• Duration7 Days
  • DestinationSri Lanka
  • Group Size2- 14
  • Age range7-75


An unforgettable journey through the heart of Sri Lanka with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour offered by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. This meticulously crafted itinerary promises a blend of cultural immersion, natural beauty, and adventure, making it a perfect choice for travellers looking to explore the richness of Sri Lanka. From the historical depths of the Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle and the vibrant festivities of the Kandy Esala Perahera to the majestic Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the lush Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantations, each day unfolds a new chapter of discovery. Thrill-seekers will revel in activities like white water rafting in Kitulgala and Ella Rock hiking, while wildlife enthusiasts can look forward to the Yala National Park Safari. With 4-star hotel accommodations, private luxury transfers, and all entrance fees covered, travellers can enjoy a seamless experience. However, it's important to note that international airfare, visa fees, lunches, dinners, personal expenses, and tips are not included, allowing for personal customisation. Dive into the diverse landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., where every detail is carefully curated for an unparalleled travel experience.

At Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., we pride ourselves on being the premier choice for travellers seeking the ultimate Classic Sri Lanka Tour experience. Our commitment to excellence, combined with an in-depth understanding of Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and unique attractions, sets us apart as the best tour operator in the region. We meticulously curate every aspect of your journey, ensuring that you enjoy luxurious accommodations, private luxury transfers, and access to a wide array of activities and sightseeing opportunities that encompass the very essence of Sri Lanka. From exploring the ancient wonders within the Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle to experiencing the vibrant Kandy Esala Perahera, and from the breathtaking vistas at the Sigiriya Rock Fortress to the serene beauty of the Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantations, Relax Getaways ensures a seamless and enriching travel experience. Our tours are designed to cater to a variety of interests, including history buffs, adventure seekers, nature lovers, and culinary enthusiasts, making us the ideal choice for anyone looking to explore Sri Lanka's many wonders. With Relax Getaways, you're not just booking a trip; you're embarking on an unforgettable adventure that captures the spirit and splendor of Sri Lanka, making us the best company for your classic Sri Lanka tour.

Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle

Discover the heart of Sri Lanka's ancient heritage with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, focusing on the mesmerising Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle. This area, rich in history and tradition, is a treasure trove of ancient cities, Buddhist temples, and magnificent monuments, making it a must-visit destination for culture and history enthusiasts.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Cultural Triangle is home to several UNESCO-listed sites, each telling a unique story of Sri Lanka's rich history.

  • Anuradhapura: Explore ancient ruins and sacred Buddhist sites, including the Sri Maha Bodhi Tree and impressive stupas.

  • Polonnaruwa: Witness the mediaeval capital's grandeur with its well-preserved sculptures, temples, and remarkable urban planning.

  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress: Marvel at this ancient rock fortress known for its frescoes, advanced irrigation systems, and the iconic Lion's Gate.

  • Dambulla Cave Temple: Visit this sacred pilgrimage site featuring a complex of caves adorned with ancient Buddha statues and murals.

  • Rich Cultural Heritage: The Cultural Triangle showcases Sri Lanka's Buddhist heritage, ancient kingdoms, and architectural innovations.

  • Expert Guides: Benefit from the knowledge and insight of expert guides who bring the history and legends of these ancient sites to life.

  • Luxurious Accommodations: Enjoy comfortable stays in 4-star hotels, ensuring a restful experience between explorations.

  • Private Luxury Transfers: Travel in comfort with private transfers, making your journey through the Cultural Triangle seamless and enjoyable.

  • Photographic Opportunities: The region offers unmatched scenic beauty and architectural marvels, perfect for capturing memorable photographs.

  • Educational Experience: Learn about the historical, architectural, and cultural significance of each site, enriching your understanding of Sri Lanka's past.

  • Culinary Delights: Experience the local cuisine, with opportunities to taste dishes that have been part of Sri Lanka's culture for centuries.

Exploring the Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is not just a tour; it's a deep dive into the soul of Sri Lanka, offering a blend of education, exploration, and enlightenment.

Kandy Esala Perahera

Experience the vibrant heart of Sri Lankan culture with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, featuring the iconic Kandy Esala Perahera. This grand festival is one of the most significant and spectacular cultural events in Sri Lanka, attracting visitors from around the globe to the historic city of Kandy. The Esala Perahera, held annually in July or August, is a stunning display of traditional Sri Lankan dance, music, and elephants, all parading through the streets in honor of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha, which is housed in the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

  • Historical Significance: The festival dates back to the 3rd century BC and is deeply intertwined with Sri Lanka's history and Buddhist traditions, celebrating the relic of the tooth of Buddha.

  • Cultural Displays: Witness traditional Kandyan dancers, fire dancers, whip dancers, and drummers, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

  • Elephant Procession: Adorned in lavish garments, dozens of elephants take part in the procession, adding to the grandeur and majesty of the Perahera.

  • The Sacred Tooth Relic: The highlight is the ceremonial tusker carrying a replica of the Sacred Tooth Relic casket, symbolizing the reverence for Buddha.

  • Vibrant Atmosphere: The streets of Kandy come alive with the sights and sounds of the festival, filled with the rhythm of traditional drums, the elegance of dance, and the vibrant costumes.

  • Spiritual Experience: For many, the Perahera offers a deeply spiritual experience, blending religious reverence with cultural festivity.

  • Expert Guidance: Relax Getaways provides knowledgeable guides who offer insights into the history and significance of the Esala Perahera, enhancing your understanding and experience.

  • Best Views: Enjoy access to prime viewing locations, ensuring you don't miss a moment of this magnificent spectacle.

  • Comfort and Convenience: From luxury accommodations in Kandy to hassle-free transportation, Relax Getaways ensures a comfortable and immersive Perahera experience.

  • Cultural Immersion: Beyond the Perahera, explore Kandy's rich cultural landscape, including visits to the Temple of the Tooth Relic and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The Kandy Esala Perahera is more than just a festival; it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that captures the essence of Sri Lanka's spiritual and cultural magnificence. Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., embark on a journey that blends the magic of the Perahera with the beauty and heritage of Sri Lanka, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Embark on a journey to the heart of Sri Lanka's ancient history with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, featuring the majestic Sigiriya Rock Fortress. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, also known as the Lion Rock, is a testament to ancient urban planning, art, and engineering. Rising dramatically from the central plains, Sigiriya offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance, making it a must-visit destination on your Sri Lankan adventure with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.

  • Historical Significance: Built in the 5th century by King Kashyapa, Sigiriya serves as a palace and fortress, showcasing the ingenuity of ancient Lankan civilization.

  • Frescos and Mirror Wall: Admire the well-preserved frescoes that adorn the rock's surface, depicting celestial maidens. The Mirror Wall, once polished to perfection, contains inscriptions and poems dating back over a millennium.

  • The Lion's Gate: The entrance to the fortress is through the Lion's Gate, where massive paws carved out of the rock mark the remnants of what was once a lion-shaped gateway.

  • Water Gardens: Explore the symmetrical water gardens at the base of Sigiriya, which demonstrate advanced ancient hydraulic technologies and urban planning.

  • Summit Views: A climb to the top rewards visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding jungles and countryside, a testament to Sigiriya's strategic military importance.

  • Guided Tours: Expert guides from Relax Getaways provide valuable insights into Sigiriya's history, architecture, and significance, enriching your experience.

  • Comfortable Access: Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free transportation to and from Sigiriya, ensuring a comfortable journey through Sri Lanka's stunning landscapes.

  • Luxury Accommodations: After a day of exploration, relax in the comfort of luxurious accommodations selected by Relax Getaways, enhancing your overall travel experience.

  • Cultural Immersion: Beyond Sigiriya, delve into the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan culture with visits to nearby historical sites and experiences that showcase the island's heritage.

Visiting the Sigiriya Rock Fortress with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is not just a tour; it's an opportunity to step back in time and immerse yourself in the marvels of ancient Sri Lanka. Whether you're a history buff, nature lover, or adventure seeker, Sigiriya promises an unforgettable experience that highlights the best of Sri Lankan heritage and natural beauty.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

The journey of a life time begins with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, where the highlight is undoubtedly the visit to the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Nestled in the heart of the island, Sigiriya, also known as Lion Rock, is a towering testament to ancient Lankan engineering, art, and urban planning. This UNESCO World Heritage Site not only captivates visitors with its sheer magnificence but also tells a tale of intrigue, power, and innovation dating back to the 5th century.

  • Architectural Marvel: The Sigiriya Rock Fortress is renowned for its sophisticated structure, built atop a massive column of rock nearly 200 meters high, showcasing the remarkable architectural skills of the ancient Sinhalese.

  • Frescoes and Graffiti: The western face of the rock is adorned with vibrant frescoes, depicting celestial nymphs in various poses. The Mirror Wall, once polished to a high sheen, is covered in ancient graffiti, offering insights into the thoughts and languages of early visitors.

  • The Lion Gate and Water Gardens: The ascent to the fortress is through the Lion Gate, where enormous paws carved into the rock mark the entrance. At the base, the Water Gardens display an advanced hydraulic system, with pools, fountains, and aqueducts, emphasizing the site's aesthetic and technological sophistication.

  • Panoramic Views: Reaching the summit of Sigiriya provides breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle and countryside, a reward for those who undertake the climb, and a moment of reflection on the historical significance of this place.

  • Expert Knowledge: Relax Getaways offers guided tours led by experts knowledgeable in the rich history and significance of Sigiriya, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of this ancient wonder.

  • Comfort and Convenience: With Relax Getaways, enjoy comfortable transportation to and from Sigiriya, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

  • Luxury Accommodations: Rest and rejuvenate in luxury accommodations carefully selected by Relax Getaways, providing the perfect end to a day of exploration.

  • Comprehensive Cultural Immersion: The tour extends beyond Sigiriya, offering a deep dive into Sri Lanka's vibrant culture, history, and natural beauty, for a well-rounded travel experience.

Visiting Sigiriya Rock Fortress with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is more than just a trip; it's an immersive exploration into the heart of Sri Lanka's ancient past. This journey through time offers not only a glimpse into the architectural and artistic achievements of the ancient Sinhalese but also a profound connection with the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantations

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., where the serene beauty of the Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantations stands as a testament to the island's colonial heritage and its status as a premier tea-producing region, Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka's hill country, Nuwara Eliya is affectionately known as 'Little England' for its cool climate, misty landscapes, and British colonial architecture. This enchanting town and its surrounding plantations offer a tranquil retreat and a deep dive into the world of Ceylon tea.

  • Ceylon Tea Legacy: Explore the lush Tea Plantations that produce the world-renowned Ceylon tea. Learn about the history of tea in Sri Lanka, the journey from leaf to cup, and the intricate process of tea making that has been refined over centuries.

  • Scenic Beauty: Nuwara Eliya is surrounded by rolling hills covered in a verdant carpet of tea bushes. The region's natural beauty, with its waterfalls, mist-covered mountains, and clear lakes, makes it a photographer's paradise.

  • Tea Factory Tours: Visit a working tea factory to witness the fascinating process of tea production. Many factories offer guided tours that conclude with a tea tasting session, where you can sample different varieties of freshly brewed Ceylon tea.

  • British Colonial Influence: The town of Nuwara Eliya retains a quaint colonial charm, with its country houses, well-kept gardens, and the historic Grand Hotel. A walk through the town reveals its British influences and the legacy of the tea planters who settled here.

  • Expert Guidance: Relax Getaways provides knowledgeable guides who offer insights into the tea industry's history and the cultural significance of the tea plantations, enhancing your visit.

  • Comfortable Travel: Enjoy the convenience of luxury transportation to and from Nuwara Eliya, making your journey through the hill country as comfortable as it is scenic.

  • Luxury Accommodations: Stay in some of the best accommodations in Nuwara Eliya, selected by Relax Getaways for their exceptional service, comfort, and charm, ensuring a memorable experience.

  • Cultural Immersion: Beyond the tea plantations, explore Nuwara Eliya's rich tapestry of flora and fauna, historical sites, and local cuisine, for a comprehensive experience of Sri Lankan hill country life.

The Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantations are more than just a destination; they're an experience that captures the essence of Sri Lanka's colonial past and its present as a global tea powerhouse. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., immerse yourself in the beauty, history, and flavours of Nuwara Eliya, making your classic Sri Lanka tour an unforgettable journey through the heart of Ceylon tea country.

Yala National Park Safari

Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Sri Lanka with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour offered by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., featuring an exhilarating safari through the famed Yala National Park. Renowned for its dense leopard population, Yala stands as a beacon for wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers alike, offering a glimpse into the diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity of Sri Lanka.

  • Diverse Wildlife: Yala National Park is a wildlife sanctuary that boasts a rich variety of animals, including elephants, sloth bears, spotted deer, and the elusive Sri Lankan leopard. The park is divided into five blocks, with Block I being the most visited for its high density of leopards.

  • Birdwatching Paradise: Aside from its iconic mammals, Yala is also a haven for birdwatchers, hosting over 200 bird species, including the flamboyant peacock and the rare black-necked stork, making it a vibrant spot for ornithologists and nature lovers.

  • Stunning Landscapes: The park's landscapes are as diverse as its wildlife, featuring sandy beaches, rocky outcrops, lagoons, dry woodland, and moist forests. These varying habitats provide the perfect backdrop for safari adventures and nature photography.

  • Guided Safari Tours: Relax Getaways offers guided safari tours in comfortable, open-top jeeps, led by experienced naturalists who share insights into the park's flora and fauna, enhancing your safari experience.

  • Expertise and Insight: With Relax Getaways, you can benefit from the expertise of local guides who have an intimate knowledge of the park's terrain and wildlife, increasing your chances of memorable sightings.

  • Comfort and Safety: Safety and comfort are paramount, with well-maintained vehicles and precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience within the natural habitat of Sri Lanka's majestic wildlife.

  • Convenient Access: Enjoy hassle-free access to Yala National Park, with all arrangements taken care of by Relax Getaways, from park permits to the best times for wildlife viewing.

  • Luxury Accommodations: After a day of adventure, relax in luxury accommodations selected by Relax Getaways, offering the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, nestled in the natural beauty of Sri Lanka's wilderness.

A safari in Yala National Park is a highlight of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, promising an unforgettable journey through the heart of Sri Lanka's natural wonders. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., experience the thrill of the wild, the beauty of nature, and the luxury of bespoke travel, all woven into one remarkable adventure.

Ella Rock Hiking

Step into the heart of Sri Lanka's stunning landscapes with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., featuring the exhilarating hike to Ella Rock. This adventure is a highlight for those seeking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and breathtaking views of Sri Lanka’s hill country. The trek to Ella Rock is more than just a hike; it's an opportunity to connect with nature, experience local wildlife, and witness some of the most panoramic vistas the island has to offer.

  • Scenic Routes: The journey to Ella Rock begins with a scenic walk along the railway tracks, followed by a trek through lush tea plantations and dense forests, offering hikers a diverse and enriching natural landscape.

  • Panoramic Views: Upon reaching the summit of Ella Rock, hikers are rewarded with sweeping views of the surrounding countryside, including the verdant valleys, tea fields, and distant mountain ranges, making it a perfect spot for breathtaking photographs.

  • Local Flora and Fauna: The hike is an excellent opportunity to observe the rich biodiversity of the region, including exotic bird species, colourful butterflies, and unique plant life, adding a layer of discovery to the adventure.

  • Cultural Interaction: The trail passes through local villages, offering insights into the rural Sri Lankan way of life and the chance to interact with friendly locals, enriching the hiking experience with cultural immersion.

  • Expert Guidance: Relax Getaways provides experienced guides who not only ensure a safe and enjoyable hike but also share insights about the local ecosystem, history, and culture, enhancing the overall experience.

  • Tailored Experiences: Understanding that every traveller has unique interests, Relax Getaways offers customizable hiking experiences, allowing for adjustments in pace and difficulty to suit individual preferences.

  • Seamless Logistics: From transportation to and from the hike starting point to providing necessary refreshments and support, Relax Getaways ensures a hassle-free and comfortable hiking adventure.

  • Post-Hike Relaxation: After a day of trekking, guests can unwind in the comfort of carefully selected accommodations, offering the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury in Ella’s serene environment.

The hike to Ella Rock is a must-do for anyone visiting Sri Lanka with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. It promises not just an adventure but a journey through the heart of Sri Lanka's natural splendour, offering moments of tranquilly, awe, and a deep connection with the natural world. Whether you're an avid hiker or simply someone who loves to explore the great outdoors, the Ella Rock hike is an unforgettable part of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour.

Dambulla Cave Temple

Dive into the spiritual heart of Sri Lanka with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., featuring a visit to the sacred Dambulla Cave Temple. This UNESCO World Heritage site, also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla, is a cornerstone of Sri Lankan cultural and religious heritage, offering an unparalleled glimpse into the country's Buddhist legacy through its magnificent murals and statues.

  • Historical Significance: With a history spanning over 2,000 years, the Dambulla Cave Temple complex is among the best-preserved and most impressive cave temple sites in Sri Lanka, showcasing the evolution of Buddhist art and architecture.

  • Artistic Marvels: The complex comprises five main caves, each filled with intricate frescoes and over 150 statues of Buddha, as well as statues of Sri Lankan kings and Hindu gods, making it a treasure trove of religious art.

  • Spiritual Atmosphere: The serene ambiance of the temple, combined with the spiritual significance of its artefacts and paintings, provides a tranquil and contemplative experience for visitors, regardless of their religious background.

  • Panoramic Views: Situated atop a 160-meter high rock, the temple offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding plains and countryside, adding a natural splendour to the spiritual journey.

  • Expert Insights: Relax Getaways provides knowledgeable guides who offer deep insights into the history, symbolism, and artistry of the Dambulla Cave Temple, enriching your visit with meaningful context and stories.

  • Seamless Experience: With all logistics taken care of, from transportation to entry tickets, Relax Getaways ensures a smooth and hassle-free visit, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquilly of the temple.

  • Cultural Immersion: Beyond the temple visit, Relax Getaways offers a comprehensive exploration of Sri Lanka's rich cultural heritage, integrating visits to other historical sites and experiences that highlight the diversity of Sri Lankan traditions and lifestyles.

  • Comfort and Convenience: From comfortable transportation to luxury accommodations, Relax Getaways prioritises your comfort throughout the tour, ensuring that each aspect of your journey is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

A visit to the Dambulla Cave Temple with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is not just a tour; it's a journey into the spiritual and artistic heart of Sri Lanka. Whether you're drawn to the historical significance, the artistic beauty, or the serene spirituality of the site, the Dambulla Cave Temple stands as a must-visit destination on the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, promising a deeply enriching and unforgettable experience.

Whale-watching Mirissa

An unforgettable marine adventure with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., featuring exhilarating Whale Watching in Mirissa. Mirissa, a picturesque coastal town at the southern tip of Sri Lanka, is renowned as one of the world's premier destinations for whale and dolphin watching. This experience offers a unique opportunity to witness the majestic beauty of blue whales, sperm whales, and playful dolphins in their natural habitat.

  • Prime Whale Watching: Mirissa's waters are among the best spots globally for seeing blue whales, the largest animals on the planet, along with sperm whales, orcas, and several dolphin species, making it a thrilling experience for wildlife enthusiasts.

  • Eco-Friendly Tours: Relax Getaways prioritises eco-friendly and responsible whale watching practices, ensuring minimal disturbance to marine life while providing an educational and enjoyable experience for visitors.

  • Expert Guidance: Guided by marine biologists and experienced crew, these tours offer insightful commentary on the behaviour and conservation of whales and dolphins, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of these magnificent creatures.

  • Best Season for Sightings: The peak season for whale watching in Mirissa extends from November to April, offering the highest likelihood of sightings under the guidance of Relax Getaways' expert planning.

  • Personalized Service: Relax Getaways ensures a personalised and comfortable experience, with small group sizes allowing for a more intimate and enjoyable whale watching adventure.

  • Safety and Comfort: Prioritising safety and comfort, Relax Getaways provides modern, well-equipped boats and all necessary safety gear, ensuring a worry-free experience on the water.

  • Seamless Experience: From hotel pickups to providing refreshments on board, Relax Getaways takes care of all logistics, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the excitement of whale watching.

  • Comprehensive Tour Experience: Beyond the thrill of whale watching, Relax Getaways offers a holistic tour of Sri Lanka’s cultural, historical, and natural wonders, making your journey a rich tapestry of experiences.

Whale watching in Mirissa with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is more than just an activity; it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to connect with the natural world in a profound and unforgettable way. Witnessing these majestic marine mammals in their natural environment is a poignant reminder of the beauty and fragility of our planet, making it a highlight of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour that stays with you long after your return.

Rich Cultural Heritage

A journey through time with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., a meticulously curated experience designed to immerse you in the Rich Cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. This enchanting island, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, boasts a tapestry of cultures, religions, and histories that span over millennia. From ancient Buddhist temples and colonial fortresses to vibrant festivals and traditional culinary delights, the Classic Sri Lanka Tour offers a deep dive into the heart and soul of this diverse nation.

  • Ancient Cities and Sacred Sites: Visit the Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle, including the historic capitals of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, the cave temples of Dambulla, and the sacred Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, each telling its own story of Sri Lanka's Buddhist heritage and royal past.

  • Colonial Architecture and Heritage: Wander through the colonial streets of Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where Dutch and British influences merge with local traditions, offering a glimpse into the island's colonial history.

  • Vibrant Festivals: Experience the spectacle of the Kandy Esala Perahera, one of Asia's most vibrant and colourful festivals, where traditional dancers, drummers, and elaborately decorated elephants parade through the streets in a dazzling display of culture and devotion.

  • Traditional Sri Lankan Cuisine: Savour the flavours of Sri Lanka with a Sri Lankan Cuisine Tour, where you can taste a variety of local dishes, learn about the spices that make Sri Lankan food unique, and even take part in a cooking class to bring these flavours home.

  • Expertise and Insight: With Relax Getaways, benefit from the knowledge and passion of local guides who bring the history, legends, and traditions of Sri Lanka to life, offering an immersive and educational experience.

  • Customized Itineraries: Understanding that every traveller has unique interests, Relax Getaways offers customizable tours that can be tailored to focus on specific aspects of Sri Lanka's cultural heritage, ensuring a personal and meaningful journey.

  • Luxury and Comfort: Enjoy the luxury of carefully selected accommodations, private transportation, and exclusive experiences that elevate your tour of Sri Lanka's cultural heritage to a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

  • Comprehensive Experience: Beyond the historical sites and cultural experiences, Relax Getaways ensures a holistic journey through Sri Lanka, incorporating natural wonders, wildlife encounters, and leisure time, making your trip a balanced and enriching experience.

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is more than just a vacation; it's an exploration of Sri Lanka's soul, offering a window into the rich tapestry of cultures, religions, and traditions that make this island nation uniquely captivating. Whether you're a history buff, a cultural enthusiast, or simply in search of a journey that touches the heart, the Rich Cultural Heritage of Sri Lanka awaits to amaze and inspire.

Galle Fort Walking Tour

Step back in time with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., featuring the enchanting Galle Fort Walking Tour. Nestled on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, Galle Fort is a historical jewel that stands as a testament to the island's rich colonial past. Built first by the Portuguese in the 16th century and then extensively fortified by the Dutch in the 17th century, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a fascinating blend of European architecture and South Asian traditions.

  • Architectural Marvels: Explore the well-preserved ramparts, bastions, and colonial buildings that make Galle Fort a remarkable example of European fortification in South Asia. Each corner of the fort tells a story of conquests, trade, and the blending of cultures.

  • Cultural Tapestry: The streets within Galle Fort are lined with boutique shops, cafes, and art galleries, reflecting the vibrant cultural life that thrives within its historic walls. The multicultural community of Galle Fort includes descendants of Dutch, Portuguese, British, and Sri Lankan ancestors, contributing to the area's unique cultural mosaic.

  • Historic Landmarks: Visit key landmarks such as the Galle Lighthouse, the Dutch Reformed Church, and the National Maritime Museum. Each site offers a glimpse into the fort's strategic importance and its role in the historical maritime trade routes.

  • Artisanal Crafts and Cuisine: Discover the rich artisanal heritage of Galle, from traditional lace makers to local jewellers. Sampling the local cuisine, which is a fusion of Dutch, Portuguese, and Sri Lankan flavours, is a must-do for any food enthusiast.

  • Expert Guided Tours: Enjoy the insights and narratives of knowledgeable local guides provided by Relax Getaways, who bring the history of Galle Fort to life, offering a deeper understanding of its historical and cultural significance.

  • Personalized Experience: With Relax Getaways, the walking tour can be customised to suit your interests, whether it's focusing on the fort's architectural details, its historical context, or the contemporary art scene.

  • Seamless Integration: The Galle Fort Walking Tour is seamlessly integrated into the broader Classic Sri Lanka Tour, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of Sri Lanka's heritage, natural beauty, and cultural diversity.

  • Comfort and Convenience: Relax Getaways ensures your comfort throughout the tour, with luxury accommodations and transportation arranged to make your experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

The Galle Fort Walking Tour is an integral part of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, offering a unique opportunity to walk through history and experience the enduring legacy of Galle Fort. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., immerse yourself in the architectural beauty, historical depth, and cultural richness of one of Sri Lanka's most iconic landmarks.

4-Star Hotel Accommodation

Elevate your travel experience in Sri Lanka with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour offered by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., where luxury meets tradition in our carefully selected 4-Star Hotel Accommodations. Each hotel has been chosen not only for its comfort and service but also for its unique ability to reflect the rich heritage and natural beauty of Sri Lanka, ensuring that your stay is an integral part of your journey through this enchanting island.

  • Strategic Locations: Our hotels are strategically located to provide easy access to Sri Lanka's major attractions, from the serene beaches of the south to the historic sites of the Cultural Triangle, ensuring that you are always in the heart of the action.

  • Authentic Sri Lankan Hospitality: Experience the warm, genuine hospitality Sri Lanka is known for. Our selected 4-star hotels offer friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere, making you feel at home away from home.

  • Elegant Accommodations: Enjoy elegantly appointed rooms that blend modern amenities with traditional Sri Lankan design elements, creating a comfortable and immersive cultural experience.

  • Gastronomic Delights: Savour the flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine with a variety of dining options available at our hotels. From local delicacies to international dishes, each meal is prepared with the freshest ingredients to offer a culinary journey as memorable as your tour.

  • Wellness and Recreation: Many of our selected hotels feature spa and wellness centres, swimming pools, and recreational activities, providing ample opportunities to relax and unwind after a day of exploration.

  • Carefully Curated Selection: Each hotel under the Classic Sri Lanka Tour package has been handpicked by Relax Getaways for its quality, location, and ability to deliver an authentic Sri Lankan experience.

  • Seamless Integration: Accommodations are seamlessly integrated into your travel itinerary, ensuring that each day of your tour begins and ends in comfort and style.

  • Attention to Detail: Relax Getaways pays attention to the small details that make a big difference, from ensuring a smooth check-in process to arranging special touches that enhance your stay.

  • Customer-Centric Service: We prioritise your comfort and satisfaction above all else, with 24/7 support to address any concerns and assist with any needs you may have during your stay.

With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., your stay in Sri Lanka transcends mere accommodation. Our 4-Star Hotel Accommodations are carefully chosen to ensure that every aspect of your journey is imbued with the essence of Sri Lankan culture, comfort, and luxury, making the Classic Sri Lanka Tour an unforgettable experience.

Private Luxury Transfers

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. elevates your journey across this enchanting island with the inclusion of Private Luxury Transfers. Understanding the importance of comfort, convenience, and style in travel, Relax Getaways ensures that every journey between the diverse landscapes and historic sites of Sri Lanka is as seamless and enjoyable as the destinations themselves.

  • Modern, Comfortable Vehicles: Travel in the comfort of modern, air-conditioned vehicles that are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring your journey is relaxing, regardless of the distance or terrain.

  • Personalised Service: With private transfers, enjoy the flexibility and privacy that allow for a personalised travel experience. Stop for photos, take detours to hidden gems, or simply enjoy the scenic views at your own pace.

  • Experienced Drivers: Our drivers are not just skilled at navigating the roads of Sri Lanka; they are courteous professionals who prioritise your safety and comfort. Fluent in English, they can also share insights into the local culture and landscapes.

  • Hassle-Free Travel: From airport pickups to transfers between cities and attractions, Relax Getaways handles all logistics, allowing you to focus on enjoying the beauty and culture of Sri Lanka without the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads.

  • Seamless Integration: Our private luxury transfers are seamlessly integrated into the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, ensuring smooth transitions between your accommodations and the day's activities or destinations.

  • Door-to-Door Convenience: Enjoy the ultimate convenience of door-to-door service, reducing travel time and maximising your enjoyment of Sri Lanka’s sights and experiences.

  • Safety and Reliability: Safety is our top priority. Travel with peace of mind knowing that you are in the hands of vetted, reliable drivers and in vehicles equipped with safety features.

  • Customizable Itineraries: While on the road, the flexibility of private transfers allows for customisable itineraries, giving you the freedom to explore Sri Lanka in a way that best suits your interests and pace.

With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., the journey is just as important as the destination. Our Private Luxury Transfers offer not just a means of travel but an integral part of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour experience, ensuring that every moment of your journey is imbued with the comfort, style, and personalised service that define luxury travel.

Best time for Classic Sri Lanka Tour

The Best Time for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. varies depending on the regions you plan to visit in Sri Lanka, due to the island's diverse climates. However, broadly speaking, the most favourable periods to explore the majority of Sri Lanka’s iconic destinations, including the Cultural Triangle, Southern Beaches, Hill Country, and wildlife parks, are during its two primary dry seasons.

Discover Sri Lanka from December to March

  • Dry Season in the South and West: December to March is ideal for visiting the Southern Beaches and the West Coast, as well as the Hill Country and the Cultural Triangle. During these months, the weather is predominantly dry and sunny, offering perfect conditions for beach activities, cultural exploration, and highland hikes.

  • Wildlife Watching: This period is also advantageous for wildlife enthusiasts, especially those interested in Whale Watching in Mirissa, where sightings of blue whales and other marine life are at their peak.

Enjoy the East Coast from May to September

  • Dry Season in the East: If you're drawn to the pristine beaches of the East Coast, including Trincomalee and Arugam Bay, the best time to visit is from May to September. This period coincides with the dry season in the eastern part of the island, offering sunny days ideal for beach activities and surfing.

  • Cultural Festivals: Additionally, visiting during these months allows you to experience vibrant cultural festivals, including the Esala Perahera in Kandy in July or August, a spectacular event showcasing Sri Lanka’s rich traditions and religious devotion.

Year-Round Attractions

  • Wildlife Safaris: For those interested in safari tours, such as a visit to Yala National Park, wildlife viewing is rewarding throughout the year. However, the dry season from May to September when water sources are scarce, animals are often easier to spot as they gather around remaining water bodies.

Tailoring Your Visit

  • Personal Preferences: Consider what you most want to experience—be it pristine beaches, historic sites, wildlife, or cultural events—to determine the best time for your tour.

  • Regional Climates: Sri Lanka's diverse climate means that while one region experiences rain, another may offer clear skies and sunshine, making the island a year-round destination.

  • Flexible Planning: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. can help tailor your tour to ensure you visit each destination at the optimal time, based on your interests and the weather conditions.

In conclusion, the Best Time for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour largely depends on the experiences you seek and the regions you wish to explore. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., you can enjoy a well-planned journey, ensuring that you experience the best of Sri Lanka, regardless of the season.

Important notes on Classic Sri Lanka Tour

Embarking on the Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Sri Lanka's rich history, culture, and natural beauty. To ensure a seamless and enriching experience, here are some important notes and tips:

Travel Documents and Visa Requirements

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date from Sri Lanka.

  • Visas can be obtained online via the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system or on arrival for many nationalities. Check the latest visa requirements specific to your country before travelling.

Health and Safety

  • Vaccinations may be recommended or required for travel to Sri Lanka. Consult with a travel health specialist or your local health authority for advice.

  • Travel insurance covering medical expenses and unexpected trip cancellations is highly recommended for peace of mind.

  • Safety measures in response to COVID-19 or other health advisories should be adhered to, including wearing masks in public spaces and practicing good hygiene.

Cultural Respect and Etiquette

  • Dress Code: When visiting religious sites such as temples, dress modestly, covering shoulders and legs. Removing shoes before entering is also required.

  • Photography: Always ask for permission before taking photos of people or inside temples where photography may be restricted.

Currency and Payments

  • The local currency is the Sri Lankan rupee (LKR). ATMs are widely available in urban areas, but carrying some cash is advisable for small purchases and rural regions.

  • Credit cards are accepted in many hotels, restaurants, and shops, but inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid any transaction issues.

Communication and Connectivity

  • English is widely spoken, especially in tourist areas, making communication relatively easy.

  • Mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi are generally reliable in cities and tourist spots. Consider purchasing a local SIM card for longer stays.

Climate and Packing Tips

  • Sri Lanka’s climate varies by region. Lightweight, breathable clothing is suitable for most of the year, with warmer layers for the Hill Country.

  • Rain gear is essential if travelling during the monsoon seasons (May to August in the southwest; October to January in the northeast).

  • Sun protection, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, is advisable, especially on safaris and beach days.

Transportation and Travel Times

  • Private luxury transfers provided by Relax Getaways ensure comfortable travel between destinations. However, be prepared for variable travel times due to traffic and road conditions.

Sustainable Travel Practices

  • Support local communities by purchasing local handicrafts and dining in local restaurants.

  • Respect wildlife and natural habitats by maintaining a safe distance from animals and not supporting attractions that exploit wildlife.

  • Reduce plastic usage by carrying a reusable water bottle and bag.

By keeping these important notes in mind, your Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. will not only be a journey through the stunning landscapes and cultural landmarks of Sri Lanka but also a respectful and responsible exploration of this beautiful island nation.

Luxury Classic Sri Lanka Tour

The Luxury Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. offers a blend of cultural richness, historical depth, and natural beauty, all experienced through the lens of luxury. It's not just a tour; it's an exploration of Sri Lanka’s most exclusive experiences, designed for those who seek the utmost in comfort, exclusivity, and personalised service.

Unrivalled Accommodations:

  • 5-Star hotels and resorts: each selected for their luxurious amenities, exceptional service, and unique ability to immerse guests in the local culture and landscape.

  • Authentic Experiences: From colonial bungalows to beachfront villas, accommodations offer more than just a place to stay, providing a gateway to the heart of Sri Lanka’s heritage and natural beauty.

Exclusive Experiences:

  • Private Guided Tours: Explore ancient ruins, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cities with expert guides, away from the crowds.

  • Unique Activities: helicopter rides, wildlife safaris in premium jeeps, private yacht cruises, and more, tailored for an intimate exploration of the island.

  • Cultural Immersion: Engage in authentic local experiences, from traditional cooking classes to private performances of Sri Lankan dance and music.

Personalised Service:

  • Dedicated Concierge: A personal concierge to handle all your needs, from travel arrangements to special requests, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

  • Private Chauffeur: luxury vehicles with experienced drivers at your disposal, offering the freedom to explore Sri Lanka at your own pace.

Culinary Delights:

  • Gourmet Dining: Meals at some of Sri Lanka's finest restaurants, showcasing the best of local and international cuisine.

  • Culinary Experiences: Opportunities to learn from culinary experts through private cooking classes and exclusive dining experiences.

Sustainable and Responsible Travel:

  • Conservation Efforts: Participation in tours and activities that support wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability.

  • Community Engagement: Opportunities to contribute to local communities, ensuring that your travel has a positive impact.

The Luxury Classic Sri Lanka Tour transcends the traditional travel experience, offering a journey that is as enriching as it is exclusive. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., embark on a tour that not only showcases the beauty and diversity of Sri Lanka but does so with an unwavering commitment to luxury, personalization, and sustainability.

Discover the Essence of Sri Lanka: A Classic Tour Overview

a journey through the heart of Sri Lanka with the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, a meticulously curated expedition that promises to unveil the island's rich tapestry of culture, history, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Designed by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., this tour is a perfect blend of exploration, adventure, and relaxation, tailored to showcase the very best of Sri Lanka’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

  • Journey Through Time and Nature: The Classic Sri Lanka Tour takes you on a captivating journey across diverse landscapes, from the golden beaches of the coast to the misty heights of the hill country, each offering a unique perspective on the island's multifaceted beauty.

  • Cultural Triangle: Explore the ancient heartland of Sri Lanka, where the ruins of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and the majestic Sigiriya Rock Fortress stand as testaments to the island’s rich historical legacy.

  • Scenic Tea Plantations: Wander through the lush greenery of the Nuwara Eliya tea plantations, experiencing the colonial charm and the cool, refreshing climate of the hill country.

  • Wildlife Safaris: Venture into the wild at Yala National Park or Udawalawe National Park, where elephants, leopards, and a myriad of bird species offer thrilling encounters with nature.

  • Beach Relaxation: Unwind on the pristine beaches of the southern coast, where the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean gently lap against golden sands.

  • Luxury and Comfort Redefined: With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., travellers can expect nothing less than the highest standards of luxury and comfort. From private luxury transfers to ensure smooth travel between destinations to stays in 4-star accommodations that provide the perfect blend of elegance and local charm, every aspect of the tour is designed with the discerning traveller in mind.

  • A Culinary Journey: The Classic Sri Lanka Tour also offers a tantalising culinary journey through the flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine. From spicy curries and fresh seafood to sweet delicacies, each meal is an opportunity to explore the island’s rich gastronomic heritage.

  • Sustainable and Responsible Travel: Committed to sustainable tourism practices, Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. ensures that the Classic Sri Lanka Tour not only provides an unforgettable experience for travellers but also positively impacts the local communities and environments visited.

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour is an invitation to immerse yourself in the beauty, history, and culture of Sri Lanka. Whether you’re marvelling at ancient architectural wonders, enjoying the serene beauty of the hill country, or relaxing on sun-drenched beaches, this tour promises a comprehensive and unforgettable exploration of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour encapsulates the essence of Sri Lanka's diverse beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Curated by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., it offers a seamless blend of adventure, heritage, and relaxation. From exploring ancient ruins and lush landscapes to experiencing local cuisine and hospitality, this tour promises a comprehensive and unforgettable journey through the heart of Sri Lanka. It stands not just as a travel experience but as an invitation to immerse oneself in the spirit of this enchanting island, leaving travelers with lasting memories and a deep connection to its wonders.

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Upon your arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, the vibrant capital city of Sri Lanka, your adventure with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. officially commences. Sri Lanka, an island nation known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, is ready to offer you an unforgettable journey.

Arrival and Welcoming

Meet and Greet: A representative from Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. will be waiting for you at the arrival hall, holding a sign for easy identification. They will warmly welcome you to Sri Lanka and provide assistance with any immediate needs or questions you might have.

Transfer Details: Your private, luxury transfer will be ready to take you from the airport to your hotel. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your vehicle as you take in your first glimpses of Sri Lanka’s diverse landscapes and daily life.

Checking into Your Hotel

Accommodation: You will be staying at a carefully selected 4-star hotel, chosen for its excellent location, amenities, and service standards, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing start to your tour.

Rest and Refresh: After the check-in process, take some time to rest and refresh from your journey. Depending on your arrival time, you might want to explore the hotel's facilities or take a leisurely stroll in the surrounding area.

Optional Evening Activities

Dinner at the Hotel: Enjoy your first taste of Sri Lankan cuisine with a dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, where you can savor a variety of local and international dishes.

Explore Colombo: If you're up for it, consider a gentle exploration of Colombo. The city offers a blend of colonial charm and modern vibrancy, with attractions like the Galle Face Green, Colombo National Museum, and various temples and markets.

Preparing for the Days Ahead

Tour Briefing: You may receive a brief overview of the upcoming itinerary from your Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. tour guide, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the adventures that lie ahead.

Adjusting to the Time Zone: Remember to adjust your watches to Sri Lanka time (GMT+5:30) and get a good night's rest to acclimatize to the new time zone and prepare for the exciting days ahead.

Day 1 of your Classic Sri Lanka Tour is designed to be a smooth and welcoming introduction to the wonders of Sri Lanka, setting the stage for the rich experiences and discoveries that await. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., every detail is taken care of, allowing you to relax, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of this enchanting island.

  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Kandy, Sri Lanka

Day 2 of your Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. takes you to the heart of Sri Lanka's cultural heritage—Kandy. This historic city, set amidst rolling hills in the central province, is not only a UNESCO World Heritage site but also a place of great spiritual significance, being home to the sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic.

Morning: Journey to Kandy

Departure: After an early breakfast at your hotel, prepare for your journey to Kandy. The scenic drive from Colombo to Kandy offers a glimpse into the diverse landscapes and local life of Sri Lanka.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage: En route, consider a stop at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, a unique sanctuary caring for orphaned elephants. Witness these majestic creatures in a natural setting and learn about conservation efforts.

Midday: Temple of the Tooth and Royal Botanical Gardens

Temple of the Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa): Upon arrival in Kandy, visit the Temple of the Tooth, which houses Sri Lanka's most important Buddhist relic – a tooth of the Buddha. Explore the temple complex, observe the rituals, and soak in the serene and spiritual atmosphere.

Lunch: Enjoy a traditional Sri Lankan meal at a local restaurant, where you can taste the flavors of Kandy’s unique cuisine.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya: Post-lunch, stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya, renowned for its extensive collection of orchids, spices, and medicinal plants. The tranquility and natural beauty of the gardens provide a perfect contrast to the morning's spiritual exploration.

Afternoon: Cultural Show and City Tour

Kandyan Cultural Show: Experience a vibrant display of traditional Kandyan dance and music at a cultural show, a fantastic way to understand the artistic heritage of the region.

Kandy City Tour: Embark on a guided tour of Kandy city, including visits to local markets, arts and crafts centers, and historical landmarks. The tour offers insights into the city's rich history and contemporary culture.

Evening: Return and Relaxation

Scenic Return: As the day concludes, enjoy the scenic drive back to your hotel. Reflect on the day’s experiences amidst the comfort of your private luxury transfer.

Dinner and Leisure: End your day with a leisurely dinner at the hotel. This is an excellent time to relax and perhaps plan for the next day's adventures.

Tips for a Memorable Day in Kandy

Dress Code: When visiting the Temple of the Tooth and other religious sites, remember to dress modestly, covering shoulders and knees as a sign of respect.

Photography: While photography is allowed in most areas, always check for signs or ask permission before taking photos, especially in sacred sites.

Stay Hydrated: The climate in Kandy can be warm and humid, so carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Day 2 of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour immerses you in the spiritual, cultural, and natural beauty of Kandy, offering a deep dive into the heart of Sri Lanka's heritage. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., every moment in Kandy is curated to ensure a rich and engaging experience, leaving you with lasting memories of this historic city.

  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Kandy, Sri Lanka

Day 3 of your Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. marks a transition from the cultural richness of Kandy to the breathtaking natural beauty of Nuwara Eliya, known as "Little England" for its colonial charm and cool climate. This leg of the journey offers a blend of scenic drives, engaging hikes, and the chance to immerse yourself in the serene landscapes of Sri Lanka's hill country.

Morning: Departure from Kandy

Early Start: Enjoy breakfast at your hotel before setting off early for Nuwara Eliya, ensuring ample time for sightseeing and exploration along the way.

Tea Plantation Visit: En route, visit a tea plantation to witness the process of tea production, from the lush fields where the tea is grown to the factory where it's processed. This visit offers insights into the importance of tea in Sri Lanka's economy and culture, complete with a tea tasting session.

Midday: Hiking and Exploring

Ramboda Falls: Stop at the stunning Ramboda Falls, one of Sri Lanka's most beautiful waterfalls, offering a picturesque setting for photos and a refreshing break.

Horton Plains National Park: Embark on a hike to World's End, a sheer cliff with a dramatic drop of 880 meters, located within Horton Plains National Park. The hike, approximately 3.5 hours in duration, takes you through misty grasslands and cloud forests, offering a chance to spot endemic flora and fauna.

Afternoon: Arrival in Nuwara Eliya

Lunch: After the hike, enjoy a well-deserved lunch at a local restaurant, sampling some of the local cuisine unique to the hill country.

Nuwara Eliya City Tour: Explore Nuwara Eliya, with its colonial-era bungalows, well-tended gardens, and the picturesque Gregory Lake. The city tour captures the essence of this quaint town, often referred to as "Little England" for its resemblance to an English country village.

Evening: Relaxation and Leisure

Check-in: Check into your hotel in Nuwara Eliya. Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. has selected accommodations that complement the serene and picturesque setting of Nuwara Eliya, ensuring a comfortable and restful evening.

Leisure Time: Spend the evening at leisure, perhaps enjoying a walk in the cool climate or indulging in the amenities of your hotel.

Tips for a Fulfilling Day

Appropriate Attire: For the hike in Horton Plains, wear comfortable hiking shoes and dress in layers, as the weather can be quite cool, especially in the morning.

Stay Hydrated: Carry water with you during the hike to stay hydrated.

Photography: Nuwara Eliya offers countless photographic opportunities, from the tea plantations to colonial architecture. Ensure your camera is charged and ready.

Day 3 of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour unveils the natural splendor of Sri Lanka's hill country, from the lush tea plantations to the misty heights of Horton Plains. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., every aspect of the day is carefully planned to provide an enriching and memorable experience, setting the stage for further adventures in the heart of Sri Lanka.

  • 5 star Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Day 4 of your Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. continues your exploration of Sri Lanka's majestic hill country, transitioning from the quaint, colonial charm of Nuwara Eliya to the verdant, peaceful allure of Ella. This day promises breathtaking landscapes, engaging hikes, and a closer look at the natural beauty that defines the central highlands.

Morning: Nuwara Eliya Exploration

Breakfast: Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at your hotel, fueling up for the adventures ahead.

Seetha Amman Temple: Visit the Seetha Amman Temple, a colorful and culturally significant site believed to be marked by the footprints of the goddess Sita from the epic Ramayana.

Gregory Lake: Take a leisurely morning walk or a boat ride on Gregory Lake, surrounded by lush greenery and offering picturesque views and a tranquil setting.

Transfer to Ella

Scenic Drive: Depart Nuwara Eliya for Ella, enjoying one of Sri Lanka's most scenic drives. The journey itself, with its panoramic views of waterfalls, tea plantations, and mountain ranges, is an experience to cherish.

Tea Factory Visit: En route, stop at a tea factory to delve deeper into the journey of Ceylon tea from leaf to cup. This visit complements your earlier plantation tour, offering a comprehensive look at Sri Lanka's tea culture.

Afternoon: Ella Adventures

Ella Rock Hike: Gear up for a hike to Ella Rock, a landmark offering some of the most breathtaking views in Sri Lanka. The hike, approximately 2 hours, is moderately challenging but rewards with panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside.

Nine Arch Bridge: Visit the iconic Nine Arch Bridge, an architectural marvel set amidst lush jungle. It's a perfect spot for photography and to watch local trains chug along this picturesque stretch.

Evening: Leisure and Relaxation in Ella

Check-in: Arrive and check into your hotel in Ella, where the ambiance blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings, offering a peaceful retreat.

Free Time: Spend the evening at leisure, exploring the quaint town of Ella with its cozy cafes and boutiques. The relaxed vibe of Ella makes it a perfect place to unwind after a day of hiking and exploration.

Tips for a Spectacular Day

Preparation for Hike: For the Ella Rock hike, wear sturdy footwear and carry water, sunscreen, and snacks. Start early to avoid the midday heat.

Respect Nature: Stay on marked trails during your hikes to protect the environment and ensure your safety.

Cultural Sensitivity: When visiting temples and religious sites, dress modestly and remove shoes where required, showing respect for local customs.

Day 4 encapsulates the essence of Sri Lanka's hill country, from the serene beauty of Nuwara Eliya to the adventurous allure of Ella. With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., every moment is meticulously planned to offer an immersive experience, allowing you to soak in the natural wonders and cultural nuances of this enchanting region. Whether you're marveling at historical sites or conquering mountain trails, Day 4 is a testament to the diverse and captivating beauty of Sri Lanka.

  • 5 star Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Day 5 of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. promises an adrenaline-packed day with an exhilarating white water rafting experience in Kitulgala, the premier rafting destination in Sri Lanka. Nestled amidst lush rainforests and offering challenging rapids, Kitulgala provides the perfect backdrop for adventure enthusiasts to test their mettle against the mighty waters of the Kelani River.

Morning: Journey to Kitulgala

Early Breakfast: Fuel up with an early breakfast at your hotel in Ella before departing for Kitulgala, known for its wet and wild adventures and stunning natural beauty.

Scenic Drive: Enjoy a scenic drive through the hill country, witnessing the changing landscapes as you descend towards the western lowlands where Kitulgala lies.

Adventure Begins: White Water Rafting

Safety Briefing: Upon arrival in Kitulgala, meet your experienced rafting guides who will provide a comprehensive safety briefing, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the thrilling experience ahead.

Gear Up: Get equipped with all necessary safety gear, including helmets and life jackets, before heading to the starting point of your rafting adventure.

The Rafting Experience: Embark on an unforgettable journey down the Kelani River, navigating through its series of exciting rapids. The river offers a mix of Grade 2 to 3 rapids, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters. Along the way, admire the lush rainforests and the diverse wildlife that calls this region home.

Lunch and Leisure

Lunch Break: After the rafting adventure, enjoy a well-deserved lunch at a local restaurant, where you can relive the day's exhilarating moments over delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.

Leisure Time: Spend some leisure time exploring Kitulgala further. Optional activities include jungle walks, bird watching, or simply relaxing by the river, soaking in the serene natural surroundings.

Evening: Return and Relax

Return Journey: In the late afternoon, begin your journey back to your accommodation in Ella or your next destination, depending on your itinerary with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.

Evening at Leisure: Spend the evening at your leisure, relaxing and rejuvenating after an action-packed day. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the amenities of your hotel or explore the local area further.

Tips for a Successful Rafting Adventure

Wear Appropriate Clothing: Opt for quick-drying clothes and secure water shoes or sandals with straps. Avoid cotton as it stays wet and heavy.

Listen to Your Guides: Pay close attention to the instructions provided by your guides for a safe and enjoyable rafting experience.

Stay Hydrated: Bring a water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the day, especially after the physical exertion of rafting.

Protect Your Skin: Apply waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun during the rafting trip.

Day 5 of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is a day filled with adventure, laughter, and unforgettable memories. White water rafting in Kitulgala not only offers an adrenaline rush but also the opportunity to connect with Sri Lanka’s stunning natural landscapes from a unique perspective. This experience is sure to be a highlight of your Sri Lankan adventure, showcasing the island’s diverse offerings beyond its cultural and natural beauty.

  • 5 star Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Day 6 of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. takes you from the adventurous rapids of Kitulgala to the serene ocean waters for a captivating whale and dolphin watching experience. As you make your way back to Colombo, a detour to the southern coast offers the chance to witness the majestic beauty of marine life in its natural habitat, making for a memorable transition from the lush landscapes of the hill country to the vibrant energy of the capital.

Morning: Departure to Mirissa

Breakfast and Departure: Start your day with an early breakfast before departing for Mirissa, a renowned spot on the southern coast for whale and dolphin watching. The early start maximizes your chances of sightings and the calm morning seas offer the best conditions for marine exploration.

Scenic Route: Enjoy the scenic drive towards the coast, witnessing the changing landscapes as you approach the Indian Ocean.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Experience

Arrival in Mirissa: Upon arrival, board a specially equipped boat designed for marine wildlife observation. The crew, experienced in responsibly navigating these waters, will guide you to the areas known for high concentrations of whales and dolphins.

Marine Life Encounters: The waters off Mirissa are teeming with an abundance of marine life, including the majestic blue whale, sperm whales, and various species of dolphins. With the guidance of your crew, keep your eyes peeled for these magnificent creatures, along with sea turtles and flying fish.

Responsible Watching: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is committed to sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that your whale watching experience is conducted with the utmost respect for the marine environment and its inhabitants.

Lunch and Leisure

Lunch: After your marine adventure, enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant in Mirissa, where you can savor fresh seafood and traditional Sri Lankan dishes while reflecting on the morning's experiences.

Relaxation Time: Take some time to relax on the beautiful beaches of Mirissa, soaking in the sun and sea, or explore the local area known for its vibrant atmosphere and picturesque settings.

Evening: Return to Colombo

Journey back to Colombo: In the late afternoon, begin your journey back to Colombo. The drive back is an opportunity to unwind and take in the sights of coastal Sri Lanka one last time before returning to the urban landscape of the capital.

Evening at Leisure in Colombo: Upon arrival in Colombo, check into your hotel and spend the evening at your leisure. Colombo offers a wide array of dining and entertainment options, from upscale restaurants to cultural shows, allowing you to experience the city's modern side.

Tips for a Successful Whale Watching Adventure

Seasickness Precautions: If prone to seasickness, consider taking medication in advance. Staying on the lower deck and focusing on the horizon can also help.

Protection from the Elements: Wear a hat, apply waterproof sunscreen, and bring sunglasses to protect against the sun. A light waterproof jacket might be useful against sea spray.

Camera and Binoculars: Bring a camera with a good zoom and binoculars if available, to enhance your viewing experience.

Day 6 of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour balances the thrill of adventure with the awe of nature's grandeur, offering a unique perspective on Sri Lanka's diverse ecosystems. This day not only highlights the island's marine biodiversity but also underscores Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.'s commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism, ensuring that the beauty of Sri Lanka can be enjoyed by future generations.

  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka

Day 7 marks the conclusion of your enriching journey through Sri Lanka with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.. From the ancient wonders and lush landscapes to thrilling adventures and encounters with majestic marine life, your Classic Sri Lanka Tour has hopefully filled your heart with unforgettable memories. Today, you will be transferred back to Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, carrying with you the spirit of Sri Lanka as you prepare for your onward journey.

Morning: Final Moments and Check-out

Breakfast: Enjoy one last breakfast at your hotel in Colombo, reminiscing about the past week's adventures.

Check-out: Ensure you have all your belongings and complete the check-out process. Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. representatives will be available to assist with any last-minute details or questions.

Transfer to Colombo Airport

Scheduled Transfer: A private luxury transfer will take you from your hotel to Bandaranaike International Airport. The timing will be arranged based on your flight details to ensure a smooth and timely arrival at the airport.

Travel Time: Allow for ample travel time to the airport, considering traffic conditions and any specific airline requirements for international departures.

At the Airport

Flight Check-in: Proceed to your airline's check-in counter to drop off luggage (if any) and receive your boarding pass. It's advisable to check in online in advance, if possible, to streamline this process.

Security and Immigration: After check-in, go through airport security and immigration procedures. Keep your passport, boarding pass, and any required travel documents easily accessible.

Departure Lounge: Once past security, you can relax in the departure lounge. Browse the duty-free shops, grab a snack, or simply sit back and reflect on your Sri Lankan journey until it's time to board your flight.

Reflections and Farewells

Reflect on Your Journey: Use the waiting time to reflect on the experiences and connections made during your trip. Sri Lanka, with its rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and stories, leaves many travelers planning their next visit even before they've departed.

Stay in Touch: Consider exchanging contact information with fellow travelers or your Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. guides to stay in touch and share photos or memories post-trip.

Departure and Onward Journey

Boarding: Pay attention to airport announcements for your flight's boarding call. Proceed to the designated gate with plenty of time to spare.

Onward Journey: As you board your flight back home or to your next destination, carry with you not just souvenirs, but also the warmth, hospitality, and beauty of Sri Lanka, a reminder of your incredible journey through this island paradise.

Day 7 may signify the end of your Classic Sri Lanka Tour, but it also marks the beginning of a lifelong connection with this enchanting island. Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. thanks you for choosing this journey and hopes to welcome you back to Sri Lanka for more adventures in the future. Safe travels, and may the memories of Sri Lanka inspire you until your next adventure.

  • Breakfast

Package Option

  • 4 Star
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • US$799

What's included

  • Airport Pick-up and Drop off service by a Private Luxury vehicle
  • 4-Star Hotel Accommodation with American meal plan( Bed and Breakfast) on a twin/ double sharing basis
  • City tour and Sightseeing with English speaking driver.
  • All ground-level transportation
  • Activities and sightseeing entrance fee as per Itinerary
  • All governmental cost and Permit cost excluding Visa Cost
  • Internation Airfare and Sri Lanka Entry Visa fee
  • Meals: Lunch and Dinner unless mentioned in the above.
  • Travel and medical Insurance covering your travel period.
  • Personal expenses for drinks, shopping and laundary etc. 
  • Tips for guides and drivers
  • 5 Star
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • US$1199

What's included

  • Airport Pick-up and drop off facility in a private luxury vehicle
  • Luxury Accommodation in a luxury 5-Star hotel on American Meal plan with twin/double sharing Basis
  • American plan included: Bed and Breakfast
  • All overland transportation by a private luxury vehicle
  • City tours and sightseeing with english speaking driver.
  • All necessary paperwork and Sightseeing entrance fees
  • Governmental Taxes and official charges and surcharges.
  • Internation Airfare and Sri Lanka Entry Visa fee
  • Meals: Lunch and Dinner unless mentioned in the above itinerary.
  • Travel and medical Insurance covering your travel period.
  • Personal expenses for drinks, shopping and laundary etc. 
  • Tips for guides and drivers

Relax getaways provide the customers with a completely customize tailormade package as well. Travelers desiring to change the basic itinerary and wanting to add their terms of Interest can contact us for a better, complete, as best fitting your package.

Good to Know

Preparation for Classic Sri Lanka Tour

Preparing for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour involves a mix of practical planning and excitement building, as you gear up to explore the enchanting landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture of Sri Lanka. Here's how to ensure you're fully prepared for this unforgettable journey.

Travel Documents and Visa

  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned stay.

  • Apply for a Sri Lankan visa through the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, or check if you're eligible for visa on arrival.

Health Preparations

  • Consult a travel health clinic or your doctor at least a month before departure to discuss vaccinations and health precautions.

  • Consider packing a basic travel health kit with medication for common ailments.


  • Secure comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage.

Financial Preparations

  • Inform your bank of your travel dates to avoid any issues with card usage in Sri Lanka.

  • Exchange some currency to Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) for immediate expenses upon arrival, though ATMs are widely available in urban areas.

Cultural and Environmental Respect

  • Familiarise yourself with local customs and dress codes, especially when visiting religious sites where modest attire is required.

  • Bring a reusable water bottle and bags to minimize plastic waste, reflecting responsible tourism practices.

Itinerary and Bookings

  • Review your itinerary provided by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. to familiarize yourself with the tour highlights and any free days you might have for personal exploration.

  • Confirm all bookings, including accommodations, transfers, and any special activities included in your tour package.

Local Connectivity

  • Consider purchasing a local SIM card for easy communication and access to online maps and resources, which can be invaluable for independent exploration.

 Learn Basic Sinhala Phrases

  • While English is widely spoken, learning a few basic phrases in Sinhala can enrich your interactions with local people.

Open Mind and Flexible Attitude

  • Embrace the adventure with an open mind and flexibility. Sri Lanka is known for its warm hospitality, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes, each offering unique experiences and memories.

Preparing for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour is an exciting step towards an incredible journey. With these preparations in place, you're ready to dive into the heart of Sri Lanka, experiencing the best of its natural beauty, historical treasures, and cultural richness, all while enjoying the comfort and expertise provided by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.

Travel insurance for Classic Sri Lanka Tour

Securing travel insurance for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour is an essential step in preparing for your journey. Travel insurance offers peace of mind and protection against the unexpected, ensuring that you can fully enjoy the rich cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and historical wonders of Sri Lanka without worry. Here’s what you need to know about selecting the right travel insurance for your trip.

  • Medical Emergencies: Covers medical treatment costs if you fall ill or get injured during your trip.

  • Trip Cancellations: Reimburses non-refundable expenses if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen events.

  • Baggage Loss or Delay: Compensates for the loss, theft, or delay of luggage, helping you cover the cost of replacement items.

  • Emergency Evacuation: Provides for medical evacuation to a hospital or repatriation back to your home country in case of serious health issues.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Ensure the policy covers a broad range of scenarios, including those mentioned above.

  • COVID-19 Coverage: In light of the pandemic, check if the insurance covers COVID-19 related medical treatment and trip interruptions.

  • 24/7 Assistance: Opt for a policy that offers around-the-clock assistance to help you navigate any issues during your trip.

  • Adequate Limits: Verify that the coverage limits are sufficient to cover potential expenses in Sri Lanka.

  • Activity Coverage: If you plan on engaging in adventure activities included in the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, such as hiking or wildlife safaris, confirm that these are covered by your policy.

  • Compare Policies: Use comparison websites to compare different travel insurance policies and find one that suits your needs and budget.

  • Read Reviews: Look at customer reviews to gauge the reliability and service quality of the insurance provider.

  • Understand the Fine Print: Carefully read the terms and conditions to understand what is and isn’t covered.

  • Purchase Early: Buy your travel insurance soon after booking your trip to ensure coverage for trip cancellations.

  • Keep Documents Handy: Carry a copy of your insurance policy and emergency contact numbers with you during the trip.

  • Know How to Claim: Familiarize yourself with the claims process to ensure a smooth experience if you need to use your insurance.

Investing in travel insurance for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour is investing in your safety and wellbeing. With the right policy, you can embark on your Sri Lankan adventure with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., knowing that you’re protected against the unpredictable, allowing you to focus on the incredible experiences that await.

Packing List for Classic Sri Lanka Tour

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. promises an adventure through diverse landscapes, from ancient ruins and lush tea estates to stunning beaches and vibrant cities. To help ensure you have everything you need for this journey, here's a comprehensive packing list tailored to Sri Lanka's climate, cultural norms, and the activities you'll enjoy.

Essential Travel Documents

  • Passport with at least six months validity

  • Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

  • Travel Insurance documentation

  • Flight Tickets and Tour Itinerary

  • Emergency Contacts and addresses of accommodations

Clothing and Footwear

  • Lightweight, Breathable Clothing: Consider the warm, tropical climate.

  • Long Sleeves and Pants: For cooler evenings and protection against mosquitoes.

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes: For exploring cities and historical sites.

  • Sandals or Flip-Flops: Ideal for beach days and easy removal at temples.

  • Swimwear: For beach activities and hotel pools.

  • Rain Jacket or Umbrella: Especially if traveling during the monsoon season.

  • Modest Attire for Temples: Shoulders and knees should be covered to respect local customs.

Health and Hygiene

  • Travel First Aid Kit: Include medication for common ailments.

  • Insect Repellent: To protect against mosquito-borne diseases.

  • Sunscreen and Lip Balm with high SPF.

  • Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes.

  • Personal Hygiene Items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

  • Prescription Medicines: With a copy of the prescription.

Gadgets and Accessories

  • Smartphone and Charger

  • Universal Travel Adapter: Sri Lanka uses types D and G plugs.

  • Power Bank: For charging devices on the go.

  • Waterproof Phone Case: For beach and water activities.

  • Camera: To capture your memories, with extra batteries or charger.


  • Daypack: For daily excursions and carrying essentials.

  • Reusable Water Bottle: To stay hydrated and reduce plastic use.

  • Sunglasses and Hat: For sun protection.

  • Small Locks: For securing luggage.

  • Books or E-Readers and Travel Guides: For leisure and information.

  • Notebook and Pen: For jotting down thoughts or important information.

Tips for Packing

  • Pack Light: Opt for versatile items that can be mixed and matched.

  • Use Packing Cubes: To organize your luggage efficiently.

  • Leave Valuables at Home: To avoid the risk of loss or theft.

  • Check Baggage Allowance: Ensure your luggage meets airline requirements.

Preparing for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour with these essentials will help you enjoy a hassle-free and memorable journey across this beautiful island. With the right preparation, you can immerse yourself in the wonders of Sri Lanka, from its ancient heritage and natural beauty to its warm hospitality, with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. guiding you every step of the way.

Meals during Classic Sri Lanka Tour

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is not just a journey through the breathtaking landscapes and rich history of Sri Lanka but also a culinary adventure that introduces you to the vibrant flavours of this island nation. Sri Lankan cuisine is a reflection of its diverse culture, history, and geography, offering a variety of dishes that are as colourful and spicy as the country itself. Here's what to expect in terms of meals during the Classic Sri Lanka Tour.


  • Included in Your Stay: Breakfast is typically included at your 4-star accommodation, offering a mix of Sri Lankan and Western options.

  • Local Favourites: Try traditional Sri Lankan breakfast dishes such as hoppers (bowl-shaped pancakes), string hoppers (steamed rice noodle cakes), and roti served with dhal (lentil curry) and coconut sambol.

Lunch and Dinner

  • Exploring Local Cuisine: While lunch and dinner are not generally included in the tour package, this gives you the perfect opportunity to explore Sri Lanka's culinary landscape.

  • Must-Try Dishes: Don’t miss out on rice and curry, kottu roti (chopped flatbread stir-fry), and seafood dishes along the coastal regions.

  • Street Food: Experience the local flavours through street food options like samosas, fish rolls, and vadai.

Dietary Requirements

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Options: Sri Lanka offers a plethora of vegetarian and vegan dishes, thanks to the widespread use of vegetables, legumes, and coconut milk in its cuisine.

  • Special Diets: Most restaurants and hotels can accommodate special dietary needs upon request. It’s advisable to communicate your dietary restrictions to Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. in advance.


  • Stay Hydrated: The tropical climate of Sri Lanka necessitates regular hydration. Bottled water is recommended for drinking.

  • Tea Plantation Visits: Take advantage of visiting tea plantations by sampling some of the world's finest teas, a hallmark of Sri Lankan agriculture.

Tipping and Dining Etiquette

  • Tipping: While not mandatory, tipping for good service is appreciated in restaurants and amounts to around 10% of the bill.

  • Eating Etiquette: Eating with your right hand is common in Sri Lanka, especially when enjoying local dishes, though utensils are available in most restaurants.

Food Safety

  • Choose wiselyTransportation and Flights on Classic Sri Lanka Tour: Opt for freshly prepared hot foods and avoid unpeeled raw fruits and vegetables to minimise the risk of stomach upsets.

  • Street Food: Street food is a great way to experience local flavours, but choose stalls that are popular and have a high turnover.

Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. ensures that every aspect of the Classic Sri Lanka Tour is comfortable and enjoyable, including the culinary experiences. You’ll have the freedom to explore a variety of dining venues, from high-end restaurants to local eateries, ensuring a genuine taste of Sri Lanka’s diverse and delicious cuisine.

Transportation and Flights on Classic Sri Lanka Tour

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. offers an immersive exploration of Sri Lanka's enchanting landscapes, historical treasures, and vibrant culture. A key aspect of ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey is understanding the transportation and flights involved in navigating this beautiful island.

Transportation Within Sri Lanka

Private Luxury Transfers

  • Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. provides private luxury transfers between destinations, ensuring comfort, convenience, and safety throughout your journey.

  • Travel in air-conditioned vehicles driven by experienced, English-speaking drivers who are also knowledgeable guides to the local areas.

Diverse Modes of Transport

  • Experience a variety of transportation modes, including trains for scenic journeys through the hill country, capturing the beauty of the tea plantations and mountain landscapes.

  • For shorter distances within cities or towns, options like tuk-tuks offer a local experience, providing flexibility and a closer look at daily life in Sri Lanka.

Flights to Sri Lanka

International Airfare

  • International flights to Sri Lanka are not included in the tour package, giving travellers the flexibility to choose their preferred airline and route.

  • Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) in Colombo is the primary entry point for international travellers, serving as a hub to various destinations within and outside Sri Lanka.

Booking Your Flight

  • It's recommended to book flights well in advance to secure the best rates and availability.

  • Consider flights that arrive in Colombo early in the day to make the most of your first day or plan for a rest day upon arrival to recover from your journey.

Domestic Flights and Air Travel

Exploring by Air

  • While the Classic Sri Lanka Tour primarily utilises road transportation, domestic flights can be an option for covering larger distances quickly, depending on your customised itinerary.

  • Cinnamon Air and other local carriers offer domestic flights connecting Colombo with key destinations, providing stunning aerial views of the island.

Tips for Smooth Travel

  • Packing for Transportation: Pack light and consider soft bags or backpacks for ease of transport, especially if utilizing multiple modes of transportation.

  • Staying Connected: Consider purchasing a local SIM card upon arrival for easy navigation and communication throughout your tour.

  • Cultural Sensitivity and Etiquette: While using public or local transport, be mindful of local customs and etiquette, showing respect to fellow passengers and drivers.

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. promises not just a journey through the diverse landscapes of Sri Lanka but a seamless travel experience enriched by luxury transfers, insightful interactions, and the freedom to explore at your own pace. Whether by road, rail, or air, each mode of transportation offers a unique window into the heart and soul of this captivating island, making every moment of your journey an integral part of the adventure.

Sri Lanka Visa for Classic Sri Lanka Tour

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour necessitates a crucial step in your travel preparation: obtaining a Sri Lanka Visa. Sri Lanka offers a relatively straightforward visa process for tourists, primarily through its Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, ensuring travellers can easily gain entry to explore its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and historical sites.

Understanding Sri Lanka's Visa Policy

  • Visa Requirement: Most travellers require a visa to enter Sri Lanka. The ETA allows visitors from many countries to obtain their travel authorization online before arrival.

  • Tourist Visa: Typically, the tourist visa is a double-entry visa valid for 30 days, extendable up to six months after arrival upon request.

How to Apply for the Sri Lanka ETA

  • Online Application: The most convenient way to apply for a Sri Lankan visa is through the official ETA website. The process is user-friendly and can be completed in a few simple steps.

  • Required Information: You'll need to provide personal details, passport information, and travel details. Ensure that all the information matches exactly with your passport.

  • Application Fee: There is a processing fee, payable online via credit or debit card. Fees vary depending on your nationality and the type of visa.

  • Approval and Entry: Once approved, the ETA is electronically linked to your passport. Though not mandatory, it's advisable to carry a printout of the ETA approval notice.

Visa on Arrival

  • Availability: For those who haven't applied for an ETA beforehand, a Visa on Arrival is available for citizens of most countries at Bandaranaike International Airport and other entry points. However, to avoid potential delays, it's recommended to obtain the ETA prior to travel.

Important Tips for Visa Application

  • Validity of Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Sri Lanka.

  • Accuracy of Information: Double-check all entered information for accuracy to avoid any complications during processing or at entry.

  • Travel Purpose: The ETA is strictly for tourism, transit, or business purposes. Other types of visas require a different application process.

Extending Your Stay

  • If you wish to extend your stay beyond the initial 30 days, you can apply for an extension at the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo. Extensions can be granted for up to six months.

Health and Travel Insurance

  • While not a visa requirement, having travel and health insurance for the duration of your stay is highly recommended for peace of mind and to cover any unexpected medical expenses or travel disruptions.

Applying for a Sri Lanka Visa is a straightforward process that opens the door to a world of exploration. With the Classic Sri Lanka Tour by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., travellers are assured an enriching journey through the heart of Sri Lanka, with the ease of visa acquisition adding to the seamless travel experience.

Currencies Accepted During Classic Sri Lanka Tour

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour introduces you to the diverse landscapes, rich heritage, and vibrant cultures of Sri Lanka. An essential aspect of preparing for this adventure is understanding the currencies accepted in Sri Lanka, ensuring smooth transactions throughout your journey.

Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

  • Primary Currency: The Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) is the official and most widely accepted currency throughout Sri Lanka. Prices for goods and services are quoted in rupees, and it's the preferred currency for cash transactions.

  • Cash Transactions: While exploring local markets, street food vendors, and rural areas, cash in LKR is essential, as these places might not accept credit cards.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

  • Widespread Acceptance: Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and debit cards are accepted in many hotels, restaurants, and larger shops, especially in urban and tourist-centric areas.

  • ATMs: ATMs are readily available in cities and towns across Sri Lanka, allowing you to withdraw LKR using international debit or credit cards. Be mindful of transaction fees and inform your bank of your travel plans to prevent your card from being blocked for suspicious activity.

Foreign Currencies

  • Limited Acceptance: Some large hotels and tour operators may accept US dollars (USD) or euros (EUR), but this is more of an exception than a rule. It's advisable to convert a portion of your funds to LKR for convenience and better exchange rates.

  • Currency Exchange: Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks, authorised money changers, and the airport. Ensure to exchange at reputable places to avoid scams and get accurate exchange rates.

Tips for Managing Money in Sri Lanka

  • Budgeting: Daily expenses will vary depending on your travel style. Street food, local transport, and entrance fees to most attractions are relatively inexpensive, but international dining, private tours, and luxury accommodations will increase your budget.

  • Keep Small Denominations: Carry small denominations of LKR for smaller purchases, tips, and places where change may be hard to come by.

  • Receipts for Exchange: When exchanging money, keep the receipt, as you may need it to convert any remaining LKR back to your currency before leaving.

  • Payment for Tours: For your Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., confirm the payment options in advance. Typically, tour costs are paid upfront, possibly in your home currency, simplifying budgeting for in-country expenses.

Understanding the accepted currencies and managing your money wisely are key components of a hassle-free travel experience in Sri Lanka. With the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, you're set to explore the island's treasures comfortably and conveniently, immersing yourself in its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural tapestry, and welcoming hospitality, all while navigating the currency landscape with ease.

Safety on Classic Sri Lanka Tour

The Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. promises an immersive journey through the stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture of Sri Lanka. While Sri Lanka is generally a safe destination for travellers, being mindful of safety measures can enhance your travel experience. Here are essential safety tips and considerations to ensure a secure and enjoyable trip.

Health and Medical Safety

  • Vaccinations: Consult with a healthcare provider for recommended vaccinations well in advance of your trip.

  • Travel Insurance: Ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and evacuation.

  • Hydration and Food Safety: Drink bottled or purified water and eat well-cooked food to avoid stomach ailments. Be cautious with street food and opt for busy stalls where high turnover indicates freshness.

Personal Safety

  • Valuables: Keep valuables, including passports and electronics, secure and avoid displaying them prominently in crowded areas.

  • Local Laws and Customs: Familiarise yourself with local laws and customs. Respect cultural norms, especially when visiting religious sites.

  • Scams: Be aware of common tourist scams and politely decline offers that seem too good to be true.

  • Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of emergency contacts, including local police and your country's embassy or consulate, easily accessible.

Transportation Safety

  • Private Transfers: With Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., you'll benefit from private luxury transfers, ensuring reliable and safe transportation.

  • Public Transport: If using public transport, opt for reputable companies and keep personal belongings secure, especially in crowded conditions.

  • Walking and Hiking: When exploring on foot, especially during hikes, wear appropriate footwear, stay on marked trails, and be mindful of weather conditions.

Environmental Awareness

  • Natural Hazards: Sri Lanka's diverse environment can pose natural hazards, from strong currents on beaches to wildlife encounters in national parks. Heed local advice and warning signs.

  • Sun Protection: The tropical sun can be intense. Wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, and seek shade during the hottest parts of the day.

  • Insect Protection: Use insect repellent to protect against mosquito-borne illnesses and check for ticks after outdoor activities.

Cultural Sensitivity

  • Photography: Always ask for permission before photographing people. Be cautious with photography in sensitive or restricted areas.

  • Dress Code: Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites, as a sign of respect.

Keeping Informed

  • Stay Informed: Keep up with local news and weather forecasts, especially during monsoon season or in the event of political unrest.

  • Communication: Stay in touch with your tour guide or local contact, who can provide up-to-date advice and assistance.

Travelling with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. on the Classic Sri Lanka Tour offers the advantage of experienced guides and well-planned itineraries that prioritise your safety and comfort. By following these safety tips and leveraging the knowledge and support of your tour provider, you can fully enjoy the wonders of Sri Lanka with peace of mind.

Internet and Phone access on Classic Sri Lanka Tour

Staying connected during the Classic Sri Lanka Tour is essential for many travellers, whether it's to share experiences, navigate new locations, or stay in touch with loved ones back home. Sri Lanka offers relatively easy and affordable options for Internet and Phone Access, ensuring you can remain connected throughout your journey.

Mobile Connectivity in Sri Lanka

  • Local SIM Cards: Purchasing a local SIM card upon arrival is the most cost-effective way to gain access to mobile data and local calls. Major telecom providers like Dialogue, Mobitel, and Airtel offer tourist SIM packages with generous data allowances and competitive rates.

  • Coverage: Sri Lanka boasts good mobile coverage, especially in urban areas and popular tourist destinations. Remote areas or national parks may experience weaker signals.

WiFi Access

  • Hotels and Accommodations: Most hotels, including those selected by Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour, provide guests with free WiFi access, though speeds can vary.

  • Cafés and Restaurants: Many establishments in larger cities and tourist areas offer free WiFi to customers. Look for WiFi symbols or inquire with staff.

  • Public WiFi: Some public areas, such as airports and shopping malls, may offer free WiFi services, but be cautious about conducting sensitive transactions over public networks.

Tips for Staying Connected

  • Unlock Your Phone: Ensure your smartphone is unlocked before your trip to use a local SIM card.

  • Download Essential Apps: Apps like WhatsApp, Google Maps, and ride-sharing services can enhance your travel experience. Download and update them before your trip.

  • Power Adapters: Sri Lanka uses Type D and G power sockets. Carry a universal adapter to keep your devices charged.

  • Data Backup: Use cloud services or an external hard drive to back up photos and important documents.

  • Emergency Numbers: Save local emergency numbers and contacts for Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. in your phone for quick access.

Online Safety

  • Use VPNs: When accessing public WiFi, use a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your data and maintain privacy.

  • Be Cautious with Personal Information: Avoid sharing sensitive information over public networks and be wary of phishing scams.

Communication with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd.

  • 24/7 Support: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. provides 24/7 support to its travellers. Having a local SIM card or internet access will allow you to communicate with your tour guide or company representatives easily, should you need assistance or information.

Staying connected during your Classic Sri Lanka Tour enhances your travel experience, offering both convenience and security. With a little preparation, you can enjoy seamless internet and phone access throughout your Sri Lankan adventure, capturing and sharing every moment of your journey.

Trip Extensions on Classic Sri Lanka Tour

Exploring Sri Lanka with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. through the Classic Sri Lanka Tour offers an unforgettable journey across this island's diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage. For those captivated by its beauty and wishing to delve deeper, trip extensions are a fantastic way to enrich your experience. Whether it's relaxing on pristine beaches, embarking on wildlife safaris, or discovering hidden gems, there's much more to explore beyond the classic itinerary.

Beach Extensions

  • Unawatuna and Mirissa: Extend your stay to bask on the golden sands of Unawatuna or Mirissa, where turquoise waters offer excellent swimming, snorkelling, and whale-watching opportunities.

  • Trincomalee: For a serene beach experience, head to the eastern coast of Trincomalee, renowned for its beautiful beaches like Uppuveli and Nilaveli, perfect for sunbathing and water sports.

Cultural and Historical Extensions

  • Jaffna: Immerse yourself in the unique Tamil culture of northern Sri Lanka by visiting Jaffna. This area offers a distinct atmosphere, with its own culinary flavours, historical sites, and the stunning Nainativu Island.

  • Galle: Spend more time in the fortified city of Galle, exploring its colonial architecture, boutique shops, and art galleries at a leisurely pace.

Wildlife and Nature Extensions

  • Additional Safaris: Wildlife enthusiasts can extend their adventure to other national parks like Wilpattu, known for its leopard population, or Udawalawe, famous for elephant sightings.

  • Horton Plains and World's End: For trekking aficionados, a visit to Horton Plains National Park offers a breathtaking hike to World's End, a sheer cliff with dramatic views of the valley below.

Adventure and Leisure Extensions

  • Kitulgala: Thrill-seekers can head to Kitulgala for white-water rafting, jungle trekking, and exploring ancient caves.

  • Ayurvedic Retreats: Extend your trip with a stay at one of Sri Lanka's renowned Ayurvedic wellness retreats, indulging in traditional therapies for rejuvenation.

Planning Your Extension

  • Customizable Itineraries: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. offers customisable extensions to your Classic Sri Lanka Tour, allowing you to tailor your journey according to your interests and desired pace.

  • Local Expertise: Benefit from the local knowledge and expertise of Relax Getaways to discover off-the-beaten-path attractions and experiences that enhance your Sri Lankan adventure.

  • Seamless Transitions: The company ensures smooth transitions between the main tour and any extensions, including accommodation, transportation, and guided excursions, for a hassle-free travel experience.

Extending your Classic Sri Lanka Tour presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the island's diverse offerings more comprehensively. Whether you're drawn to its sun-kissed beaches, rich cultural tapestry, abundant wildlife, or serene landscapes, Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. can help you craft the perfect extended itinerary. Dive deeper into the wonders of Sri Lanka and create even more unforgettable memories in this enchanting island paradise.

Tipping for Classic Sri Lanka Tour

Tipping is an integral part of the travel experience in Sri Lanka, reflecting appreciation for the services provided. During the Classic Sri Lanka Tour with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd., you'll encounter various situations where tipping is customary and appreciated. Understanding the local tipping etiquette can enhance your interactions with service providers, ensuring a positive experience for both parties.

Tipping Guidelines for Various Services

Tour Guides and Drivers

  • Tour Guides: For outstanding service, consider tipping tour guides around LKR 1,000 to LKR 2,000 per day.

  • Drivers: A tip of LKR 500 to LKR 1,000 per day is customary for drivers, depending on the level of service and assistance provided.

Hotel Staff

  • Bellboys: A tip of LKR 100 to LKR 200 per piece of luggage is appreciated.

  • Housekeeping: LKR 200 to LKR 500 per night, left at the end of your stay, is a nice gesture for good service.

  • Concierge: If the concierge provides exceptional service, such as booking tours or making reservations, a tip of LKR 500 to LKR 1,000 is appropriate.


  • Dining: Many restaurants include a service charge (usually 10%) in the bill. If service charge is not included, or if you receive exceptional service, a tip of 10% of the bill is appreciated.

  • Buffet Service: For buffet-style dining where minimal service is provided, a smaller tip of around 5% is suitable.

Other Services

  • Tuk-Tuk Drivers: Rounding up the fare is a common way to tip tuk-tuk drivers for short trips. For longer journeys, a tip of 10% can be given for good service.

  • Spa Therapists: For spa services, a tip of 10% of the total service cost is appreciated for exceptional service.

Best Practices for Tipping

  • Currency: Always tip in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR), as it's the most convenient currency for recipients.

  • Discretion: Hand tips directly to the service provider discreetly and respectfully.

  • Group Tours: If you're part of a group tour, consider pooling tips with fellow travellers for guides and drivers for collective appreciation.

  • Adjust According to Service: Adjust your tip based on the level of service received. Exceptional service merits a higher tip.

Cultural Considerations

  • Respect Local Customs: Tipping is more than a financial transaction; it's a way to show respect and appreciation for the service provided.

  • Voluntary Basis: While tipping is customary, it's ultimately discretionary and should reflect your satisfaction with the service.

Understanding and adhering to tipping etiquette is an important aspect of travelling through Sri Lanka on the Classic Sri Lanka Tour. It not only rewards the hard work and hospitality of the locals but also enhances the mutual respect between travellers and service providers. With these guidelines, Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. ensures that you're well-prepared to navigate the cultural nuances of tipping during your Sri Lankan adventure.

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Q: What is the best time of year to go on the Classic Sri Lanka Tour?

A: Sri Lanka is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit most attractions included in the Classic Sri Lanka Tour is between December to March for the west and south coasts and the hill country, and from April to September for the east coast. This aligns with the dry seasons, offering pleasant weather for exploration.

Q: What are the visa requirements for Sri Lanka?

A: Most travellers need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before arriving in Sri Lanka. The ETA can be easily applied for online. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay.

Q: Is travel insurance required for the tour?

A: While not mandatory, travel insurance is highly recommended for all travellers. It should cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Q: What should I pack for the tour?

A: Pack light, breathable clothing, comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, and any personal medication. Don't forget your camera, chargers, and an adapter for Sri Lankan power outlets (types D and G).

Q: Can dietary restrictions be accommodated during the tour?

A: Yes, dietary needs can generally be accommodated with advance notice. Inform Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. of any dietary restrictions or allergies when booking the tour.

Q: How are transportation and transfers handled?

A: The Classic Sri Lanka Tour includes all ground transportation between destinations and activities. This typically involves private vehicles for comfort and convenience, ensuring a smooth travel experience throughout your journey.

Q: What type of accommodations can I expect?

A: Accommodations are carefully selected 4-star hotels or similar, known for their comfort, location, and service quality. They offer a blend of Sri Lankan hospitality and modern amenities.

Q: Is there an opportunity for adventure and outdoor activities?

A: Absolutely. The tour includes a variety of activities catering to adventure lovers, from whitewater rafting in Kitulgala to hiking in Ella. Each activity is designed to suit different fitness levels and interests.

Q: How much spending money should I bring?

A: Spending money requirements vary depending on personal habits. However, meals, souvenirs, and optional activities not included in the tour may require additional funds. Credit cards are widely accepted, but having local currency (Sri Lankan Rupees) is useful for smaller transactions.

Q: How is tipping handled?

A: Tipping is customary and appreciated for good service in Sri Lanka. It's advisable to tip guides, drivers, and hotel staff. Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. can provide suggested tipping amounts based on the service received.

Q: What travel documents are required for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour?

A: You'll need a valid passport with at least six months of validity beyond your intended stay, a Sri Lankan Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), travel insurance documents, flight tickets, and hotel booking confirmations.

Q: Are any vaccinations recommended before travelling to Sri Lanka?

A: Yes, it's advised to consult with a healthcare provider for vaccinations such as Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Tetanus, in addition to any routine vaccinations.

Q: What clothing and items should I pack for the tour?

A: Pack lightweight and breathable clothing, comfortable walking shoes, a rain jacket or umbrella, sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, hat), a reusable water bottle, personal medications, a camera, and binoculars.

Q: How should I manage my money while in Sri Lanka?

A: Carry some Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) for small purchases. Credit cards are widely accepted in urban areas, but it's good to have cash in rural areas. Plan your budget for meals not included in the tour, souvenirs, and personal expenses.

Q: What is the best way to stay connected during the tour?

A: Purchasing a local SIM card is recommended for affordable data and calling rates. Wi-Fi is available in most accommodations and many restaurants and cafes.

Q: What are the tipping guidelines in Sri Lanka?

A: Tipping is customary for good service: LKR 500 to LKR 1,000 per day for tour guides and drivers, LKR 200 to LKR 500 for hotel staff, and around 10% of the bill in restaurants if a service charge is not included.

Q: Are there any specific cultural or dress code considerations?

A: Dress modestly when visiting religious sites, covering shoulders and knees, and remove shoes before entering temples. Learning a few basic phrases in the local language is appreciated.

Q: What health and safety precautions should I follow?

A: Drink bottled or purified water, use insect repellent, and adhere to safety instructions provided by your guide, especially when engaging in outdoor activities or visiting remote areas.

Q: What vaccinations are recommended for travelling to Sri Lanka?

A: Travelers are advised to consult with a healthcare provider for specific recommendations. Commonly recommended vaccinations include Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Tetanus, along with routine vaccinations. Depending on your itinerary, vaccinations for Hepatitis B, Rabies, and Japanese Encephalitis might also be suggested.

Q: Is it safe to drink tap water in Sri Lanka?

A: It's recommended to drink bottled water or water that has been boiled or filtered. Avoid drinking tap water directly to prevent stomach upsets and other waterborne illnesses.

Q: How can I protect myself from mosquito-borne diseases?

A: Use insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin, or the oil of lemon eucalyptus on exposed skin. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants, especially during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. Consider staying in accommodations with mosquito nets or screens.

Q: What should I do in case of a medical emergency during the tour?

A: Inform your Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. tour guide or representative immediately. They are equipped to assist in getting you to the nearest medical facility. It's also important to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and evacuations.

Q: Are there any specific health risks in the areas visited during the tour?

A: While the Classic Sri Lanka Tour is designed to be safe, travellers should be aware of the general risk of diseases like Dengue fever across the island. Taking precautions against mosquito bites is advisable. The hill country, including areas like Nuwara Eliya and Ella, is generally cooler and less prone to mosquito-borne diseases.

Q: What safety measures are in place for activities like whitewater rafting and hiking?

A: All adventure activities included in the tour come with a safety briefing and are led by experienced and trained professionals. Safety gear such as life jackets for rafting and appropriate equipment for hiking, will be provided. It's crucial to follow the guide's instructions for a safe experience.

Q: How can I ensure food safety during the tour?

A: Eat at reputable restaurants and hotels where high standards of hygiene are maintained. Opt for freshly cooked meals and avoid raw or undercooked meat and seafood. Peel fruits before eating and avoid unrefrigerated food that has been sitting out for long periods.

Q: What should I do to stay healthy in Sri Lanka's climate?

A: Stay hydrated, especially when engaging in outdoor activities or visiting areas with higher temperatures. Use sunscreen to protect against sunburn and wear a hat and sunglasses for additional protection. Dress in layers when visiting the cooler hill country regions.

Q: What is the overall best time to visit Sri Lanka for the Classic Sri Lanka Tour?

A: The best time to embark on the Classic Sri Lanka Tour is generally from December to March. During these months, the weather is predominantly dry and sunny in the western and southern coasts, as well as in the hill country, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Q: Is there a recommended time for visiting the Cultural Triangle and Kandy?

A: The Cultural Triangle and Kandy can be visited year-round, but the ideal months are between December and April, when rainfall is minimal. This period is perfect for exploring historical sites and enjoying the lush landscapes.

Q: When is the best time for wildlife watching, including safaris in Yala National Park and whale watching in Mirissa?

A: For wildlife enthusiasts, the best time to visit Yala National Park for a safari is during the dry season from February to June, when animals are more likely to gather around water sources. For whale watching in Mirissa, the optimal months are from November to April, when the sea is calmer and sightings of blue whales and dolphins are more frequent.

Q: What is the best season for enjoying the beaches in Sri Lanka?

A: Sri Lanka's beaches can be enjoyed almost year-round, depending on the coast. The west and south coasts are best from December to March, while the east coast is ideal from April to September, offering sunny skies and calm seas.

Q: What are the main climate zones in Sri Lanka?

A: Sri Lanka has two primary climate zones: the wet zone in the south, west, and central regions, which includes the hill country, and the dry zone covering the northern and eastern areas. The climate varies between tropical monsoonal in the wet zone and semi-arid in the dry zone.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka?

A: The best time to visit depends on the regions you plan to explore. For the west and south coasts and the hill country, December to March is ideal, offering dry, sunny weather. The east coast and the northern regions are best visited from April to September.

Q: How does the monsoon season affect travel plans?

A: The southwest monsoon (Yala) affects the south and west coasts and the hill country from May to September, while the northeast monsoon (Maha) impacts the north and east from October to January. While monsoon seasons bring rain, they also offer lush landscapes and fewer crowds, with travel still possible.

Q: What are the average temperatures in Sri Lanka's coastal areas? A: Coastal regions, including cities like Colombo and beach destinations such as Mirissa, typically experience average temperatures ranging from 26°C to 30°C (79°F to 86°F) throughout the year. The humidity levels in these areas are also quite high.

Q: How cool does it get in hilly country areas like Nuwara Eliya and Ella?

A: In the hill country, including destinations like Nuwara Eliya and Ella, temperatures are significantly cooler, ranging from 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F) during the day. Nighttime temperatures can drop to as low as 10°C (50°F), especially in Nuwara Eliya, which is known for its cooler climate.

Q: Are there significant temperature variations between day and night?

A: Yes, particularly in the hill country, where daytime temperatures are pleasant but nights can be quite cool. Coastal areas have less variation, but evenings can still feel cooler, especially with ocean breezes.

Q: Does the temperature vary much throughout the year?

A: While coastal temperatures remain relatively stable year-round, the hill country can experience cooler temperatures during the months of December to February, which is considered the "winter" period in Sri Lanka.

Q: How long is the Classic Sri Lanka Tour?

A: The Classic Sri Lanka Tour typically spans 7 days, offering a well-rounded experience of Sri Lanka's diverse attractions, from ancient cities and cultural sites to natural wonders and adventurous activities.

Q: What is the duration of the sightseeing tour in Kandy?

A: The sightseeing tour in Kandy is designed to be a full-day excursion, allowing ample time to explore key attractions like the Temple of the Tooth Relic, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and enjoy cultural performances.

Q: How long does the journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya take, including the hike?

A: The drive from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. Adding the hike, which is about 3.5 hours long, you should allocate a full day for the journey and activities between these destinations.

Q: What is the expected duration of the sightseeing tour in Nuwara Eliya and Ella?

A: Exploring Nuwara Eliya and Ella, including the hike to Ella Rock, is planned as a full-day activity. The hike itself is approximately 2 hours, with additional time for travel and exploring the towns.

Q: How much time is allocated for the whitewater rafting activity in Kitulgala?

A: The white water rafting experience in Kitulgala, including preparation and the rafting itself, typically takes about half a day. This allows for a leisurely afternoon return to your accommodation or further exploration of the area.

Q: What is the duration of the whale and dolphin watching activity on the way back to Colombo?

A: The whale and dolphin watching excursion off the coast of Mirissa usually lasts about 3 to 5 hours, depending on sea conditions and wildlife sightings, making it a half-day activity.

Q: How long before my departure flight should I leave Colombo?

A: It's recommended to arrive at Bandaranaike International Airport at least 3 hours before your international flight departure to allow enough time for check-in, security, and immigration procedures.

Q: Are there any long travel days I should be prepared for during the tour?

A: While Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. designs the itinerary to minimise long travel days, the journey from Ella to Mirissa and then back to Colombo can be lengthy due to road conditions and stops for activities. It's advisable to be prepared for a full day of travel and exploration on these days.

Q: How fit do I need to be to enjoy the Classic Sri Lanka Tour?

A: The tour is designed to cater to a wide range of fitness levels. While most activities are moderate in nature, a basic level of fitness is recommended to fully enjoy experiences like hiking in Ella or adventure activities in Kitulgala.

Q: Are there any strenuous activities on the tour?

A: The hike to Ella Rock and the whitewater rafting in Kitulgala are considered to be moderately strenuous. These activities involve physical exertion and are best enjoyed with a reasonable level of fitness. However, alternatives or modifications can be arranged for those who may find these activities too challenging.

Q: What is the duration and difficulty of the hike to Ella Rock?

A: The hike to Ella Rock is approximately 2 hours round trip, depending on your pace. It is considered moderate in difficulty, involving some steep and uneven terrain. Good walking shoes and a reasonable level of fitness will help you enjoy this hike.

Q: Is the white water rafting in Kitulgala suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the white water rafting in Kitulgala can accommodate beginners. The rapids range from Grade 2 to 3, and experienced guides will provide a safety briefing and instructions throughout the activity. Participants should be in good health and comfortable in water.

Q: Can accommodations be made for participants with limited mobility?

A: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. strives to accommodate all travellers. If you have limited mobility, please inform us in advance so we can tailor the itinerary to your needs, ensuring you enjoy a comfortable and enriching travel experience.

Q: What preparations can I make to ensure I'm fit for the tour?

A: Engaging in regular cardiovascular exercises, such as walking or cycling, can enhance your stamina and overall fitness level. Additionally, practicing some light hikes or walks in uneven terrain can prepare you for the tour's hiking activities.

Q: Are there long periods of walking or standing during the sightseeing tours?

A: Sightseeing tours, especially in places like the Cultural Triangle and Kandy, may involve periods of walking and standing. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended, and rest breaks are incorporated into the itinerary.

Q: What should I do if I find an activity too challenging?

A: Always communicate with your Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. guide or tour leader. They can provide alternatives, adjust the pace, or offer support to ensure your experience remains enjoyable and comfortable.

Q: Who will be guiding us during the Classic Sri Lanka Tour?

A: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. employs experienced, knowledgeable local guides who are fluent in English and possibly other languages. Your guide will be a local expert familiar with all the sights, history, and cultural nuances of Sri Lanka.

Q: Can the guide accommodate special interests during the tour?

A: Yes, our guides are flexible and can tailor commentary and visits to cater to your special interests, whether they be historical, cultural, culinary, or nature-focused. Please communicate your interests to your guide at the beginning of the tour.

Q: How does Relax Getaways ensure the quality and professionalism of their guides?

A: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. selects guides based on their expertise, customer service skills, and passion for sharing their country with visitors. Guides undergo rigorous training and regular assessments to ensure they meet high standards of quality and professionalism.

Q: Will the same guide accompany us throughout the tour?

A: Typically, you will have the same guide throughout your tour to ensure continuity and a personal touch. However, for specific activities or regions, local experts or activity-specific guides might join to enhance your experience.

Q: Is it customary to tip our guide? If so, how much is recommended?

A: Yes, tipping your guide is customary in Sri Lanka as a gesture of appreciation for their service and expertise. A general guideline is LKR 500 to LKR 1,000 per day, but this can vary based on the level of service and your satisfaction.

Q: Can our guide assist with restaurant recommendations and reservations during the tour?

A: Absolutely. Your guide will be happy to recommend restaurants that suit your taste preferences and dietary requirements. They can also assist with making reservations.

Q: In case of an emergency, how can our guide assist us?

A: In the event of an emergency, your guide is your first point of contact. They are trained to handle various situations and can facilitate access to medical care, contact local authorities, and liaise with Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. for any necessary support.

Q: Are guides equipped to handle health concerns or allergies during the tour?

A: Yes, guides are informed about the health concerns or allergies of guests in advance. They are prepared to provide assistance, whether it's selecting appropriate food options or avoiding specific activities, to ensure your safety and comfort.

Q: How does the guide enhance the overall tour experience?

A: Beyond sharing in-depth knowledge about each destination, your guide will share personal stories, insights into local life, and lesser-known facts, adding depth and richness to your experience. They play a crucial role in bridging the cultural gap and bringing the beauty of Sri Lanka closer to you.

Q: How can I provide feedback about my guide after the tour?

A: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. values your feedback and will provide a feedback form at the end of the tour. You're encouraged to share your experiences and suggestions to help improve their service and acknowledge the hard work of your guide.

Q: What are add-on options, and how can they enhance my Classic Sri Lanka Tour experience?

A: Add-on options are additional activities or destinations not included in the standard itinerary, designed to customise and enhance your travel experience. These can range from cultural workshops, culinary experiences, extra nature hikes, beach extensions, or visits to lesser-known sites, allowing for a more personalised and in-depth exploration of Sri Lanka.

Q: Can I include a beach extension to my tour?

A: Yes, beach extensions are a popular add-on option. Whether you're interested in the tranquil beaches of the east coast or the lively southern coast, Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. can arrange additional days at a beach resort of your choice, including transportation and accommodation.

Q: Are there any wildlife safari add-ons available?

A: Absolutely. For wildlife enthusiasts, add-on safari tours to national parks not covered in the main itinerary, such as Wilpattu or Minneriya, can be organised. These safaris offer opportunities to see a wide range of wildlife, including elephants, leopards, and numerous bird species.

Q: Is it possible to include a visit to Jaffna in the north?

A: Yes, a visit to Jaffna can be arranged as an add-on option. Jaffna offers a unique cultural experience with its rich Tamil heritage, cuisine, and historical sites. This option may include additional flights or overland travel arrangements.

Q: How can I book add-on options, and when should I do it?

A: Add-on options should be discussed and booked in advance through Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. to ensure availability and seamless integration into your itinerary. It's best to explore these options at the time of booking your tour or well before your departure date.

Q: Are culinary experiences available as add-ons?

A: Yes, Sri Lanka's rich culinary traditions can be explored through various add-on culinary experiences. These may include cooking classes with local chefs, market tours, or special meals at renowned restaurants known for their authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

Q: Can I include a wellness or spa retreat in my tour?

A: For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, adding a wellness or spa retreat in areas known for Ayurvedic treatments is a great option. These retreats offer a range of wellness therapies and are a perfect way to unwind after exploring the island.

Q: Will adding on options affect the duration of my tour?

A: Yes, adding on options will extend the duration of your tour. Each add-on will be carefully integrated into your itinerary to ensure a smooth flow of activities and adequate time at each destination.

Q: Are there any adventure sports add-ons available?

A: Adventure seekers can opt for add-ons such as surfing lessons, kite surfing, rock climbing, or more extensive trekking expeditions. Sri Lanka's diverse landscapes offer thrilling opportunities for adventure sports enthusiasts.

Q: How will add-on options impact the cost of my tour?

A: Each add-on option will incur additional costs, varying based on the nature of the activity, duration, and any required transportation or special arrangements. Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. will provide detailed cost breakdowns for each chosen add-on to ensure transparency.

Q: What are the key historical sites included in the Classic Sri Lanka Tour?

A: The tour features visits to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, the sacred city of Kandy with the Temple of the Tooth Relic, and the old town of Galle with its well-preserved fortifications. Each site offers a unique glimpse into Sri Lanka's rich history and cultural heritage.

Q: Can I expect to see wildlife during the tour?

A: Yes, the tour includes opportunities for wildlife viewing, most notably at Yala National Park, where you can spot elephants, leopards, and a variety of bird species on a safari adventure. The diverse ecosystems of Sri Lanka make it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

Q: Are there any natural wonders or landscapes that shouldn't be missed?

A: Sri Lanka's natural beauty is highlighted with visits to the misty hills of Nuwara Eliya, known as "Little England" for its temperate climate and colonial-era bungalows, and the scenic town of Ella, famous for its breathtaking views and hikes, such as the one to Ella Rock.

Q: What cultural experiences are included in the tour?

A: The tour offers a rich array of cultural experiences, from witnessing traditional Kandyan dance performances in Kandy to exploring the vibrant markets and sampling the delicious local cuisine. Additionally, visits to tea plantations provide insights into the importance of tea in Sri Lankan culture and economy.

Q: Will I have the chance to experience Sri Lanka's beaches during the tour?

A: While the main itinerary focuses on the island's interior, add-on options for beach extensions are available. Sri Lanka's southern and eastern coasts boast beautiful beaches like Mirissa and Trincomalee, perfect for relaxation or water sports.

Q: Is there an opportunity to learn about Sri Lanka's religious traditions?

A: Yes, the tour includes visits to significant religious sites, such as the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, which is a pivotal Buddhist site, and various temples and shrines that reflect the island's multi-faith heritage, offering insights into the religious practices and traditions of the Sri Lankan people.

Q: What unique shopping experiences can I expect during the tour?

A: Sri Lanka offers a variety of shopping experiences, from bustling local markets filled with spices, textiles, and handicrafts to high-end boutiques selling gemstones and jewelry. The tour provides opportunities to explore these markets, especially in Kandy and Galle, where you can find unique souvenirs and gifts.

Q: How does the tour incorporate Sri Lanka's colonial history?

A: The colonial history of Sri Lanka is explored through visits to cities like Galle, where Dutch colonial architecture is prominent, and Nuwara Eliya, which retains elements of British colonial heritage. These locations offer a window into the island's past under Portuguese, Dutch, and British rule.

Q: Are there any sustainable or eco-friendly activities included?

A: Relax Getaways Pvt. Ltd. is committed to sustainable tourism practices and includes eco-friendly activities such as visits to conservation projects, nature reserves, and participation in activities that support local communities and the environment.

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