The one- eighth land occupying country on earth Russia is the largest country that has diverse and multiple weather conditions and climates. From Europe to America and Asia, Russia spans largely over the northern side. With a great history and brave legacy, Russia is recognized as one of the powerhouse and giants which has completely changed aero and space research in the world.
Besides the great history and its large spanning territory, Russia is one of the best euro- Asian countries that offer beautiful heritages, architectural marvels, and less crowded and unspoiled valleys and gorges. Russia offers cold weather almost half the year while the remaining time, the pleasant weather, and climate offer astounding days and beautiful sceneries and landscapes.
Although most of the religious heritages and sites are destroyed by internal affairs and wars, Russia is still renowned for the magnificent and fantastic Mosques and churches of orthodox.
Beautiful lakes, mountains, green hills and colorful landscapes, lush forests, valleys and gorges, beautiful terrain, and many other natural blessings make Russia one beautiful tourist destination.