Sustainable, Responsible, and Ecotourism

Relax Getaways has been operating numerous tours and adventure packages designed to experience the incredible holidays in different destinations in different corners of the world. It has provided its customers and guests unconditional holiday experience without any compromise.

Relax Getaways has planned numerous trips and operated numerous holidays and has experienced how and how much all those activities affect and impact the surrounding. Relax Getaways has acknowledged the ecosystem and sensitivity of the environment. 

To make less environmental impact the team has obtained Sustainability and Tourism Training to operate and plan a Sustainable, ecotourism and responsible tourism.

Relax Getaways and Eco-Tourism

It is our responsibility to give the visitors and guests the best experience, best comfort, enough freedom, and biased-free holidays, but we must equally have to be responsible to save and care for the place where we step in and enjoy a great vacation. It is our duty to at least make a minimal impact and handover as is its environment, experience, and surrounding to the next visitors, the next generation, to the future of the world.

As a supporter of Eco-Tourism, We believe that the ecosystem, conservation, and wilderness require our attention, care, protection, and support as well. The Concept of Eco TOurism boosts tourism in those complex and sensitive areas in a responsible way to support economically as well as resourcefully to maintain the as possible exact and handover to the Next Generation.

Relax Getaways has lots of tour and adventure packages that are based on the National and natural parks holding a great and sensitive ecosystem. As a supporter of Ecotourism, we accept the people's interaction but with least impact and effects on those.

Relax getaways and Sustainable Tourism

Locals are the first owners of the place we are visiting, they are those who have insider knowledge, information, and historical facts. They live there and experience those every single day and are the real witness of the place. If they are the real to whom those destinations belong then why not they are directly and indirectly involved in any tour and adventure, is not they are to be involved?

As a supporter of Sustainable tourism, Relax getaways believe that the locals and the natives of the particular place or destination of the trips must have to gain enough respect, equal values, participation either economically and financially or in development, and many aspects. The tourists are not supposed to just come to explore and experience the place, collect the needed things and go back leaving a dirty footprint.

Tourists and travelers must have to respect the locals, value their lifestyle and livelihood, never mock and tease them, and never bully and laugh at their cultural traditions, costumes, and other aspects. The loving nature towards the locals and frank and hearty behavior also allow the visitors to experience the in-deep meaning of life for them. Tourists are supposed to do favorable actions, encounter people and any other objects with support, well behaving and keen behavior.

Relax Getaways is a true supporter of Sustainable Tourism and fully believes in Sustainability and Tourism development. As a Supporter, every trip planned and operated by RG has involved and been involving the locals and the people who really need support for their upliftment, economic and financial growth and to ensure a basic standard of life. Our priority is for Human Resources and any other things pin and tip towards the locals who are the real belongings of the place we used to work and perform its action. Locals are the numerous collection of data and information who acknowledge the places every single day.

Relax Getaways and Responsible Tourism

Relax Getaways supports the environment and nature, ecosystem, and biosystem of the places where it operated its acts and action. It also supports the locals and the people who belong to the place and are the natives who need help and support for their upliftment and economic growth.

Furthermore, in the overall context, Relax getaways are the true supporter of Responsible tourism. We care about nature and the environment, we care about the locals and the natives who secure the place for us, and we operate all our activities responsibilities following the environmental context duly. 

  • We value/care about nature and the locals and are in priority for any kind of operation
  • Our first aim is to support the locals and the natives in their upliftment, better standard of living, sustainable development with the care of the environment and ecosystem, and involving all of them in every act and action of the Company.
  • Every trip is subject to social and community development
  • We use as possible local resources, either human or any other objects and materials.
  • Our responsibility is to leave everything as it is and not impact them.
  • We only operate the trip, experience the beauty and explore the surroundings and leave all those as they were.
  • Take back what we took in and leave only footmarks, love, and kindness towards the locals.
  • The Heritage Sites, cultural and religious builds and structures, historically important things, things and objects with people's morality and faith are subject to value and give respect.
  • Garbage is not acceptable and plastic is more harmful to anyone, anything. Using sustainable products is the first choice, not an alternative.

Sustainable, Eco, and Responsible must be implied in every place. What the past has witnessed is our right to do so and the future has the same right as us. It is our duty to hand over the earth and its creation to the future we accepted from the past. Likewise, it is our responsibility to take care and protect them from unwanted transformation and lacking. 

Furthermore, we are equally responsible to travel or indulge all over the world but we have to support the natives and the locals where we go, it is our duty to protect and care for the land we are in, and we are responsible for conserving, caring and protecting the Nature, environment, and the ecosystem so our future witness the same we have got.