• Incredible adventure weeks

    - Kimbella, South Africa

    Me with my wife and I had a trip to Nepal. We had limited days so wanted to make the most of things which package includes trekking, rafting and seeing some elephants! We booked a package from Relax Getaways. After the sightseeing of Kathmandu valley, next day they take to ...

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  • Perfect trip of golden triangle, India

    - Joe, South Africa

    The planning was perfectly done with Relax Getaways. The greeting at the airport by agency representative was very welcoming. Our driver for the whole trip was very friendly and with perfect driving at each situation even at the end of our long days. We had different guides which were all of ...

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  • Excellency of Work

    - Muhammad, United Arab Emirates

    We contact Our trip planner Relax Getaways through the net with our itinerary for a tour of Kerala. On our arrival at Cochin airport, we were met by our driver who was with us for the entire tour. Everyone connected to our holiday was most helpful we were well taken ...

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  • Best for the wanderlust

    - Maksim, Russian Federation

    We had booked a 9 days package for Vietnam. Overall experience was amazing. Good accommodation, fabulous food, and the whole trip, we enjoyed a lot. Our guides were very helpful and full of knowledge. Thank you so much for relaxing on an amazing trip.  Great company with great services.  

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  • Incredible trip with Relax Getaways

    - Ramos Jr., Germany

    Last year my girlfriend and I went to Nepal for our first time in September. We had recommendations from our friends with the agency Relax Getaways. We had a fantastic time, everything was organized for us which meant we could completely relax and enjoy as much as possible in the ...

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  • Stunned by the splendors

    - Winnie Huang, Taiwan

    I had a great experience in Vietnam. The most amazing trip we ever have. The arrangement was perfect, and the agency has customized the itinerary and also arranged the accommodation as per our request. The trip was more than we imagined. I was satisfied with Transportation, hotels, food, and the ...

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  • awesome nightlife

    - Maxwell, Australia

    Spent an amazing day on an absolutely fabulous tour in Malaysia! Can’t recommend the Relax Getaways enough! We covered such a large amount of places during the day- it had been relaxed, friendly and hugely informative. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable,about just about everything,and an incredible story teller! we've got ...

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  • The Real Charm in the Trans Himalaya

    - Jonathan, Norway

    It was a wonderful trip to Tibet. Our friendly guide has explained to us a lot about the religion and culture of this amazing country! He has also made our journey very comfortable since everything was very well planned. He told us about Tibetan traditional medicine preventing altitude sickness. We were ...

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