Maldives Travel Info: Complete Maldives Tourist Visa Information

If anyone asks which country is most liberal in terms of visa, it is definitely the Maldives.

Travelers from around the world can easily indulge and enjoy a top experience in the Maldives with 30 days Visa On Arrival facility to anyone; any nationals, from anywhere. Moreover, The Indians and Russians can enjoy up to 90 days without a Visa. Maldives Tourist Visa or Visa On Arrival is subject to free of charge.

Any travelers looking to extend their Maldives stay have to extend their Visa from the Department of Immigration and Emigration. The Charge of MVR 750 applicable for Maldives Tourist Visa Extension.

In order to get the Facility, the travelers duly have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • MRP PAssport or a Travel Document with a validity of at least 6 Monts
  • Proof of Pre-booked hotels/ Accommodations
  • Sufficient Funds 
  • Proof of onward/ return tickets( Valid Resident Permit Holders are not required to show such)
  • Entry Documents of their next destination in not returning to their residential nation.
  • Disembarkation/Embarkation Card issued by Immigration of Maldives
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate if applicable

Any overstay is subject to punishment. Fine MVR 15750 (approx. USD$1025 is imposed for any overstay.

Any Maldives Tourist Visa holders are not allowed to conduct any type of work, job, or perform business activities.