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  • Apr 25, 2023
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The world Tourism is Rebounding
What's your Vacation Plan

After the long blocks, world tourism is bouncing back and getting normal as before. So what are your plans to enjoy your great vacation? Have you decided on your trips or looking for some assistance? We:- Relax getaways will be there for you to make your vacation will be memorable one.

After a long lockdown and global pandemic due to the international outbreak of Novel CoronaVirus/ Covid-19, world tourism was halted for more than a year. Although it is now being normal slowly, people are still waiting for a proper bounce back of tourism. People are so sick and bored of this unlikely time that they are waiting for tourism to rebound and traveling the heavenly world to find peace and relief of mind with some recreational activities.

The Vaccination against SARS-COV-2 is going on worldwide and experts are expecting everything to be normal by the end of 2021. With the beginning of the Vaccination, the travelings and tours are also gradually uplifted. People are traveling more fearlessly.

The tourism is bouncing back and as usual, the summer is also starting so what's your plan to enjoy a perfect climate, beautiful atmosphere, and lovely weather? Looking for some most popular and best Holidays Deals, here's what we are offering at Relax Getaways:

Table of Contents

Bali Tour

The Land of the Gods; Bali is the iconic destination for travelers from around the world who love nature as it is and in full bloom. Naturally beautiful Bali offers exotic terrain variance; beach, ocean cliff, hills and mountains, colorful landscapes, astounding terrace fields, incredible paddy terraces, supernaturalistic sunrise and sunset, and a pleasant tropical climate giving delightful pleasure.

Best Bali Tour Package: Culturally Sublime Bali Tour

Tour Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days

Best Deal

  • US$699- 3 Star
  • US$849- 4 Star

Major Highlights and best attractions:

  • Pura: the Balinese Temple
  • Bali Paddy fields and Rice Terrace
  • Sun, Sand and the tranquil Sea full of chameleonic coral reefs; the incredible Balinese Beaches
  • Aqua Adventures and thrilling excitements, etc.

Canada Tour

The Canadian Rockies is the best alpine region in Canada for refreshment and recreation. Stunning ice-capped mountains, beautiful alpine forests with pines and junipers, along with the mountainous range and of course the beautiful, Takakkaw Falls. Along with the beautiful alpine lakes, streams and rivers, and diverse wildlife, the Mt. Robson towering high gives stunning sceneries, and the journey will be an awful and fabulous memory.

Best Canada Tour Package: Wonders of the Canadian Rockies

Tour Duration: 7 Nights 8 Days

Best Deal

  • US$ 1750- 4 Star
  • US$2400- 5 Star

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Louise Lake and Banff National Park
  • Jasper National Park
  • Athabasca Glacier and Athabasca Falls
  • Cruise the Icefields Parkway passing Lake Louise
  • Take a Guided walk through Maligne Canyon & Lake
  • Crunch across the glistening icefield of Athabasca Glacier
  • Ride the Rocky Mountaineer through majestic mountains

Maldives Tour

Surround yourself with luxury in the center of the ocean. The Maldives is that for you giving you the best cozy experience. The Archipelago of the Maldives with lots of islands, reefs, and more than 26 Natural atolls, is the best destination for sea adventure and the journey towards the ocean. Luxury water Resorts, 5-star hotels, underwater suites, and white sand beaches! The Maldives gives the best luxury experience everyone is looking for. This is one affordable island full of luxury and oceanic experience.

Best Maldives Tour Package: Mesmerizing Maldives Vacations in a Luxury Beach Resort

Tour Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days

Best Deal

  • US$1700- 5 Star

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Snorkeling Scuba and Marine Drive
  • 5-star Luxury Beach resort in an Island 
  • Different Water activities: Scuba diving, Whale Submarine
  • Sand Bank Visit
  • Dolphin Trip
  • Old Mosque and palace visit
  • Hulhumale Island drive and Hulhumale Beach visit, etc.

Dubai Tour

Dubai, the downtown city shadowed by the skyscraper, is the world’s most popular tourist destination. What you like to do, explore, visit, shop, relax in luxury, ride or drive long, want adventure, or seeking for some traditional heritages, Dubai is all set to welcome you and fulfill your expectation. Luxury hotels and resorts, private villas, an artificial island, cruise and yacht safari, a luxury desert resort with desert safari, the ancient monuments and heritages at Bur Dubai, the aqua adventure and water sports, and many other things make Dubai one perfect destination for the incredible vacations. Whatever the travel is, Dubai offers the extraordinary experience, best romantic hotels and resorts, and private villas, and many other things to honeymoon couples, lots of fun in the park and malls, luxury suites, and resorts for the family! As the traveler's type, Dubai gives you your desire and expectation.

Best Dubai UAE Tour Package: Private Pool Villa Desert Escape near Dubai

Tour Duration: 6 Night 7 Days

Best Deal

  • US$ 1999- 5- Star Luxury Tour

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Aquarium
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Dubai Desert Safari, etc.

Thailand Tour

The mainland of the Indo Chinese peninsula, Thailand is the best way to get a better sense of SouthEast Asia and its glorious beaches. With the legendary Thai hospitality, outstanding tropical beaches, and the gabled temple with the golden coloring and bright shining roofing, Thailand is the perfect place to enjoy your great vacations. The glorious beaches with continues small tides and wave, peoples enjoying the aqua adventure, sunbathing, playing beach balls and tasting foods and drinks, and beautiful palm trees to add the flavor to the beauty of the beaches, the Thai beaches makes you mesmerizing whether you are alone or in group or family or with someone very special.

Best Thailand Tour Package: Experience of Amazing Thailand

Tour Duration: 7 Nights 8 Days

Best Deal

  • US$700- 4 Star
  • US$950- 5 Star

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Glorious Beaches and The Pristine Coastline
  • Thailand nightlife and massage
  • Gabled Thai Temple and the serenity
  • Spot temples as you drift along the Chao Phraya River
  • Spend a night in floating bungalows deep in the rainforest
  • Gather around the campfire and swap stories with friends
  • Swim, sunbathe and unwind on heavenly Bottle Beach
  • Find the best snorkel spots and hit the top beach bars

Singapore Tour

One large island surrounded by other islets and a small island, Singapore is the perfect holiday destination in Southeast Asia. At the tip of the southern Malay Peninsula, Singapore has the perfect modern structures and few heritage sites which have perfectly adapted its century-old histories and ancients. Within the small territory, Singapore has a diverse culture, traditions, religions, and languages. The Country has been practicing religious harmony. With the beautiful monasteries, ancient temples to modern churches, and masjids, Singapore is the perfect destination for either recreation purposes or fellow pilgrimages. Singapore is among the world's most popular tourist destinations that can welcome more than 5 million tourists in 2018.

Best Singapore Tour Package: Singapore Tour With Night Safari

Tour Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days

Best Deal

  • US$1200- 4 Star
  • US$1600- 5 Star

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Sentosa Island
  • Resort World Sentosa
  • Universal Studios Singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands, etc.

Nepal Tour

A rich nation in terms of biodiversity and cultures, Nepal ‘the Himalayan nation’ is the perfect destination for travel opportunists looking to grab more and more experience. The natural heaven Himalayan kingdom has an equally diverse culture and tradition. The multicultural nation has something special and something magical which will be your lifetime experience. The stunning color of the chameleonic landscapes, from the snow, capped mountains in the Himalayas through the lush forest and green vegetation of the hillside to the wilder and core dense forests and cultivated land of low plaintiff area, has numerous places to visit which offers the various things to do in Nepal. Trekking, tours, cultural and religious Yatra, hiking and excursion, mountaineering and peak climbing, adventure sports and outdoor activities, jungle safaris, heritage tours, etc. are some of the popular things to do in the best destination of Nepal. Luxury Holidays is the exclusive tour package for holidays in Nepal with some exciting things and lots of knowledgeable experience.

Best Nepal Tour Package:14-Day Nepal Trekking, Jungle Safari & Rafting Adventure

Tour Duration: 13 nights 14 Days

Best Deal

  • US$799- 4 Star
  • US$990- 5 Star

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Kathmandu City Tour
  • Trishuli River Rafting
  • Chitwan National Park and Jungle Safari
  • Pokhara Tour
  • Poon Hill Trek

Tibet Tour

Behind the Himalayas at the large Tibetan plateau, the highest region of Tibet is one of the most popular tourist destinations with unique and distinctive perspectives and aspects. The homeland of the Bon Po; the Pre-Tibetan Buddhist religion, Tibet is the trans-Himalayas and green vegetation is very rare, behind the scene of the beautiful whity colossal of the gigantic Himalayas is also the ancient civilization of china and the existence of many ethnic groups. The dry land of Tibet is also the main route for centuries for Indo-China Trade. Besides the desert land and dry field, Tibet is a marvelous place to admire the rich Buddhist culture, experience the trans-Himalayan life, and allure with the beauty of the Himalayan backs. Outstanding heritage and monuments, the masterpiece of the architecture, rich culture, warm hospitality, and kind behavior of the Tibetan peoples, and the several views of the Himalayas and holy lakes are the main reasons anyone must have to visit Tibet.

Best Tibet Trip Package: Tibet Heritage Tour

Tour Duration: 7 nights 8 Days

Best Deal

  • US$1199- 3 Star

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Potala Palace
  • Samye Monastery
  • Yamdrok Lake and Karola Glacier
  • Lhasa Sightseeing Tour; Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Drepung Monastery
  • Yarlung Valley Tour and Samye Monastery visit
  • Tsedang Sightseeing tour; Yumbulagang palace, Trandruk monastery
  • Gyantse Sightseeing tour; Yamdrok Lake and Karola Glacier
  • Pelkor Chode Monastery visit and Shigatse travel
  • The round overland road travels through the splendid Tibetan, etc.

Bhutan Tour

The homeland of the thunder dragon, Bhutan, locally known as the Druk Yul, is the perfect destination for a peaceful time in the Himalayas. The small kingdom settled in the eastern Himalayas is getting popularity all around the world for its ancient and beautiful heritages; monasteries or Gumpa, locally known as Dzong, temples, fortresses, and palaces, and the elite beauty of the Himalayas. Bhutan is popular among the tourist and travelers for its culture, the behaviors of the locals towards the strangers, the costumes and tradition they practicing, the silence street and peaceful environment, green vegetation and hills, snow-capped mountains and peaks of the Himalayas, and several streams flowing rapidly to join the rivers leaving the beautiful waterfalls, ad many other things. Bhutan is not just for tours or any particular trekking, the versatile Bhutan offers lots of things to do in the top destinations. You can hike near the town, enjoy the long trekking towards the Himalayas, adventure the water sports, explore the marvelous places and heritage sites, experience the diverse wildlife and core wilderness, and do many other best things.

Best Bhutan Trip Package: Majestic Bhutan: A Seven Day Luxury Bhutan Tour

Tour Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days 

Best Deal

  • US$1250- 3 Star
  • US$2700- 5 Star

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Paro Sightseeing and Hike to Taktsang Monastery( Tiger Nest Hiking)
  • Thimphu city tour
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Buddha Dordenma Statue
  • Bhutan Road trip within the beautiful landscapes and terrain, and many more.

India Tour

Kerala:- The God’s Land, is the cosmopolitan city in south India that the creator forms for himself. The vibrant contrast of Kerala and the splendor of the beautiful landscapes are the real splendor of natural Kerala. The green city of Kerala and beautiful hill stations along with beautiful water enjoy, Kerala is not for crowds and heavy traffic. The atmosphere of Kerala is calm and peaceful. The serenity of charming Kerala is what everyone loves to experience.

Kerala is also a historic and typical city with beautiful urbanization. The kind-hearted and smiley Kerala people and the beautiful surroundings, what else need to enjoy the elite vacay. Historic Kerala is one of the major ports and cultivated areas from early civilization and socialization. It was one of the major transactions and shipments from the very first economic development. The old forts, temples, palaces, and many other heritages and monuments present the rich and delightful history and stories of Kerala.

Best India Tour Package: Kerala Tour Package

Tour Duration: 6 Night 7 Days

Best Deal

  • US$ 1199- 3 Star
  • US$ 1599- 4 Star

Major highlights and best attractions:

  • Kathakali Dance and Beautiful Kerala Artisan
  • Kochi
  • Munnar
  • Alleppey, etc.