Nepal Information

Who is Relax Getaways?

Relax Getaways is the enterprise involved in selling and merchanting the products related to the tour, trek, and travel on an international platform. Relax Getaways works on behalf of Service providers and takes their products and services to your doorsteps.

We are merchants facilitating the buying and selling process between the service provider and clients.

How do I purchase a Relax Getaways Package?

Relax Getaways is the e-Commerce company used to sell the product through its popular website. Anyone willing to shop anything from the website can simply add the desired product to the cart and buy after choosing all the best package(s) with the easy and safest payment gateway. 

What do I need to show when checking in at the hotel?

If you have a holiday package buy through us, our representative will guide you to the Hotel and assist in checking in. you just need to provide general information and a copy of the Passport for the Guest Information.

If you have a Hotel booking through us, you have to show the voucher provided by us while booking and other general information along with a copy of Passport to check-in. 

What do I need to show when meeting the tour operator/supplier?

Relax Getaways forwards the tour operator/ service provider the details of the respective guests. they will be at the terminal gate with your nameplate. You can easily recognize them. after meeting them you have to show them the booking voucher.

I’ve booked my travel dates - am I able to change them?

Relax Getaways gives every client the right to postpone their trip if any uncertainties happen. The postpone procedures are as per the terms and conditions of Relax Getaways. The Postpone Request must be submitted before 2 weeks of the trip start date, otherwise, no0 postponement is done. 

Where can I view the details and inclusions of the package I’ve purchased?

Relax Getaways will provide you the complete information about the Package through mails or other media. The buyers can also check the complete information of the packers they have bought through the website, we used to publish all information about the package. If you have a custom or tailor-made package, relax Getaways will give you the full program details through mail. 

What/where is my booking ID?

You have to fill a form at the time of booking and the identity you fill up while booking will be your Booking Id. 

Can I make a booking if the package I’ve purchased has expired?

The expired packages are automatically unpublished. there is no way to book an expired package. However, if you have purchased an expired package, contact Relax Getaways.

I’ve forgotten my password, what can I do?

Relax Getaways has a panel where you can be a member of the Relax Getaways team. if any member forgets the password, can apply to reset the password by clicking forget the password, the system automatically guides you to the resetting process. If anythings issues arise, contact Relax Getaways, the user management team support 24*7. 

I bought a package from Relax Getaways – What do I do now?

When any buyers complete the booking process, Relax Getaways send them a digital voucher for Booking and payments. Keep the Voucher safe for future use!

From now, the buyers only need to focus on visas and international flights. Anything updates are sent by Relax Getaways to you. you can contact relax getaways anytime to clear your doubts. 

I’ve purchased a package, and now I’m unable to travel, now What?

Relax Getaways proceed with everything; from accommodation reservations to the arrangements of transportation, as quickly as the clients complete the bookings. you must have to ask to cancel at least 2 weeks before the starting of the trip to get refunded. After the crossing of the deadline, no refunds are made. Generally, your failure to travel is not a Relax Getaways’ matter. However, Relax Getaways cares for its clients. please don’t feel bothered to contact Relax Getaways. we will find a possible solution to rearrange your package. 

Can I purchase flights from Relax Getaways?

Relax Getaways is one of the best travel agencies in Nepal. The renowned agency has been operating ticketing services to lots of destinations and lots of airlines. Yes, you can also purchase or book air flights and also tourist bus tickets through Relax Getaways. 

Who do I contact for assistance with my Relax Getaways booking?

I have an upcoming trip and I haven’t heard from you, Why? 

We use to contact each member regularly to inform them about the packages, departures, and other information. If you are not hearing anything from Relax Getaways, please check spam and voicemail folders. Maybe some issues are moving there! if you still don’t get anything, please contact us at our official mail address.

How do I know who is responsible for my trip and for looking after me? 

Relax Getaways does not own its hotels, so it acts as an intermediary between its members and carefully selected travel partners. Relax Getaways only works with reputable operators and its quality checks them regularly, using member feedback.

Where you book a hotel-only stay, the contract is between the customer and the hotel and with some package tours, the contract is between the customer and the tour operator. In some instances, Relax Getaways is the operator. You can find your travel provider on your booking confirmation.

Why book with us?

Our ethos from day one has been to offer luxury hotels and holidays, at home and abroad, at prices better than anywhere else online.

As a member of Relax Getaways, you can rest assured that our rates are exclusive to you and cannot be beaten while our sale is live, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you needn't shop around once you've found your perfect getaway. If you look elsewhere online for the best price, we’re certain to beat it. There's no fuss - you pick the dates you stay before you pay.

We also try to make sure that all of our members see the value of booking with us. All of our offers are hand-picked by our team of travel experts, and we always try and secure little extras, like room upgrades, spa treatments or discounts, welcome gifts, or even evening meals and cream teas - anything to make your stay extra special.

Acceptable Payment Tools

We use online payment tools to make the payment easier and hassle free. So, You can pay by credit card. 

Accommodation facility

For accommodation, we provide the accommodation as mentioned in the inclusion section of each packages. We do have different category of accommodation, guest house, 3 star/ 4 star and 5 star hotel. Details of accommodations are mentioned in each package.