Bali Temple Etiquettes and rules

  • Jan 18, 2021
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The best things to do in Bali is visiting the beautiful Balinese temples. The Pura or Balinese Temple is the top experience in Bali and several tourists landing the island of temples just to watch the beautiful temples and Puras. Temples are always a precise and faithful place where everyone comes to relax spiritually.

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Every religious sites and heritage premises has its own rules and etiquette everyone must have to follow. If you don’t like those rules, it is better to stay aside, because those rules have been following traditionally and from generation to generation.

The Bali Temples are not that strict place and premise of certain community or group. Everyone is welcome and the Balinese peoples also take the Guest visiting temples as their pride. No strict rules are implied or you have to follow, however certain simple rules you must have to remember and follow precisely during visiting Bali Temples. Those rules of Bali Temples are as follows:

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Dress properly

The Temple visitors must have to wear the dress that passes the Knee and up to shoulder covering. Wear a scarf/ Sarong while entering the temple and all time while in the temple, it is mandatory. Visitors can get the scarf/ sarong outside the temple in Rent.

Take off your flip flops Shoes and sandals

Wearing sandals or shoes inside the temple is strictly prohibited. Remember to take off and if you have worn them before entering the premises. Outside the temple, there is a sandal rack where you can keep your shoes or sandals safely.

Don’t put leather belts or any other leather clothes inside the temple

Leather clothes, shoes, or any kind of stuff out of the dead animals are subject to impure and are strictly prohibited to take or wear along with you in the Premises of Temple.

Women during the Menstruation period

Any woman or girl during her periods is not allowed to go to the temple or any ritual activities.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women or women who gave birth to the child within 6 weeks are not allowed to enter the temple. This is to protect women from hard walking, ascend/descend of steps, and fasting.

Bleeding Wound

Any person/individuals with wounds and bleeding are not allowed to enter the temple cause it is time to go for the treatment not to go for pray.

Never kick any shrines or point with your feets

Kicking or pointing shrines and statues or any holy things that are presented or offered to gods are strictly prohibited and seen as sins. So please don’t forget to walk precisely and keeping your feet far from shrines around the temple.

Avoid yourself from Gedong Pariman

The inner Pavillion at the inner Courtyard in from of the shrines is always kept empty and believed that God seat there to admire during festivals and ceremonies. Be careful while indulging around the Temple Premises.

Don’t step in the Canang Sari

Balinese peoples offer food, fruits, and flowers to God at the time of pray and are often left there. Those offers are called Canag Sari. Mind to take your feet away from those offerings and flowers.

Avoid photography and videography

Taking photos and videos during praying and from the front side is strictly prohibited. If you want to graph moments, ask the priest and the prayers and do only after their consent. 

Don’t raise your head above the priest

Priest of the temples are a respectful person and disrespecting them is believed to disrespecting God Himself. Please remember to tend your head in from of the Priest.

Don’t touch other heads, take things with the right hand supporting by the left hand, and pay respect to everyone.

Do not make noise or disturb the worshipers during praying

These simple rules are not that hard to follow while in the temple and you find everyone following. If you need more bits of help please contact us. Relax Getaways feels proud to help you.