Kecak Fire Dance

  • Jan 16, 2021
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The vibrant culture, traditions, and unique forms of practicing and dancing of Bali make the mysterious island a prosperous cultural land rich in traditions, norms, and practices. Among the rich and vibrant Bali culture, the Balinese dance, specially Kecak Dance or Kecak Fire Dance, is a more beautiful, entertaining, and exciting one. Kecak fire dance is the must not miss things to Bali. The top experience of the Kecak Dance has already attracted and blown the mind of the visitors and tourists in Bali. Tourists prefer the Kecak Fire Dance show watching as the best things to do in Bali as well as the top experience in the islands.

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About Kecak/ What is Kecak Fire Dance?

Kecak or Kecak Dance is a specially designed and dance performance in which the participants perform in trance form. Kecak Fire Dance is the performance in which the storyline from the Epic Ramayan as per the Hindu Mythology.

History of Kecak Dance? How it is started?

Bali Kecak Fire Dance is a traditional dance that is performed in trance form. The creator and developer of the Kecak Fire Dance are Wayan Limbak, who along with the support of the German painter Walter Spies, makes the worldwide popularity of the Kecak Dance through the world tour and worldwide performance.

Wayan Limbak started to form the dance in the 1920s and accomplished it in the 1930s. Then The Dance has been winning the heart of every individual who experiences the Performance.

The script of Kecak Fire Dance/ Brief Description of Kecak Fire Dance

Balinese Dance is the traditional and culturally valuable practice of the Balinese peoples. All the Balinese dances are inspired by the folklore and mythological believes of ancient Bali and Hindu Mythology. Kecak Dance is also an Epic Ramayana inspired dance. The performance is mainly focused on the story of the kidnapping of Goddess Sita by Giant Rawan and the war between Ram and Rawan in which the holy monkeys ‘Banar Sena’ fight against the evil soldiers of giant Rawan. The scripted dance has 5 scenes from the appearance of the golden horned Dear, the kidnapping of Goddess Sita, Rawan vs Jatayu Fight, Lord Hanuman destroying in the fire the Golden State of Lanka in search of Goddess Sita, and the final battle between Lord Ram and Evil Rawan in which Rama killed the Rawan making him mortal from his immortality.

Every scene starts and ends with the Chant of ‘Chak’. The participants chanting Chak Chak ar in trance and when they raise and sake their hands their eyes are closed.

How does Kecak Dance start?

At the very first stage, the Balinese Purohit in a white garment set the lamp at the center and chant prayers. The Lamp and the pray indicated the sacredness of the dance. Then after the group of Man wearing checkered sarong rounded in the waist enter and sit around the lamp sitting in the crossed-legged position. 

The group’s chanting as the Chak- Chak- Chak and throwing hand in the air and swaying the bodies in the rhythm indicated the beginning of the performance.

Chak- Chak Meaning

Chak- Chak is the sound of monkeys shouting in the group. The Epic Ramayan is the battle between the Vanara(Apes) on the side of Good and Rakshayas( Evils) of Giant Rawan. The sound Chak Chak is brought to the dance to represent the huge Apes soldiers who fought against the evil through the Lord Rama Side.

The reason behind the name of the Dance as Kecak Dance is the remarkable sound of Cak Cak pronouncing as Chak Chak.

Kecak Fire Dance in Bali/ Where the Kecak Fire Dance are performed?

Kecak Fire Dance in Bali is performed in several places. Few mos visited and most popular places offer amazing permanence. Places to see Kecak Dance are as Follows:

  • Pura Luhur Uluwatu
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park
  • Sahadewa Batubulan
  • Pura Dalem Taman Kaja
  • Pura Tanah Lot

Along with those venues, several hotels, and restaurants, and during ceremonies and festivals, many other temples also run the Kecak Dance.

Why Kecak Dance is called also Kecak Fire Dance?

The Kecak Fire dance is also known as the Kecak fire Dance. The dance shown is known as the fire dance cause of the very exciting, entertaining, and thrilling scene fire which is outstandingly mind-blowing. 

After the scene of Goddess Sita Kidnapping by Giant Rawan, the Hanuman enter the theatre. The scene describes the storyline of the burnt of the Golden State of Lanka. As per the drama, in search of Goddess Sita, Hanuman reaches the kingdom of gold in Lanka. The Hungry Hanuman eats all fruits and destroys all fruit gardens of Lanka so the guards catch and tie him. The Giant Rawan order to burn the tails of Hanuman. However, Hanuman enlarges his tails and burn the whole of Lanka. The whole storyline is presented in such a very excellent and exclusive way that the atmosphere of the performance reaches the top level of entertainment. For the course of presenting Hanuman burning Lanka, Kacak is also recognized as Kecak fire Dance.

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