue to accompany you, offering insights and support.

Additional Costs

  • Be aware of the additional costs involved in extending your trip, including accommodation, meals, transportation, and guide services.

Travel Insurance

  • Ensure your travel insurance covers the extended duration of your trip for any unforeseen circumstances.

Flexibility and Openness

  • Be open and flexible with travel plans as some regions may require adjustments due to weather or local conditions.

Sustainable and Responsible Travel

  • Continue to practice sustainable and responsible tourism during your extended stay, respecting Bhutan’s culture and environment.

Extending your trip on the Majestic Bhutan Tour offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the mystical allure of Bhutan. With Relax Getaways’ expertise and planning, your extended stay can be as fulfilling and enriching as the main tour, leaving you with even more lasting memories of this extraordinary country.

Tipping for Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

Tipping is often a topic of interest for travelers on the Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour provided by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. Understanding the local customs around tipping can enhance your travel experience by showing appreciation for exceptional service. Here’s a guide to help navigate the norms of tipping in Bhutan.

Tipping is Not Mandatory but Appreciated

  • In Bhutanese culture, tipping is not traditionally expected. However, it is appreciated as a gesture of gratitude for good service.

Guides and Drivers

  • For guides and drivers who play a crucial role in your experience, a tip is a nice way to acknowledge their effort and expertise.

  • A general guideline is about USD 10-15 per day for guides and USD 5-10 per day for drivers, but this can vary based on the level of service and your satisfaction.

Hotel Staff

  • For hotel staff who ensure a comfortable stay, a nominal tip at the end of your stay is a kind gesture.

  • You can leave about USD 1-2 per day in your room for housekeeping or give it directly at the end of your stay.

Restaurant Tipping

  • While dining out, it’s not customary to tip in local restaurants, but if you receive exceptional service, a small tip is always appreciated.

  • In high-end restaurants, a tip of around 10% of the bill can be considered if it's not already included.

Group Travel

  • If traveling in a group, consider pooling tips with fellow travelers for guides and drivers, as it can simplify the process.

Discretion and Respect

  • When tipping, do so discreetly and respectfully. Tipping is not about the monetary value but the gesture of appreciation.

Currency for Tipping

  • Tips can be given in Bhutanese Ngultrum, US Dollars, or any major currency that’s easy to exchange.

Personalized Services

  • If you receive any personalized services, like a special tour or assistance, consider offering a tip to the individual who helped you.

Adjust According to Service

  • Feel free to adjust the amount of tipping based on the quality of service you receive.

Cultural Sensitivity

  • Always be culturally sensitive when offering tips. If you're unsure, you can ask your tour guide for advice.

Remember, tipping on the Majestic Bhutan Tour is entirely at your discretion and should reflect your level of satisfaction with the services provided. It’s a way to show your appreciation for the people who contribute to making your Bhutanese journey memorable.

For more information, please follow the link More Information.


Q. What is included in the Majestic Bhutan Tour?

A. The tour typically includes accommodations, all meals, private transportation, entrance fees to sites, an English-speaking guide, and the Bhutanese visa fee. Please check with Relax Getaways for specific details.

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Bhutan?

A. Yes, all international tourists (except for nationals of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives) require a visa to enter Bhutan. This is arranged by your tour operator.

Q. What is the best time to take this tour?

A. The best times to visit Bhutan are during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons, offering pleasant weather and clear skies. However, Bhutan has its unique charm in every season.

Q. How difficult is the hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery?

A. The hike is considered moderate to challenging, taking about 4-5 hours round trip. It involves steep climbs and stairs. It's advisable to be in good physical condition and acclimatize to the altitude beforehand.

Q. What kind of accommodation can I expect?

A. Accommodations are typically luxury or best-available hotels and resorts that offer comfortable and high-quality services, blending Bhutanese tradition with modern amenities.

Q. What should I pack for the tour?

A. Pack layers to adapt to varying temperatures, comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, a camera, and any personal medications. It’s also advisable to bring a raincoat or umbrella.

Q. Is travel insurance necessary?

A. Yes, it’s highly recommended to have comprehensive travel insurance covering medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost baggage.

Q. Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

A. Yes, dietary needs can generally be accommodated. Inform Relax Getaways in advance about any specific dietary restrictions or allergies.

Q. What currency is used in Bhutan, and are credit cards accepted?

A. The Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN) is the local currency, and Indian Rupees are also widely accepted. Credit cards are accepted in major hotels and some shops, but it's advisable to carry some cash, especially in rural areas.

Q. Is it safe to travel in Bhutan?

A. Bhutan is known for its safety and low crime rate. However, as with any travel, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and take general safety precautions.

Q. Are there any cultural customs I should be aware of?

A. Bhutanese culture values respect and modesty. Dress conservatively, especially when visiting religious sites, and always ask permission before taking photos of people or religious icons.

Q. How is the internet connectivity in Bhutan?

A. Internet connectivity is available in most urban areas and hotels. However, it might be limited or slower in remote areas.

Q. What travel documents do I need for the Bhutan tour?

A. You will need a valid passport with at least six months of validity and a Bhutanese visa. The visa will be arranged by your tour operator, Relax Getaways. Also, carry your travel insurance documents.

Q. How should I pack for the varying weather in Bhutan?

A. Pack layered clothing to adapt to different temperatures, a warm jacket for cooler evenings, comfortable walking shoes, rain gear, and sun protection like hats and sunscreen.

Q. Is a high fitness level required for this tour?

A. A moderate level of fitness is recommended, especially for the Tiger’s Nest Monastery hike. Engaging in some pre-trip exercise or hiking can be beneficial.

Q. Are there any specific health precautions I should take before travelling to Bhutan?

A. Consult your healthcare provider for recommended vaccinations. It's also advisable to prepare for altitude adjustments, especially in higher areas like Paro and Thimphu.

Q. What currency should I carry, and are credit cards widely accepted?

A. The local currency is the Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN). It's wise to carry some cash, particularly for smaller transactions. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels and larger shops, but less so in rural areas.

Q. Can I use my mobile phone and access the internet in Bhutan?

A. Mobile connectivity is generally good in urban areas but can be limited in remote regions. Most hotels offer internet access, though speeds may vary.

Q. How can dietary restrictions be accommodated during the tour?

A. Bhutanese, Indian, and some Western dishes are typically available. Inform Relax Getaways in advance about any specific dietary needs or restrictions.

Q. What is the tipping etiquette in Bhutan?

A. Tipping isn’t mandatory but is appreciated for good service. For guides, consider USD 10-15 per day, and for drivers, USD 5-10 per day.

Q. Are there cultural or religious customs I should be aware of during the tour?

A. Dress modestly, especially at religious sites. Always ask for permission before taking photos, particularly in monasteries. Show respect for local customs and traditions.

Q. What should I do in case of an emergency?

A. Keep emergency contact numbers handy, including those provided by Relax Getaways. Follow the guidance of your tour guides, especially during hikes and in remote areas.

Q. What is the best time of year to take the Majestic Bhutan Tour?

A. The ideal times to visit Bhutan are during the spring months (March to May) and autumn months (September to November). These periods offer pleasant weather, clear skies, and vibrant festivals.

Q. How is the weather in Bhutan during spring?

A. Spring in Bhutan (March to May) is characterised by mild temperatures and blooming flowers, making it a great time for sightseeing and photography. The valleys are lush and vibrant, offering spectacular natural scenery.

Q. What can I expect during the autumn season in Bhutan?

A. Autumn (September to November) is marked by clear, stable weather with minimal rainfall. It's an excellent time for trekking and attending colorful festivals like the Thimphu Tshechu and Paro Tshechu.

Q. Is it possible to visit Bhutan in the summer?

A. Yes, summer (June to August) is the monsoon season in Bhutan. While you can expect heavy rains, especially in the afternoons, the landscape becomes exceptionally green and lively. However, some remote areas might be less accessible due to rain.

Q. What kind of weather can I expect in Bhutan during the tour?

A. Bhutan's weather varies by region and altitude. In general, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are pleasant with mild temperatures. Summers (June to August) are monsoon season with rainfall, while winters (December to February) are cold, especially in higher areas.

Q. Is there a best time of year weather-wise to take this tour?

A. The best times weather-wise are during spring and autumn when the skies are clearer and temperatures are comfortable for sightseeing and hiking.

Q. How does the weather vary between different locations like Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha?

A. Paro and Thimphu have similar weather patterns, with cool winters and warm summers. Punakha is lower in altitude and generally warmer and more tropical.

Q. Should I expect snow during the tour?

A. Snow is possible in the higher regions like Paro during winter months (December to February). However, it's less likely in lower regions like Punakha.

Q. What are the average temperatures in Bhutan during the spring season?

A. In spring (March to May), temperatures in Bhutan range from 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F). It's generally mild and pleasant, with warmer days and cooler evenings.

Q. How hot does it get in Bhutan during summer?

A. During summer (June to August), temperatures can vary from 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F), especially in lower regions like Punakha. The climate is warmer and humid due to the monsoon.

Q. What are the main international flight options to Bhutan for the tour?

A. Bhutan can be reached primarily through Paro International Airport. The main airlines serving Bhutan are Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines, with flights from cities like Bangkok, Delhi, Kathmandu, Kolkata, and Singapore.

Q. Are there direct flights to Bhutan from the USA, Europe, or Australia?

A. There are no direct flights from the USA, Europe, or Australia to Bhutan. Travelers typically connect through major Asian hub cities like Bangkok, Delhi, or Kathmandu.

Q. How often do flights operate to Bhutan?

A. Flight frequency varies, but there are regular flights from major connecting cities. It's recommended to check the latest schedule with the airlines or your travel agent due to potential seasonal changes.

Q. Can the tour operator assist with booking flights to Bhutan?

A. Yes, Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. can assist in advising on the best flight options and routes for your trip to Bhutan.

Q. Is it recommended to book flights to Bhutan well in advance?

A. Yes, given the limited flight options to Bhutan, it's advisable to book your flights well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons or if your travel dates coincide with local festivals.

Q. Are internal flights available within Bhutan during the tour?

A. Bhutan has limited internal flight options, as most destinations within Bhutan are accessible by road. The tour primarily uses private ground transportation for travel between cities.

Q. What are the baggage allowances on flights to Bhutan?

A. Baggage allowances vary depending on the airline and the class of travel. Typically, economy class passengers are allowed 20-30 kg of checked luggage. It's best to check specific baggage policies with the airline.

Q. Are flights to Bhutan affected by weather conditions?

A. Flights to and from Paro International Airport can be sensitive to weather conditions, especially during the monsoon season (June-August) and winter months. Delays and rescheduling are possible, so it's advisable to have flexible travel plans.

Q. How long is the Majestic Bhutan Tour?

A. The tour spans over seven days, offering a comprehensive experience of Bhutan's cultural and natural highlights.

Q. Is the seven-day duration enough to experience Bhutan?

A. Yes, seven days are sufficient to explore the key attractions of Bhutan, such as Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha, including the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery hike.

Q. Can the tour duration be extended?

A. While the standard tour is seven days, you may contact Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. to discuss possibilities for extending the tour to explore additional areas or engage in more activities.

Q. Does the seven-day duration include travel time to and from Bhutan?

A. The seven days typically focus on the time spent within Bhutan. Travel time to and from Bhutan may add additional days to your overall trip, depending on your departure location.

Q. Are there any shorter or longer tour options available?

A. Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. may offer various tour durations. It’s best to consult with them about shorter or longer itineraries that fit your schedule and interests.

Q. What if I want to spend more time in a specific location, like Paro or Thimphu?

A. Customisations to the itinerary may be possible. Discuss with your tour operator if you wish to allocate more time to specific destinations within Bhutan.

Q. Is there a recommended pace for the tour?

A. The tour is designed to provide a balanced pace, allowing enough time to enjoy each location while keeping travel time efficient. However, personal preferences for a more relaxed or fast-paced tour can be communicated to the tour operator.

Q. How are the travel days counted in the itinerary?

A. Each day of the itinerary is counted as a full day, starting with Day 1 as the arrival day in Bhutan and Day 7 as the departure day.

Q. Are there any rest days included in the tour?

A. The itinerary is planned to include leisurely periods and restful evenings, but there are no specific rest days as each day includes planned activities or travel.

Q. Will I have the same guide throughout the Majestic Bhutan Tour?

A. Yes, typically, Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. provides the same guide for the entire duration of the tour to ensure consistency and a more personalized experience.

Q. What languages can I expect the guide to speak?

A. The guides provided by Relax Getaways are proficient in English, ensuring clear and effective communication. Guides speaking other major languages may be available upon request.

Q. How experienced are the guides on this tour?

A. The guides are highly experienced and knowledgeable about Bhutan's culture, history, and geography. They are trained to offer a comprehensive and engaging tour experience.

Q. Can the guide accommodate special interests, such as bird watching or photography?

A. Yes, if you have special interests like bird watching or photography, inform Relax Getaways in advance. They will do their best to accommodate your requests and provide a guide with expertise in those areas.

Q. Are the guides trained in first aid and altitude sickness management?

A. Guides are generally trained in basic first aid and are knowledgeable about managing common altitude-related issues. However, for specific health concerns, it's advisable to inform the tour operator in advance.

Q. Can the guide assist with dietary needs or allergies during meals?

A. Absolutely, your guide can communicate your dietary needs or allergies to restaurants and hotels to ensure that your meals are suitable.

Q. Will the guide be with us during all activities and sightseeing tours?

A. The guide will accompany you on all organised activities and sightseeing tours. However, if you wish to explore independently at times, you can discuss this with the guide.

Q. Is tipping the guide customary at the end of the tour?

A. Tipping is not mandatory but is appreciated as a gesture of gratitude for good service. The amount is at your discretion, based on your satisfaction with the guide's service.

Q. In case of any issues during the tour, can the guide help in resolving them?

A. Yes, the guide is your first point of contact for any issues or concerns during the tour. They are equipped to address most problems and can liaise with Relax Getaways for further assistance.

Q. Can the guide adjust the tour itinerary based on our interests or weather conditions?

A. While the overall itinerary is fixed, guides can make minor adjustments based on your interests and the day’s weather. Significant changes would need to be coordinated with and approved by the tour operator.

Q. Can I add extra days to the Majestic Bhutan Tour?

A. Yes, additional days can often be added to the tour. Contact Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. to discuss extending your itinerary and exploring more of Bhutan.

Q. Are there options for additional activities or experiences in Bhutan?

A. Absolutely. Depending on your interests, you can add activities such as cultural experiences, additional hikes, bird watching, photography tours, or visits to off-the-beaten-path destinations in Bhutan.

Q. Can I request a specific type of accommodation as an add-on?

A. Yes, you can request specific types of accommodation, such as luxury resorts or boutique hotels. Relax Getaways will provide options based on availability and your preferences.

Q. Is it possible to include wellness or spiritual experiences in the tour?

A. Bhutan offers various wellness and spiritual experiences like meditation retreats, yoga sessions, and visits to sacred sites. These can usually be incorporated into your tour upon request.

Q. Are private transportation upgrades available?

A. Yes, you can request upgrades to private luxury vehicles for more comfort during your travel. This is subject to availability and may incur additional costs.

Q. Can I add a cooking class or a traditional Bhutanese meal experience?

A. Culinary experiences, including traditional cooking classes and meals in local Bhutanese homes, can be arranged as an add-on to your tour.

Q. Is it possible to include a visit to a Bhutanese festival?

A. If your travel dates align with Bhutanese festivals, attending one can be arranged. These festivals offer a deep dive into the local culture and traditions.

Q. Can helicopter tours or scenic flights be added to the itinerary?

A. Scenic helicopter flights over Bhutan's landscapes can be added to your tour for an additional cost. This is subject to weather conditions and availability.

Q. Are photography guide services available as an add-on?

A. For photography enthusiasts, the services of a photography guide or arranging visits to photogenic spots can be added to the tour.

Q. Can the tour include visits to specific historical or cultural sites not included in the standard itinerary?

A. Yes, visits to specific sites of interest can often be added. Discuss your interests with Relax Getaways to tailor the itinerary accordingly.

Q. When is the monsoon season in Bhutan?

A. The monsoon season in Bhutan typically runs from June to August. During these months, the country experiences the majority of its annual rainfall.

Q. Is it advisable to visit Bhutan during the monsoon?

A. Yes, it's still possible to visit Bhutan during the monsoon. While there are frequent rain showers, they often occur during the night or late afternoons, allowing for sightseeing activities during other parts of the day.

Q. How does the monsoon weather affect the tour itinerary?

A. While Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. endeavours to stick to the itinerary, some outdoor activities might be rescheduled or modified depending on the weather conditions for safety and convenience.

Q. What are the advantages of visiting Bhutan during the monsoon?

A. Monsoon season sees fewer tourists, which can make for a more serene and intimate experience. The landscape is lush and vibrant, and the rain can add a mystical feel to the scenic beauty of Bhutan.

Q. Are there any specific preparations I should make for a monsoon visit?

A. It's advisable to pack waterproof clothing, including a rain jacket and umbrella. Waterproof covers for your backpack and camera, along with good quality waterproof shoes, are also recommended.

Q. How does the monsoon season affect travel within Bhutan?

A. Travel can be slower during the monsoon due to wet and slippery roads, and there's a higher chance of roadblocks due to landslides in some areas. Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. will have contingency plans for such situations.

Q. Are flights to and from Bhutan affected by monsoon weather?

A. There can be occasional delays or rescheduling of flights due to monsoon weather, particularly at Paro International Airport, which requires clear conditions for safe flight operations.

Q. Can I still do the hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery during the monsoon?

A. Yes, the hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery is generally accessible year-round. However, extra caution should be taken as the trails can be slippery. Appropriate hiking gear is essential.

Q. Is the scenery in Bhutan different during the monsoon?

A. Yes, the monsoon brings out a different aspect of Bhutan's beauty. Valleys are greener, rivers are fuller, and there's a fresh, clean feel to the air, making for some stunning landscapes.

Q. Are there any health concerns during the monsoon I should be aware of?

A. The humid conditions during the monsoon can increase the prevalence of mosquitoes and insects, so carrying and using insect repellent is advisable.

Q. What are the must-see attractions in Paro?

A. In Paro, the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery is a must-see. Other notable attractions include the Rinpung Dzong, Paro Dzong, and the National Museum of Bhutan.

Q. What cultural sites will I visit in Thimphu?

A. In Thimphu, you can visit the King's Memorial Chorten, Tashichho Dzong, the Folk Heritage Museum, and the Institute for Zorig Chusum (the Painting School).

Q. Are there any natural landmarks included in the tour?

A. Yes, natural landmarks like the Dochula Pass with its panoramic views of the Himalayas and the serene Phobjikha Valley in Gangtey are often part of the itinerary.

Q. What is unique about visiting Punakha?

A. In Punakha, the Punakha Dzong, situated at the confluence of two rivers, is a highlight. The Chimi Lhakhang temple, also known as the Temple of Fertility, is another unique site.

Q. Can I see traditional Bhutanese architecture during the tour?

A. Absolutely. Traditional Bhutanese architecture is a highlight throughout the tour, especially visible in dzongs (fortresses), monasteries, and traditional houses.

Q. Will the tour include any nature hikes or walks?

A. Yes, nature hikes like the hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery and possible walks through rural villages or nature trails are typically included.

Q. Are there opportunities to interact with local Bhutanese people?

A. Yes, the tour often includes opportunities to interact with locals, either through village visits, cultural programs, or even during meals in local settings.

Q. Will I have the chance to witness any Bhutanese festivals during the tour?

A. Depending on the timing of your tour, you may be able to witness local festivals like the Paro Tshechu or Thimphu Tshechu, which are vibrant displays of Bhutanese culture.

Q. Is there any free time included in the tour to explore on my own?

A. While the tour is structured, there typically is some free time allotted for personal exploration or relaxation in each location.

Q. Can I see Bhutanese arts and crafts during the tour?

A. Yes, visits to places like the Institute for Zorig Chusum in Thimphu provide insights into Bhutanese arts and crafts. Local markets and craft bazaars are also great places to see and purchase traditional crafts.

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