• Kingdom of the Happiness

    - Alex, United Kingdom

    Travelling to Bhutan with Relax getaways  was amazing.the trip was well coordinated and well planned as we expected. Our guides make sure that each day is perfect. On our anniversary, they made surprise arrangements for us moreover.We also trek to tiger nest monastery which was extremely amazing. i'll recommend Relax ...

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  • Had a coffee at the rooftop of the world

    - Daan, Netherlands

    Our tour arrangements were excellent. It absolutely was great to be ready to take your itinerary and add what we wanted to and also experience the most amazing trip within the short timeframe we had.Our guide was extremely good, very patient and versatile with us. We enjoyed our travels. We ...

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  • Scenes Beyond the Himalayas

    - Miller, Germany

    This 8 days tour showed me a lot of attractions in Lhasa, Gyantse, Tsedang, and Shigatse. Our tour guide made our trip amazing, and he was very knowledgeable about Tibetan culture, customs and religion .We learned a lot about Tibet. It was the most amazing memory forever. Thank you so ...

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  • Perfect Guided Trip to Bali Bali

    - Indira, India

    I visited Bali in May 2019 with a friend and we arranged our tours with Relax Getaways as my travel partner found them excellent. Our tour guide was always extremely helpful and changed a few of the day tours around to suit us as we had both been to some ...

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  • Heavenly Bali

    - Sofi, India

    No doubt, Bali is heaven on Earth, and people are truly worthy of living in this heaven, very respectful, very down to earth, beautiful people. I find Bali more close to God with its nature. There are many places to visit; temples and its rich history are one of the ...

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  • Bali-The paradise Island

    - Subramanyam, India

    Until I landed in Bali, Bali was just another island destination to me, which I would like to visit. I thanks to Relax Getaways for the opportunity, I am pleasantly surprised to know that there is such a wonderful place on earth! Bali has something for everyone. Adventure, water sports, ...

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