Highlights of Bhutan

  • Apr 25, 2023
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The Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is known for its marvelous mountain vistas and chameleonic landscape. Residing at the lap of the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan locally recognized as Druk Yul is the last paradise on earth and the Shangri La in the world.

The unique and distinctive culture of Bhutan, authentic Bhutanese foods and cuisines, costumes, Beautiful and continuous series of festivals, amazing norms and practices, and many other cultural blessings of Bhutan present the top experience along with the extraordinary mountainous exploration and monastic rejuvenation.

Thousands of thousands of tourists visit Bhutan every year in search of peace, serenity, and relaxation of mind and spirit. Bhutan is captivated by offering the best experience with its magical atmosphere and heavenly beauty. The Major Highlights of the Bhutan tour and other activities in Bhutan are as follows:

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Panoramic Mountain Vistas

Bhutan is known as the Himalayan nation that resides at the lap of the mountainous region in the Eastern Himalayas. The subtropical and alpine topography with the mountainous climate of Bhutan is the worth of the long-range of the sky-reigning gigantic colossal Himalayas. Every angles and height give the stunning Himalayas a glimpse rising above the beautiful greeneries and hills to dominate the skyline.

Peace, Calm and relaxing atmosphere; the land where happiness falls

Bhutan rather emphasizes Gross National Happiness than Growth Domestic production and Economic Growth. The success of any ruler or leader is to make every citizen happy and enhance a peaceful livelihood. In terms of Bhutan, Happiness is the most valuable thing. Bhutanese peoples are also recognized as the happiest people in the world.

Within the hills and mountains, the fewer population and less crowded cities make Bhutan a serene place and peace is the wealth of Bhutan which gives it the strength to rise above.

Bhutan is the perfect place for everyone in search of peace, calm and serene environment. Less crowded streets( calm streets and lanes), clean and clear environment, beautiful surroundings, relaxing monastic bells and monk chants, and many other things make Bhutan a perfect destination for rejuvenation and rejoicing purposes.

Traditional Monasteries, Temples, and Dzongs

Bhutan is known for the innumerous monasteries and Dzongs that showcase the beautiful arts and skills in Tibetan pagodas. Bhutanese Monasteries which are known as the Dzongs are not just the place of worship but also a place of education, learning, training, operating, and center of the Bhutanese Faith. The Monastic schools are so amazing and students learning with their Master or Head give such a disciplined atmosphere. Tiger Nest and Task Tang Monasteries, Punakha Dzongs, Paro Dzongs, Jakar Dzongs, Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, etc are some most visited places in Bhutan.

Numerous picturesque places

The mountainous Country offers lots of and amazing views and sceneries. Beautiful terrain lines and splendors of the stunning Chameleonic color of the splendid landscapes, foothills and snow-white mountains, diverse floras, and beautiful monasteries and dzongs give such a marvelous scene.

The unique culture and Delicious Bhutanese Foods

Among the tourists visiting Bhutan, the uniquely beautiful culture and delicious foods Bhutanese used to prepare and cook daily and special events and festivals are the most popular things. The spicy and hot Bhutanese foods are mouth-watering and so authentic to enjoy while the tradition and culture the peoples follow are equally so amazing.

Ema Datshi, Jasha Maroo, Momos and dumplings, Phaksha Paa, red rice, etc. are some authentic Bhutanese foods to give your tongue a new and wandering taste.

Other major highlights of Bhutan

  • Trekking tours, adventure sports, and many other things to do

Bhutan is the best destination to enjoy a short holiday full of thrilling and adventurous activities. Bhutan tour means a multi-activity tour. Adventures can go hiking, and trekking and can also enjoy paragliding, rafting, and other adventurous activities. They may visit the ancient temples and monasteries in search of peace and Moksha. The beautiful parks, towns, and villages offer so beautiful memories.

  • The Himalayas and the atmosphere
  • Sightseeing and Hike
  • City tour exploration
  • Bhutan Road trip within the beautiful landscapes and terrain, and many more.

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