In the Indian Ocean, a mass collection of atolls comprising the thousands of coral islands, Maldives is the natural sunken garden offering magnificent island experience in budget and of course the unconditional luxury as well. The uniquely delicate ecosystem of Maldives offers some distinctive experiences that you can't find elsewhere. Either underwater or above and in white sandy islands, Maldives gives you everything that you are looking for in fact more than your expectations.
Dive into the ocean and enjoy the beautiful underwater coral reefs and colorful sunk world. Blue ocean covering the chameleonic coral reefs and outstanding marine scuba, Maldives is that for you. Enjoy a great resort experience in some luxury resorts and enjoy the great hospitality. Far from the crowd and busy daily life, Maldives means a different world for you. 
Along with the beautiful creation of Nature, the ancient monasteries from the very first Buddhists of Maldives to the modern day's architectural marvels, Maldives is also outstanding destinations to enjoy the cultural sites and heritages that bear historical backgrounds.
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