The world’s only island city-state spanned over 719.1 sq. km at the end of the Malayan Peninsula between Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is one popular tourist destination in Southeastern Asia for its unconditional maritime experience and urban nightlife. Downtown Singapore is a cross-cultural city that offers a beautiful cultural experience along with the magnificent tropical climate. As the weather is tropical, the beaches and coastline walking will be one great thing to experience in Singapore.
Within the small territory, Singapore holds some endearing tourist attractions and many more things to allure the travelers and visitors. Tropical gardens housing some exotic variety of plants, zoos and parks sheltering Orangutans, polar bears, Giraffes, and many other things make your days in Singapore fascinating while the enlightening city life enjoys makes nights entertaining as well.
Along with the amusement park especially Universal studios at Resort world Sentosa, Singapore has 16 Theme parks. The Marina Sand Bay is one of the best architectural wonders in Singapore that is enough to blow up your mind and give the awful experience of the Clubs pubs and luxuries with one of the world's largest casinos. Get the bricks and try your Luck!
If you have plenty enough time to spend in Singapore then River safari and marine drive along with several other aqua ventures are most not to miss out on. Enjoy a great time in the water and experience the oceanic life.
Singapore is also famous for its international foods and cuisines. Walk the street, catch your favorite cafes and restaurants, and enjoy what you like. Experience life in Singapore and how fast it runs.
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